Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 1833

Chapter 1833 Unresolved Matter

Having 30 million merit points accorded to him took Chen Xiaobei by surprise.

There was a famous Chinese saying that went, the good will be rewarded, and the evil punished, but if you havent received it, its only a matter of time.

Chen Xiaobeis careful planning warranted the safety of the civilians and helped prevent a massacre of a considerable scale. He resolved the Nine Zones greatest conflict at the smallest cost!

The Heavenly Paths merit points were a confirmation and a reward for Chen Xiaobei.

This was a pleasant surprise for him as he did not expect to be getting additional reward.

Not only did he gain honor and recognition, but he also received merit points.

While Chen Xiaobei did not anticipate this, it actually made complete sense.

Back in Northern Wilderness starfield, Chen Xiaobei resolved the war between one million young soldiers and one million Demonic Beasts.

He was awarded 10 million merit points for that.

Based on that calculation, the 30 million merit points meant that Chen Xiaobei saved 6 million peoples lives!

6 million people might sound like an exaggeration but had the war between Tenshou and Saint Duke continued, the number of casualties from both sides would add up 6 million!

It would have been like that time when Emperor Qin tore down 6 kingdoms and united the nation. Although many people were killed in the process, it went on to save thousands more from death and suffering!

For that reason, the Heavenly Path awarded the emperor with enough merit points that it allowed Yingzhen to directly ascend to the Heavenly Realm and became a deity.

If he had not been framed by Jade Emperor, Xufu reckoned that Yingzhen would have been roaming free in the Heavenly Realm instead of being trapped inside the black coffin.

But that was completely off-topic.

After receiving the 30 million merit points, Chen Xiaobeis current total merit points exceeded 60 million, advancing him to an Eighth-Generation Philanthropist.

If his merit point reached 90 million, he would be aggrandized to a Ninth-Generation Philanthropist. Then, he could exchange his merit points for an Earth-God position.

Chen Xiaobei would never do that, of course.

He was already at God-Ascension cultivation, only a step away from Primordial Spirit cultivation. There was no need to waste his merit points!

Moreover, Shen Gongpao was in possession of the merit points ledger. Chen Xiaobei would be charged 10 times the cost. The last time he was able to exchange an Earth-Gods cultivation for Diao Chan only because Shen Gongpao was too distracted with the King of Glory competition.

Instead, he would use his merit points, to exchange for something else.

A short while ago, Chen Xiaobei traded for 30 Good Luck charms which helped turned his troubles around.

In theory, as long as he had enough merit points, he would be able to exchange for anything he wanted.

By accumulating merit points, Chen Xiaobei could exchange his points when the need arose, giving him the leeway as an alternative to the Red Envelope Snatching sessions.

Chen Xiaobei might even consider using his points to exchange for Earth-God cultivation for the others like Xiangyu, Jiang Ziya, Ne Zha, Hong Haier, and Old Wang.

The five of them came from the Three Realms Red Envelope group. Making them Earth-Gods would be very useful to Chen Xiaobei.

But this was a topic for another time.

Chen Xiaobei did not have the 90 million merit points yet. He would only decide when he did.

Now that everything had drawn to a close, the leaders of the forces left for the planets assigned to them.

The people of Saint Duke returned to their starfield to prepare for the Tenshou trials. They, too, would have to administer the forty-over planets allocated to them and to help the people of Tenshou recover from war.

It was going to be very busy period for the Saint Dukes.

With everyone gone, Luo Puti and Chen Xiaobei were finally alone.

Absence really did make the heart grow fonder the many months of separation made this reunion especially invaluable.

The couple embraced each other and muttered sweet, tender words.

Chen Xiaobei lowered his head to kiss Luo Puti, but Luo Puti turned her head to the side.

What is it? Chen Xiaobei asked.

There was no one around, and they were both burning with passion. Why was Luo Puti reluctant?

I Im not ready Luo Puti bit her lower lip.

What is there to prepare for? Chen Xiaobei asked. Youve already accepted my proposal, right?

Yes, of course, and thats the best decision Ive ever made! But Saint Duke is still in a pandemonium our people are still suffering. the two people I care about most are still missing I cant possibly get myself involved in a romantic relationship right now

The people youre talking about are your foster parents?

Yes When I was still a baby, my foster parents escaped to earth with me. They were the ones who raised me! For my sake, they gave up their own flesh and blood! They loved me like their own, and Ive always seen them as my real parents

I understand. You dont need to explain yourself. Chen Xiaobei nodded and released Luo Puti.

Back on earth, Chen Xiaobei saw firsthand how hard Luo Puti had worked to find her foster parents!

Chen Xiaobei even went on a trip with her to help her find them. She was even willing to risk her own life for that!

To her, her foster parents were her true parents, and their lives mattered more than her own!

Chen Xiaobei knew that better than anyone else.

Until she found her parents, Luo Puti would never be able to open up her heart, nor would she leave her cold, protective shell.

Im sorry Xiaobei Luo Puti sighed. Were finally together again but because of me I ruined the moment I hope youre not mad at me

Silly girl! How could I be mad at you for being filial? Chen Xiaobei smiled. Actually, I have an even bigger present! I was going to give it to you after our coupling. But I guess well have to change the order of things!

Theres another gift?

Look closely! Chen Xiaobei took out the Green Jade Cauldron and two persons appeared before them.

I Luo Putis hand flew to her mouth, her eyes already welling up.




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