Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 1832

Chapter 1832 Ending Troubled Times

Hand over? Luo Qiongcang frowned. But where will you find such a person? Also, there are 160 over planets in Tenshou Starfield! No one in the Nine Zones could handle a task like this!

If one person is not enough, then well just find a few more. Chen Xiaobei looked to the people on his right and said, Gentlemen, you can go ahead with your assignments! Just like we planned you will all take over Tenshou starfield!

The leaders of the six forces stepped forward, each of them pointing toward the largest monitors in the room which had shown millions of spacecraft.

The four emperors took turns to announce, Green Dragon, 1 million spacecraft and 3 million soldiers will be taking over the 30 planets west of Tenshou!

Red Dragon, 1 million spacecraft and 3 million soldiers will be taking over the 30 planets east of Tenshou!

Neptune, 900,000 spacecraft and 2.8 million soldiers will be taking over the 30 planets south of Tenshou!

Vermillion, 700,000 spacecraft and 2.2 million soldiers will be taking over the 30 planets north of Tenshou!

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers came into view on the screen, taking their positions in Tenshou starfield.

Without any military facilities, Tenshou was powerless.

These troops of armed men could easily manage the 120 planets between them!

This is such a good idea! Luo Qiongcang praised. With Tenshous sovereignty deposed, dividing the starfield and having several forces share the responsibility of governing the different subdivisions would keep the situation under control. It would also avoid driving Tenshou into an upheaval! This is the best protective measure for the citizens!

Xiaobei! Your plan is flawless! Luo Puti praised. Not only did you manage to dethrone the Tenshous sovereignty, but you also ended the years of war! You even drew up a masterly plan that circumvented any possible disasters! This is the good fortune of the citizens of Tenshou, and the good fortune of the nine major starfields!

Applause and adulation sounded from the crowd.

You made Tenshou sign the surrender document and accept punishment for his crime, never to emancipate anybody again!

You also destroyed Tenshous military amenities so that they would never be able to wage another war and create chaos for others!

You divided the rule of Tenshou starfield to prevent the citizens from struggling for power and instigating a civil war!

Childe Zhufeng! Your strategy is without any faults, contributing to contemporary times and bringing benefits for future generations!

The mass of the people had had enough of the war and Chen Xiaobeis approach towards Saint Dukes problem ensured that the nine major starfields would never have wage war against one another for hundreds of years.

It was the kind of deed that was worth an astronomical amount of merit points.

Oh, by the way, Luo Qiongcang suddenly asked, There are 160 planets in Tenshou. Only 120 of them have been delegated. What about the rest of the 40 planets?

Chen Xiaobei smiled at his father-in-law. The rest of them are at the center of Tenshou Starfield that includes the capital planet. They will all be overseen by Saint Duke.

Luo Qiongcangs eyes widened.

The people of Saint Duke were startled. My god Are we hearing things? Childe Zhufeng is giving us authority over Tenshous central planets?

Including the capital planet, there are 40 planets in the center. They are Tenshous wealthiest and most distinguished planets! Theyre ours?

This This is probably the big gift Childe Zhufeng said he was giving us

My god I have seen all kinds of gifts in my lifetime. Ive never seen anyone give planets as presents Childe Zhufeng is so damn cool!

The remaining two leaders of the major forces stepped forward and announced:

Yewen noble house, 200,000 spacecraft and 500,000 soldiers will be assisting Saint Duke to manage the central planets of Tenshou!

Ximen noble house, 300,000 spacecraft and 600,000 soldiers will also be assisting Saint Duke to manage the central planets of Tenshou!

The remaining spacecraft on the screen began to move.

Chen Xiaobeis plan had been executed perfectly. There was only one more matter to be addressed.

Chen Xiaobei addressed Luo Qiongcang, Uncle Luo, now that there is nothing else to be worried about, you can sign the surrender document!

I Luo Qiongcang had barely recovered from the shock.

Xiaobei Your gifts are unbelievable Luo Puti stammered.

Its nothing. Chen Xiaobei shrugged. I would give you everything under the sun if thats what you want!

Luo Puti, the ice queen, blushed, her heart melting at Chen Xiaobeis machismo.

Chen Xiaobei turned to the Saint Duke emperor. Uncle Lu, go ahead and end this chaos once and for all!

Luo Qiongcang drew in a deep breath. I will sign it, of course! But the person whos ending this chaos is you!

The emperor walked up to the surrender document and inscribed his signature under the winning party.

The people of Saint Duke burst into tears of joy witnessing this momentous event.

Finally, after many years of war and suffering, they were free!

Like their emperor, they too recognized that their relief from all the chaos, that they were now able to live in peace and harmony was all thanks to Chen Xiaobei!

To them, he was their deliverer!

Now, there would be even more people remembering, thanking, and even worshipping Chen Xiaobeis name!


[For dissolution of war and saving the lives of common people, you have been rewarded with 30,000,000 merit points!]


[Congratulations, youve been promoted to an Eighth-Generation Philanthropist!]


[Your current merit points are 62,170,000 in total. You are 27,830,000 points away from the next level.]

[Charm: 6,217,000; Luck: 6,217,000]

When Luo Qiongcang signed the surrender document, the Heavenly path also acknowledged Chen Xiaobeis good deed and requited him with merit points!

Wow Thats a lot, Chen Xiaobei thought. Now, it was Chen Xiaobeis turn to be shocked.




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