Reincarnated Chef: Rise Of Culinary Tycoon Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Practising drive again

When I back to inside the house after watching Ming Er go, my brother in law, Shao He, already wake up. He's stretching his body in front of his room.

"Brother He, are you waking up?"

"Yup. Where's everybody?"

"Father and mother haven't returned from farmland yet, and Ming Er just goes to A Yun house"

"Brother You, want to practice drive truck now?"

"Sure, If not troubling brother He"

"No, not at all…let me wash my face first and we leave after locking the door"

"Alright, I change my clothes as well"

I go to my (actually Ming Er) room to change the clothes. After tidy up the shirt and pants and also comb my hairs, I leave the room and go to the front yard. My brother in law, Shao He, already sits in the truck and start the engine.

"Brother He, are we leaving now?"

"Wait for a minute, I'm still warm the engine first. You know, this truck same like food, food tastes more delicious when eating still warm, the truck also nicer to ride when the engine already warmed"

"Hahaha…that's a good comparison, brother He. I close the door and lock it then"

Because there's nobody home right now, I must close the door and lock it before I leave with my brother in law. After locking the door, I climb to the truck cabin and sit beside the driver seat. After a couple of minutes, finally, the truck is ready and we can start to go to our training place like yesterday

"Okay brother You, we leave now. Don't forget to put your seatbelt on"

"Sure, Brother He"

And we go with the truck to start my driving practice. After we arrive in our practice place, I switch position with my brother in law, no I'm sitting behind the steering wheel.

"Do you still remember what I told you yesterday, brother You?"

"I still remember brother, at least most of them"

"Okay, let start the practice now"

I take a deep breath before starting to turn the ignition key to start the engine. With a powerful roar, the engine is starting to ignite

"Good, what's next?"

My hand grip the transmission stick and move to first gear and step on the gas pedal slowly, the truck starts moving forward slowly. But because I'm too late to change transmission gear to second gear, the truck moved like shagging upward and backward which make me start to feel nervous

"Calm down bro, if this kind of situation happens, reduce the power, step up from the gas pedal. Change the transmission gear then step down on the gas pedal again"

Brother He instructs me patiently and I keep practicing driving truck until lunchtime arrives.

Meanwhile, when Ming Er's visiting A Yun house,

"Yuhuuu….A Yun, your beautiful friend A Ming come to visit you"

The door opened and A Yun comes from inside.

"Sister Ming! You come to visit at least"

They do girls usual greetings, kiss left and right cheek after hugging each other

"Haha…I arrived yesterday but too busy afterward. I just have time to visit you now"

"Alright, Ara~ this time you only come by yourself? Where's your hunky husband? You and him almost like glued and never separated for long"

"Aaahh… Don't tease me like that A Yun, can I come inside first? I bring a present for you"

Ming Er shows the box in her hand

"Ah right, please come in, sister Ming"

After entering the house, Ming Er gives the box she brought to A Yun.

"Here…only small gift for you"

"What is this, sister Ming?"

"My husband cooking"

"Really? Can I taste it first?"


A Yun open the box and look at the content and pick one of the croquettes

"What is this, sister Ming?"

"Croquette. I already eat those at breakfast. It guarantees delicious"

"Hahaha…your husband's cooking always delicious sister. You haven't answered me, where's he?"

"He practices driving truck with my brother"

"Oh, did he ever drive a car before?"

"I guess not…my brother even feels depressed when thinking good ways to teach my husband driving. He said 'Your husband's drive feeling is the worst" ahahaha"

"Did his driving skill that bad?"

"Um. I'm start feeling I'm riding boom boom car instead"


And they both keep chatting and talking until lunchtime arrive while me, who practice driving with brother Shao He, keep having sneeze several times during practice.


"If you want to sneeze, slow down and decrease the speed, brother. I'm afraid you accidentally step on gas deeper when sneezing. Are you getting cold, bro?"

"No, I'm not getting cold. I'm just fine until this morning. This must be someone talking bad about me"

"Do you offend someone before you visit us?"

"No, I don't have enemies. Maybe some people who jealous of me"

"Hahaha…keep practice don't slack"

"Aye…is there any simple ways to practice bro?"

"No, you only have to practice and practice again"


That time, I keep practicing with brother Shao He although I think I'm not making much progress compared with yesterday practice. Ming Er would tease me again if she knows my practice result

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