Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 1146

1145 Because Im Handsome


Violent Colossal Rhino was charging at its enemies with no intention of slowing down. And the ground shook whenever it landed its feet on the ground. Seeing that Chen Xiaobei was walking toward it, it did not bother to stop because Chen Xiaobei was just a weakling without combat attire.

"Shit… Chen Zhufeng is going to die this time… I have failed my boss because I can't protect him this time…"

Hu Ben wailed when he saw Chen Xiaobei run toward the Violent Colossal Rhino. His eyes were filled with tears.

"Are you crazy? Our team leader is dead… Why would he risk his life to attack that beast?! Is he trying to make me feel guilty? Come back…"

Liu Chen frowned and stamped her feet on the ground. She was so worried for Chen Xiaobei's life that tears started to gush out from her eyes.

From afar, Ning Yuchen had noticed that Chen Xiaobei was approaching him. Immediately, he opened up his eyes wide and shouted, "Zhufeng! Don't come near me! This monster is too damn powerful! I don't think I can run away from it! Don't risk your life for me!"

Clearly, Ning Yuchen knew that he would be killed by the rhino really soon. That was why he did not want to drag Chen Xiaobei into this lethal situation. However, Chen Xiaobei chose to ignore him and continued to rush to rescue him.

"What the f*ck! Not only that kid is a piece of trash, he's also a retarded fool as well!"

After he ran away from the rhino for around ten meters, he then turned around and glared at Chen Xiaobei in a mocking manner. Not only he did not feel guilty about it, he even started to laugh viciously.

"Die! Die! Die! Trash like you have no right to live in this world!"


Within seconds later, the rhino was about to penetrate Ning Yuchen's chest with its horn.


Right at that critical moment, Chen Xiaobei jumped in front of Ning Yuchen and spread out his arms to protect him.

"Are you crazy?!" screamed Ning Yuchen.

However, it was too late for Ning Yuchen to push Chen Xiaobei away. All he could do was to witness the rhino pierce Chen Xiaobei's chest with its horn.

"Chen Zhufeng… No…"

Hu Ben and Liu Chen let out a wail of agony. They could not help but close their eyes. Clearly, they did not want to witness the bloody scene that was about to happen right in front of them.

"Pierce! Pierce his chest! Hahaha…"

Still, Woldemar did not feel bad about it. Instead, he laughed even louder. Without a doubt, that was definitely a shameless move.


Seconds later, Woldemar's laughter froze. It was replaced by a shocked look. To their surprise, the rhino stood on its ground quietly—like its feet were frozen to the ground. Seemingly, it had ceased all its intention to attack Chen Xiaobei.

"What the hell is going on? Attack him! Pierce his chest!"

Woldemar shouted as loud as possible. No matter how he shouted, the rhino still refused to continue its attack on Chen Xiaobei.

"Liu Chen! Liu Chen! Take a look! Quick…"

On the trees, Hu Ben shook Liu Chen in an excited manner.

"How… How is this even possible?"

Liu Chen was taken aback when she opened her eyes.

"Why did that rhino stop attacking Chen Xiaobei? This is truly unbelievable! Demonic Beasts and humans are supposed to be enemies!"

On the other hand, Ning Yuchen had a similar reaction to Liu Chen.

"Maybe, I'm too handsome! That's why it refuses to attack me! Hehehe!" said Chen Xiaobei with a smile on his face.

"Huh? You've got to be kidding! How would a Demonic Beast know whether you are handsome or not?! All they know is that you are his enemy! Normally, they will fight till death if they cross path with a human!" said Ning Yuchen.

"This kid knows no shame… Though he's just slightly more handsome than our team leader, it's still not inappropriate for him to praise himself in front of everyone!"

Liu Chen almost fell from the tree after she heard Chen Xiaobei's explanation.

"Now that the rhino has stopped attacking them, the team leader's life is now saved! And this is all thanks to Chen Zhufeng! I want to buy him a drink when we head back later!" said Hu Ben in a joyful manner.

Only those who are kind to him will be treated with the same kindness. Hu Ben was exactly this kind of person.



At the same time, the rhino was wailing. One could see that it was actually suffering. However, Ning Yuchen and the rest of the people did not know what was the rhino thinking. On the other hand, Chen Xiaobei could understand every single word that the rhino was talking because he had mastered Zoolingualism.

"I want to attack him too! But I'm chained by the Celestial Cultivation's True Kang! How can I attack him?! From the surface, he's just a kid with no combat attire! The truth is he's actually a golden tier Northern Wilderness Soldier! I can't believe that he would hide inside a group of newbies to trap me in a situation like this! Such vicious individual! Let me go! I don't want to die… Let me go…"

Since Chen Xiaobei had mastered the Scripture of Heaven and Earth, he now possessed ten elements! In other words, he could choose to wield the invisible element to create the chain with invisible True Kang. Not only he managed to save Ning Chenyu, but he also managed to keep his true strength a secret as well. After all, the crowd could not understand what was the rhino trying to say anyway.

"You don't wish to die but you are accusing me of being a vicious person!" said Chen Xiaobei in Zoolingualism.


"You… You… You can understand my language?"

"That's right! I can understand you!"

"Uhm… That… It's all my fault! You are not a vicious person! I was just talking shit just now! Please forget about it! I really wish that you can let me go… I still have a family that I need to take care… I don't want to die yet…" begged the rhino.

Knowing that thing was getting more and more interesting, Chen Xiaobei did not expect that such Demonic Beast could act in such a servile way. However, this was actually natural for a living being that value their lives. The major reason why Demonic Beast and human would turn into enemies was because of human could not understand Zoolingualism. Without proper communication, conflicts were bound to happen.

"Luckily, you crossed path with me! I can understand what you are trying to say! I'm going to give you a chance to live. Do you want it?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Rhino said yes to Chen Xiaobei's offer immediately.

"Look at that joker over there! Kill him and you can live!"

Chen Xiaobei glared at Woldemar that stood far away from them. Earlier, Woldemar mocked Chen Xiaobei for being a piece of trash. Chen Xiaobei could choose to ignore him. However, the moment he planned to kill Ning Yuchen, Chen Xiaobei had sworn that he would never let him live. Knowing that Chen Xiaobei was no saint, there was no way that he would allow such a piece of trash to continue living his life.

"No problem! That kid's combat power is similar to mine! He's not even on platinum tier! I believe that I can kill him!"

"Alright. It's all up to you now!"

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei dispelled his True Kang.


Seconds later, the Violent Colossal Rhino charged at Woldemar.

"Oh… Oh my god… What the hell is going on…"

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