Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Xinya Why Dont You Move Back To The Wen Family

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The door of the ward was pushed open, and Old Master Wen hurried inside.

“Grandpa!” Wen Xinya shouted lightly. Maybe it was because her state of mind had shifted significantly, but facing her grandfather who had loved and abandoned her in her past life, she was calmer than before.

“Xinya, you’re awake. Do you still feel unwell? Do you need the doctor to come over?” said Old Master Wen as he strode to her bedside and carefully scrutinized her. Seeing that her eyes were red and her face was pale, but otherwise looked fine, he felt the weight on his heart slowly being lifted.

“Grandpa, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Wen Xinya smiled to comfort him.

“Grandpa bought the shrimp lotus seed porridge that you like. You were unconscious for a whole night, you must be hungry.” Old Master Wen’s gaze was a little complicated. This child had returned to the Wen Family for two months already. Even the food that she liked had to be relayed to him by Old Mo. It made his heart feel uncomfortable.

If he did not say it, she would not have felt so. However, once he said it, Wen Xinya felt like she was starving for a few lives. “I didn’t eat anything since last night. I’m so hungry.”

At her words, Old Master Wen and Old Master Mo both felt pain in their hearts.

Old Master Wen quickly helped to open the thermos, pouring the porridge inside a bowl. “Grandpa bought a lot. Eat your fill.”

The steaming hot porridge emitted steam, exciting Wen Xinya. She squealed in pleasant surprise. “It’s the shrimp lotus seed porridge from the Ninth-Heaven Club! It smells amazing.”

“I specifically went in the morning to buy it.” The Ninth-Heaven Club did not have a delivery service; thus, when he heard that Xinya’s favorite food was the shrimp lotus seed porridge from the Ninth-Heaven Club, he deliberately drove down to buy it for her.

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Wen Xinya ate with gusto.

“Eat slowly, no one is going to snatch it from you.” Old Master Mo handed her a napkin, wiping off the porridge that rubbed against her face.

Old Master Wen watched her, his words stuck in his throat.

Wen Xinya purposefully pretended like she did not see anything, burying her face in her food.

Old Master Wen sighed. “Xinya, why don’t you move back to the Wen Family! Your grandfather lives far from the city area, and it’s suitable for the old. But you’re a young person, transportation is not going to be convenient for you.”

This time, when Wen Xinya was kidnapped, his soul was scared out of his body. Upon receiving the phone call from Old Mo, he hurried to the Mo Mansion. The police were guarding by the Mo Mansion, waiting for the ransom phone call to trace the location. However, after waiting for over two hours, the phone did not ring. He did not dare to think of what would happen to Xinya if the kidnappers were not interested in extorting money.

The apprehension stayed, and they waited for three hours. Old Mo finally received a phone call saying that Xinya was okay, that she was in the hospital. He and Old Mo then hurried down to the hospital. Seeing her pale face lying down on the hospital bed, her thin body covered in the white sheets, she looked as frail as a porcelain doll. His heart shook violently, feeling beyond sad.

After asking the doctor about her condition, he realized that she was nearly injected with drugs, causing her to suffer a traumatic experience. This, in turn, caused a reaction similar to withdrawal symptoms. The news broke his heart even further.

As he stayed by her side for the whole night, she lay quietly on the bed, as though her breathing had also become weaker. It was as though if blinked she would quietly slip away.

He was uneasy the entire night, asking the doctor to check on her once again in the morning. He only breathed a sigh of relief when the doctor said that she would regain her consciousness soon.

If it were not because of how the Wen Family treated her, she would not have gone to stay at Old Mo’s place. The rental car would not have exploited a loophole, and she would not have been kidnapped.

In any sense, the trauma this child had undergone was his responsibility as well.

Old Master Mo heard his words, eyes gleaming, but yet he stood silently at the side without saying a word.

Wen Xinya was slightly stunned. “Grandpa, this time was just an accident. I will be careful in future. Don’t you worry, I’m living well at Grampy’s. Nowadays, I’m learning the arts from Grampy. If I were to return to the Wen Family, it would be inconvenient for Grampy to guide my studies.”

Old Master Wen frowned. “I heard from your Grampy that you’re learning well. For these things, you should just have a basic understanding and move on. After all, you’re not going to be someone who works for others.”

Wen Xinya rebutted. “Grandpa, originally I had the same mindset of just acquiring some basic knowledge. However, when I got serious in my studies, I realized that every single thing has their own spirituality. Practicing the zither trains one’s nature, to be supple and strong, to be able to let go with ease. Playing chess allows one to practice seeing through schemes. Reading can train one’s spirit, to be clear-headed. Drawing can give one stability, to not be hot-headed. History, literature, and law refine one’s wisdom through the past and present. All these qualities I’m missing due to me wandering about outside for 15 years. No matter how good an actual education would be, I will still be labeled a disgrace. Only by being one with these qualities, I will be able to exude grace from within. This way, I will be able to shut people up.”

Old Master Mo nodded in appreciation. This child was indeed intelligent.

“Xinya, you’re the heiress of the Wen Family. In the future, you will definitely inherit everything the Wen Family owns. You can have a simple grasp of these things; you do not need to study in such detail. Unless you’re looking to continue your Grampy’s legacy?”

Wen Xinya laughed. “Grandpa, I know my limits. Learning all these are only to nurture my personality, knowledge, self-restraint, temperament, and my inner being. These have nothing to do with being the heiress of the Wen Family. Unless you do not wish for the future heiress of the Wen Family to have a great personality, knowledge, self-restraint, temperament, and inner wellness?”

“Grandpa can’t beat you. How do you speak so much sense? In any case, the date is very close to your introduction banquet. At that time, you must move back.” Old Master Wen said helplessly.

Old Master Mo said, “Though Xinya started a little late, she is intelligent. She is smart and hardworking. She will surpass the people her age in about three years.”

Old Master Wen thought about his daughter-in-law and her sweet-tempered magnanimity that sprouted from within. He then thought of his only son. No matter how unwilling he was, he could not deny that Old Master Mo was better at guiding the next generation than he was. “In that case, learn well from your Grampy.”

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Wen Xinya had already planned to ask Grandpa to prepare a personal chauffeur for her. So in that case, she could go to the Mo Mansion during the day to accompany and learn from Grampy, then return to the Wen Family at night. She did not wish to spend an entire day under the same roof as Ning Shuqian and Wen Yuya.

“However, please be careful in the future. Old Tao’s son has always been your father’s personal chauffeur, but your father did not like his slow and prudent personality. I personally have always thought that Old Tao’s son is honest and loyal. How about you let him be your personal chauffeur? Old Tao has been with me for many years, and by doing this, you will be giving his son a way to make a living. In the future, if you have any need to leave the house, just call him to bring you around.” If only Old Master Wen knew that his actions on this day had allowed Wen Xinya to conveniently get to the Mo Mansion frequently, he would have badly regretted it.

This feeling was like her head touching the pillow when she was drowsy. It made her very happy. “Thank you so much, Grandpa!”

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