Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 1009

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Once everything was taken care of, Chen Xiaobei left with Tanaka Tsuyoshi.

He had reaped 1,300 Spiritual Stones from this battle, take away the 300 stones used on the Quicksand Gourd and the Ancestral Sword Divine Rune, and the total Spiritual Stones he had in the Green Jade Gourd right now was 5,050.

The Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Qi coupled with Chen Xiaobei's combat power, when accumulated, would result in higher chances of winning battles! As long as there was a sufficient amount of Spiritual Qi,he could activate the third and fourth transformation of Witch Dragon when needed easily.

Other than Spiritual Qi, Chen Xiaobe had also absorbed 120 blood essences and souls and was able to enhance the power of his Chaos Blood Sword. Now, it could unleash an attack that was equivalent to 90,000 combat power.

This meant that Chen Xiaobei had another card up his sleeves to deal against Nikkawa Uchu.

"It's almost day time, I need to get back to the hospital." Chen Xiaobei brought Tanaka Tsuyoshi to a secret hiding place and ordered, "Go meet with Li Xiang, Cang Jingu, and the rest of them. Wait for my instructions!"

"Yes, sir!"

Tanaka Tsuyoshi leaped onto the Somersault Cloud and navigated through the forests with ease.

Chen Xiaobei did not worry too much about his safety. He was, ultimately, a pinnacle ninja.

Back in the Imperial Household Agency hospital.

At first light, Chen Xiaobei alighted in the empty garden and strolled toward the ward.

"Mmm Yamateh, Yamateh Ah ah Yoshi, sugoi Oh oh"

As he turned towards the corridor, Chen Xiaobei heard a familiar voice characteristic of a Japanese pornographic film! He then walked towards the group of bodyguards gathered around a mobile phone, completely engrossed.


Chen Xiaobei had already put on Nikkawa Daichi's mask and then he activated his True Sound.

"What are you doing?"

"Comm Commander We We were"

The guards jerked and looked up alarmingly at their superior who nearly scared the living daylights out of them!

"You guys look like you're enjoying yourselves. So, is this how night watch is done? Let me take a look at what you were watching."

Chen Xiaobei grabbed the phone and looked at the screen. A smile crept up his face at the sight of it. No wonder it had sounded so familiar. He had seen the film before, it was the classic blockbuster, Seven Sister Serpents Fighting with an Old Grandpa!

"Com Commander, we can explain"

The bodyguards were already drenched in cold sweat.

Watching films while on duty was a crime. If the higher-upswho were already very upset by the Crown Prince's severe injuries were to find out about this, they could actually lose their jobs.

But Chen Xiaobei did not intend to pursue the matter as one might expect. Instead, he smiled at them and said, "Relax. I get it. We all need a little bit of a work-life balance! Tell me what you think of this film."


The bodyguards raised their brows questioningly. Had their commander been replaced by someone else? But his voice and face were undoubtedly their Commander-in-chief's. So, they did not think too much of it.

One of the bodyguards spoke up and said cautiously, "I think That this film is very good! Its creativity alone is worth 32 likes!"

"Mmm What about the others? Go ahead and feel free to speak!"

Chen Xiaobei nodded, looking very pleased.

This film was Chen Xiaobei's idea.

When they saw Chen Xiaobei's reaction, they started to loosen up and began expressing their opinions of the film.

"I'm in the opinion that this film can be considered really creative in the history of porn! I'm sure many people will try to imitate it but no one will ever be able to surpass it!"

"Yeah! When I first saw the old man on the poster, I knew I had to watch it! One versus seven! Sounds good to me!"

"That's true! We Japanese are essentially pretty perverted. We enjoy novelty and have pretty exotic tastes. It would be so uncomfortable not to click on it!"

All at one, they were talking, one after the other.

The smile on Chen Xiaobei's face grew wider as he listened to their feedback.

It was plain to see that this idea was a hit!

The tens of millions of otakus in Japan would definitely click on it and watch!

Even if a tenth of the audience were mesmerized by Jiang Ziya, this plan could be considered a major success.

"What about the actors? What are your thoughts about them?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

"Oh, we have to talk about that! The actors are the second highlight of the film!"

Again, the bodyguards grew excited.

"The cover and the title were the main reason we clicked on the film. We thought that Teacher Jiang Ziya was just a gimmick and we only really wanted to see the seven popular actresses."

"But after a minute or so, we realize that Teacher Jiang Ziya was not a ploy but the real deal. A downright legit leading character!"

"As swift as a sewing machine, as strong as an ox and as long-lasting as a perpetual motion machine! My god Now that I think about it, I don't think I could consider myself a real man"

"In the first few minutes, we were all looking at the female actresses but after a few hours, all our eyes were fixed on Teacher Jiang Ziya"

"Teacher Jiang Ziya is not a human! He's a god! God of Sex! I was completely awestruck by him. From now on, I will buy every single film that he stars in!

"YEAH! We are all his number one fans!"


The bodyguards were all fired up. They seemed to have forgotten that they were standing at the hospital corridor.

Chen Xiaobei did not show it but he was overjoyed at those comments.

Different countries have their own cultural differences; In China, no one will ever idolize an actor of a pornographic film. But in Japan, there was a large group of people who idolized them.

From these bodyguards' reaction, Chen Xiaobei concluded that Jiang Ziya was a hit! The film would be a sell out in Japan!

The Saturn Peach Feast was in three days' time, by then Jiang Ziya would have at least a million of fans!

It would be best if Shen Gongpao did not mention it then. If he did, it would bring pride to Chen Xiaobei.

But there was another problem!

Chen Xiaobei had decided to gift Queen Mother with a very special dish of sashimi but he had incapacitated the emperor's royal chef.

If Chen Xiaobei healed him now, it would rouse a lot of suspicions.

That was not a viable solution.

This was such a pain in the neck.

Where would he find a similarly qualified chef to prepare such an important gift?

Chen Xiaobei would not dare take shortcuts when it came to a 9000-year-old Saturn Peach.

"What are you guys doing over there?"

A middle-aged man in a suit walked over.

This idiot was here last night. He was none other than the Prime Minister of Japan, Yamaguchi Takaki!
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