Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Test Piece

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"Even if nobody stepped on it, do you think the fabric woven with a machine is clean? It is dusty, stained with machine oil, and was handled by many people. Can you imagine the clothes youre wearing were handled by many people, and they could most likely be men?" Qiao Nan suddenly thought of the tactic that Tang Mengran used on her during the military training and used it to deal with Shi Qing.

As expected, Shi Qings expression changed. "Are, are you doing it on purpose?" With that, Shi Qing felt goosebumps on her neck.

"Its up to you to believe it or not." Qiao Nan was amused. "Since the clothes are for you, its yours. Both of them are yours. They wont run away. What are you worried about?"

"Thats true." Shi Qing finally agreed to change out of the clothes after being coaxed by Qiao Nan. She changed into the clothes that she wore previously.

"You are indeed the daughter of a rich family who is clueless about everything. Even if you buy expensive clothes from the market, you will still need to wash them before wearing them. After all, the clothes are manufactured using machine. It will be safer to wear them after a wash. Can you have some common sense?"

"Sure, you can teach me." Qiao Nan could teach her whatever she did not know or understand.

"Arent I teaching you right now?" Qiao Nan was amused. Shi Qing was good at following somebodys cue.

"Will you make more clothes?" Shi Qing had not expected that Qiao Nan would make clothes by herself and that she would give her not one but two new clothes. It was an unexpected surprise.

"Its eleven oclock already. I will stop for now to have lunch." Qiao Nan patted her stomach. Her back and neck were sore from sitting at the sewing machine for the whole morning. "Wash the rice and vegetables for me. I will cook them later. I will walk around the yard. My bones are too stiff."

"Sure." Shi Qing nodded quickly. If she knew how to cook, she would have washed the vegetables and prepared dishes. Qiao Nan had given her two pieces of new clothes today. She had to thank her for what she did. Not to mention a meal, she would be very glad to cook for her for a month.

Qiao Nan went to the yard to walk around while Shi Qing washed the rice and vegetables.

Shi Qing was full of praise for Qiao Nan while she dug into the dishes that she prepared. "Qiao Nan, when I first arrived in Ping Cheng, I felt that youre the happiest woman in the world to be able to be with Brother Zhai. But now, it seems that it is Brother Zhais good fortune to meet you. Why am I not a man? If I were, given your abilities, I would definitely fight for your affection with Brother Zhai."

Back when Shi Qing just arrived in Ping Cheng, she would always sing Brother Zhais praises. Right now, she was full of praise for Qiao Nan. It was a huge change. Qiao Nan found it worthwhile to give her two sets of clothes today.

"Will you continue to make clothes in the afternoon?"

"Thats for sure. There are so many bolts of fabric. I must hurry up and make the clothes lest they turn moldy." She had decided to spend at most two days to finish making all the clothes.

Thankfully, Qiao Nan was highly-skilled. Otherwise, nobody would be able to able to make such high-quality clothes in such a short time.

Qiao Nan sat in front of the sewing machine in the afternoon for a consecutive six hours and managed to make four sets of clothes.

She intended to give these four sets of clothes to people from the Zhai family. Hence, she did not wash them. Instead, she ironed them, folded them, and put them aside.

"Qiao Nan, what about yourself? All these are for others?" Shi Qing looked through the clothes that Qiao Nan made and realized that she did not make any clothes for herself.

"Dont worry. I will save the best for tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will make two sets of clothes for myself." Qiao Nan flicked her hair. "Its been ages since I last made clothes using a sewing machine. I was worried that I am not as good as I used to be. But now, I am certain that my skills are still there. There will not be any problem. Tomorrow, I will be able to make the best clothes for myself."

Shi Qing paused momentarily and yelled, "It turned out that the first batch of clothes you made for me was to test your skills!"

Qiao Nan smiled brightly. "Of course. You couldnt be thinking that I made yours first because I have a crush on you, right? Young girl, you think too much."

Shi Qing felt like giving Qiao Nan a punch to her face. "Forget it. A great person is big-hearted and magnanimous. I wont take issue with you. I will let you off on account of the beautiful clothes that you gave me."

"I will have to thank you for letting me off." Qiao Nan yawned. "People become tired when they are full. This problem cant be changed."

"Why dont you take a nap? You havent taken a nap today, have you?" Shi Qing asked.

Qiao Nan looked at the clock. "It is only half-past six. My dad is not back yet, so I wont sleep. Whats more, I havent done any reading and revision today. I have to do serious work now." Qiao Nan took out her books and placed them on the study table. She started to work hard on her revision.

Shi Qing stared at Qiao Nan who was so hard-working. Her father had made the right choice by leaving her at the Qiao familys residence. She had no reason to be lazy.

Since Qiao Nan did her homework, Shi Qing followed suit as well.

It was around half-past seven when Qiao Dongliang finally came back home.

Qiao Dongliang had said to leave some food for him and that he would reheat them.

However, Qiao Nan put his dinner into the refrigerator, lest they turned bad.

When Qiao Nan heard that Qiao Dongliang was back, she put down her pen and went to reheat his dinner right away. "Dad, you should take a hot bath first. I will heat up the dinner for you. By the time you come out of the bath, the dinner will be ready. It wont be too hot and you can have them right away."

"Uncle Qiao, if not, do you want to have a glass of water first?" Shi Qing was unable to sit still as well. Qiao Nan reheated dinner while she poured water for Qiao Dongliang. Both of them worked in harmony.

"Thank you." Qiao Dongliang, who had worked overtime, felt that all his fatigue had vanished and he felt energized. "I have to trouble both of you. As the elder, I should be the one who takes care of you both."

"Uncle Qiao, dont say that. I am the one who is imposing on you. My auntie is married and she stays in Ping Cheng. I have relatives here but I chose to stay with you. It shows that Qiao Nan and you have been very nice to me. I should be embarrassed to impose on you. Whats more, Qiao Nan takes great care of me and gives me a lot of guidance. This is what I should do. Back then in the army camp, Qiao Nan was very good to my dad."

When her father submitted the resignation letter, he was in a bad mood, and so was she.

She was only concerned that she was unhappy but had forgotten that her father suffered the most.

She knew her father was not in good health, yet she did not take good care of him.

On that day, if not for Qiao Nan bringing the meals for them, both of them would have gone hungry. It was alright for her, but her father who was unwell could not stand the hunger.

Even though it was just a meal, but it was enough for Shi Qing to remember her kindness.

"Good. Qiao Nan and you are well-behaved kids. All of you are very sensible." Qiao Dongliang was elated. "Then, I will have to trouble both of you. I smell of sweat and smoke. I will bathe and change my clothes lest you cant stand the smell."

The high-spirited Qiao Dongliang bathed at his fastest speed. After all, he had once served in the army.

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