Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 1008

"Damn! Bro Bei! You are so damn cool!"

Tanaka Tsuyoshi could not help but let out a loud shout. At that moment, Chen Xiaobei had become the person that he admired the most. Even without the Heavenly Dog Biscuit, Tanaka Tsuyoshi would also be impressed by Chen Xiaobei's strike. Frankly speaking, Chen Xiaobei's combat power was a couple of thousands lower than Miyano Tsune. Still, he was killed by Chen Xiaobei instantly. That perfect counterstrike had managed to make Tanaka Tsuyoshi felt excited about it.

"Oh god Master Miyano is dead I must be dreaming This is not real!"

At the same time, everyone in Umekawa Family was shocked beyond words. The remaining 30 ninjas had forgotten that they were supposed to attack Chen Xiaobei. All they did was stand their ground and stare at Chen Xiaobei.


While the enemies were left in shock, Chen Xiaobei took the opportunity to attack them. With both of his hands holding the Dragon's Edge, Chen Xiaobei then swung it with all his might. The sword Qi emanating from the sword turned into an energy arc and charged at the enemies. The combo was so smoother that there was no way that the enemies could dodge the attack.

All the trees that the energy arc traveled on were cut in half without any mercy. Within the blink of an eye, six ninjas were cut into half by the energy arc before they could realize it.

"Oh god The monster is coming to kill us Run Run now!"

The moment the blood of the dead ninja splashed on their faces, the rest of the ninjas were so scared they tossed away their armors started to run for their lives.

"Don't run! You guys are not allowed to run from me! Come back"

Umekawa Osatake was completely freaked out by what he saw. Hundreds of bodyguards were being killed by Chen Xiaobei within the blink of an eye and Miyano Tsune was deceased as well. Umekawa Family would be left in doom if all 30 ninjas abandoned them. Unfortunately, no matter how Umekawa Osataked shouted, none of the 24 ninjas listened to what he had to say. All they wanted was to get away from Chen Xiaobei as soon as possible. To them, Chen Xiaobei was now death that was about to harvest their lives.

"Did I say you guys can get away from me?!"

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei's terrifying voice traveled to their ears. It was like the order from hell. Those who disobeyed it would surely be killed.

"No No No We don't dare to run anymore"

All 24 of them stood on their groundfrozen. They could choose not to listen to Umekawa Osatake but they must listen to Chen Xiaobei.

"Do you guys want to live?" asked Chen Xiaobei.

"Of course Yes We all want to live to see tomorrow!"

Every single ninjas nodded their heads faster than a sewing machine.

"Pick up your katanas! I want you guys to kill every Umekawa Family member! Kill them and I will spare your lives!" said Chen Xiaobei with not an ounce of emotion in his tone.

Deep within his eyes, a sense of cruelty could be seen. The reason why Chen Xiaobei made such decision was because of Umekawa Osatake kept on sending international assassins in an attempt to murder his parents. Chen Xiaobei would never forget the things that Umekawa did to his family. Now, asking the ninjas to slaughter them was merely an act of revenge.

"No! All of you must not listen to him! All of you are the ninjas that swore to serve us! Every year we pay you a good amount of salary! And your status in the society are always higher than the ordinary people! This is not the time to betray us!" said Umekawa Ostaka.


Upon hearing that, all the ninjas' decision were shaken. After all, the Umekawa Family had hired them for a very long time. It was only right for them to serve them after they took their money. Besides, betraying the master was against their belief. That was why they were hesitating whether to listen to Chen Xiaobei or Umekawa Osatake.

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei moved his finger and all the blood essence and souls of all the deceased enemies were drawn to him. Though they could not see the souls, they could see that the bodies around them starting to dry up and their muscles were contracting as well. The smell of blood filled the airflowing to Chen Xiaobei like a river.

"Mons Monsterrrr!"

Everyone from Umekawa and the 24 ninjas were so shocked that as if they just saw a ghost walked pass them. They would not believe that it was real if they did not see it with their own eyes.

"I don't have much patience with me You have ten seconds! Do it or I will do it myself!"


All 24 ninjas took a deep breath when Chen Xiaobei glared at them. They could feel that an absolutely cold breeze was ravaging them. Their feet and hands were frozen and their backs dripped with cold sweat. Breathing was no longer an easy task. Actually, the temperature around them did not drop. The thing that affected them was Chen Xiaobei's domineering presence!

After going through so much hardship, Chen Xiaobei's state of mind was fortified to the level that he could use his presence to make fear grow in one's mind. Right now, the 24 ninjas were not facing Chen Xiaobei! They were facing their deaths! With that being said, their beliefs and principles were about to crumble into pieces.

"We are so sorry Mr. Umekawa We don't dare to make death our enemy You have to go to hell"

All 24 ninjas picked up their katanas and slowly strode toward the Umekawa Family with murderous intent.

"Don't come near us Don't do it We have been paying all of you for so long You are supposed to kill for us! Not kill us! Don't!"

Everyone from the Umekawa Family was hysterical. However, their scream would not do them any good since Chen Xiaobei had already ordered the ninjas to kill them.




Immediately, all 24 ninjas started to slash the entire Umekawa Family with no mercy. Knowing that they had been lived a comfortable lives their whole lives, none of them knew how to defend themselves. They could not even kill a chicken! Let alone fight for their lives! The ninjas did not stop until all of them were cut into pieces!
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