Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 1010

"Prime Minister! Prime Minister"

When they saw Yamaguchi Takaki, the bodyguards bowed fearfully.

Chen Xiaobei was hesitant. Should he bow as well? What if he gave the game away?

But to his surprise, Yamaguchi Takaki bowed first and greeted him politely, "Director Nikkawa! You're here! That's just great!"

"Oh" Chen Xiaobei was baffled. It seemed as if Nikkawa Daichi's position was higher than the prime minister of Japan?

But when you think about it, it was not that surprising. Nikkawa Daichi was a pinnacle ninja from Tenshou Divison and had blood connections with the Emperor. Naturally, he would have a higher status! Also, the prime minister's authority was limited compared to Nikkawa Uchu who had a bigger authority over a lot of the country's matters.

"It looks like this prime minister is just the idiot who does all the legwork. I guess I'll be saving myself a Heavenly Dog Biscuit! I will only have to give it to Nikkawa Uchu and the use him as my puppet to take control of this country!" Chen Xiaobei devised in his head before asking, "Prime Minister, is there anything I can do for you?"

"It's like this." Yamaguchi Takaki explained, "With the wounds that he had sustained, the royal chef won't be able to cook for the crown prince's wedding which is in nine days. We should try inviting Master Akaihi again tomorrow"

"Who is this guy that the prime minister needs to extend his invitation in person?"

Chen Xiaobei cocked his head quizzically.

"Of course, we have to do that! We are talking about Master Uzuishi Akaihi! He's our country's number one chef! Don't you know that?" Yamaguchi Takaki was taken aback by Chen Xiaobei's question.

"Uzuishi? Akaihi?" (Pun for I'm a foodie)

Chen Xiaobei was startled but he put on an act and said, "Oh, do you meant THE Uzuishi Akaihi? Of course, I've heard of him. But I'm not quite familiar with him. Why don't you tell me a bit more about him?"

"Alright. Master Akaihi is Japan's legendary chef! His cooking skill is truly beyond godlike!" Yamaguchi Takaki said, "All those who had tasted his food call him the Kitchen God! In the early years, many high officials and noblemen had given up their family's wealth, begged and cried, just to eat his cooking!"

"Wow! That's insane!"

Chen Xiaobei's eyes lit up.

If he employs this chef to prepare sashimi for Queen Mother, then the chance of him acquiring the 9,000-year-old Saturn Peach would be increased greatly!

"That's not an exaggeration!"Yamaguchi Takaki continued, "Anyway, Master Akaihi is uninterested in fame and wealth. No matter how much money you pay him or what political status you give him, even if you go on your knees and cry, you may never get to taste his cooking!"

Chen Xiaobei thought about it and then asked, "That's pretty normal. Most elites are pretty eccentric. But what is the use of going to him if there's no way to get him to cook?"

"There is!" Yamaguchi Takaki said, "Master Akaihi is extremely persistent in his pursuit of culinary arts. As long as we are able to serve him a dish that moves him, he will be willing to cook for us once, for one table as an expression of gratitude!"

What a glutton!

He did not want money nor power; he only wanted good food!

Chen Xiaobei cocked his brow, wondering how he would be able to satisfy this chowhound of a master chef!

"Director Nikkawa!"Yamaguchi Takaki said, "Basically, I will represent the officials and you will represent the palace. And we'll go to the Shallow Grass Temple to pay Master Akaihi a visit!"

"Alright, let's go."

Chen Xiaobei smiled. Using Nikkawa Daichi who's the next of kin of the emperor as his disguise was so handy!


They went off with a line trailingbehind them.

Other than Chen Xiaobei and Yamaguchi Takaki, there were ten other master chefs.

Obviously, they were at their wits end and were willing to do anything. The more chefs they bring, the more dishes they can present to Uzuishi Akaihi, the higher the chances of them winning his heart.

Who knows what might happen?

At Shallow Grass Temple.

Just like its name suggested, the mountain was covered in soft, green short-grassvery soothing and picturesque.

The long line of cars stopped at the foot of the hill. Car were not allowed to go upthey would have to go up the hill by foot.

The walk was dull so Yamaguchi Takaki took the initiative to introduce the ten master chefs to Chen Xiaobei.

There were chefs from Japan and a few other countries.

They were all 3 Michelin star chefs who had won several international Culinary Competitions and were recognized globally as first-class master chefs! Chen Xiaobei was nonplussed, "Why do we need Master Uzuishi Akaihi if we could just employ all these chefs?"

Yamaguchi Takaki explained, "Master Akaihi's dishes are phenomenal! These other chef's cooking could never compare to his! The Divine King will be attending the wedding so we really need to give our best. If we really can't get Master Akaihi to come and cook for us, only then we'll consider other options."

Chen Xiaobei was thrilled to hear this. He was certain that he would be able to acquire the 9000-year-old Saturn Peach!

An ancient temple came to view when they were halfway up the slope of the hill.

Cherry blossom trees were planted all over the inside and outside of the temple. When the wind blew, the delicate pink petals scattered all over the pasture. It was a breathtaking sight. Away from the bustle of the city, untainted by its dust. Pure and unadulterated.Living here and trained for long-term would cleanse one's body of the impurity.

When they arrived at the door of the temple, they instinctively stopped talking and their breathing slowed.

Yamaguchi Takaki knocked on the door.

Almost immediately, a beautiful young lady in kimono popped up from behind the door and asked in a gentle voice, "Are you the prime minister?"

"Yes, I made an appointment with Master Akaihi yesterday," Yamaguchi Takaki said.

"Please come in. Grandfather told me to bring you straight to the kitchen."

The young lady opened the door and showed the group in.She was so stunning that everyone who stepped over the doorsill could not help but do a doubletake.

Dark lustrous hair cascaded around the skin on her fair neck. The aqua blue kimono wrapped around her the curves of her body was strangely sultry and alluring. Her delicate feet, bare of socks or shoes, stepping on the limestone floor were adorable.

All who came were men and all of them liked what they saw.

But because she was Master Akaihi's granddaughter, they could only sneak glances at her as they walked past, not daring to stop walking in fear of appearing discourteous. But when Chen Xiaobei did something that stopped everyone in their tracks. He stood in front of the young lady and grinned. "Lady, do you still remember me?"
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