Reincarnated Into Warframe Universe: Tyranny Of The Tenno Chapter 1

1 Additional And Modified Lore And Updates

This Auxiliary Chapter will outline any additional or modified lore details. I had stated in one of the comments that theoretically all of the game would be in the MC's Universe but after coming this far and thinking on it a bit more, there may be one or two things that I leave out. The first thing I realized I wouldn't be adding is Riven Mods. Mostly because my Mod system is slightly altered from in the game and Kuva doesn't have the same interactions. I know it's a small thing and I don't know how much anyone really cares about that specifically. I just want to make it clear that depending on how technical you want to be there may be a few minor deletions despite my original intention of only making alterations and additions. Also, there may be slightly less important details, about certain mechanics and what not that, I don't put into the Chapters in order to avoid vast portions of my chapters being nothing but info dumps. I'll add that extra information here along with an indicator of which chapter it was added in. I'll also add a "Check Update" in parentheses at the end of the chapter so you'll know extra information is available. I'm not a hundred percent set on doing things this way I just think it will be neater and less info dumpy this way. If you have any thoughts or criticisms, please say so in the comments. C1 = Chapter 1 and so on and so forth.


Energy Types and Interactions

Void Energy- A type of energy that changes its nature and capabilities depending on its environment. It manifests in three different forms Dark Energy, Bio-energy, and Psionic Energy. C4

1. Dark Energy- the most common manifestation of Void Energy. It manifests most commonly in the darkest reaches of space. C4

Void Reactors- Engines used primarily by the Tenno to power their Orbiters and Landing Crafts. Void Energy is compressed within the Reactor Room and unleashed in a controlled manner near the rear of the ship. Void Energy, being quiet unstable when condensed beyond a certain point, provides a powerful propulsion upon release. C4

Void Traces- these minuscule bits of dense Void Energy can be combined together and refined into Void Relics. Void Relics, in the presence of a Void Fissure will become attuned to the Fissure's specific Void Frequency. When enemies who originated from a Void Fissure are killed their dispersed Void Energy provides the necessary attunement to the Relic in order to close the Fissure. C4

Oro- Dark Energy that has been transformed into True Data without first manifesting as Psionic Energy. It is encoded not with normal information but with the most intense expression of a being's will. C14

2. Bio-energy- dark energy that, after being dispersed from the void or some other region of space, finds its way inside of a living organism and will after a time begin to change its nature according to its new environment. C4

Near Instant Regeneration- Bio-energy inside an appropriately attuned host can grant impressive regenerative abilities. Bio-energy within a host who has no attunement to Void Energy will remain inert and unusable. C4

3. Psionic Energy- Once Bio-energy has been inside of an organism's brain and nervous system long enough it will undergo yet another change to its nature. Psionic Energy is the most versatile of all the states of Void Energy. It derives its versatile nature from the DNA, neurons, brain waves, and memories within an organism's nervous system. The information contained within the nervous system will eventually become encoded within the Bio-energy or Dark Energy within the body and thus manifest Psionic Energy. C4

True Data- all Psionic Energy contains information derived from its environment, some of it organized some of it not so much. The amount of information within any arbitrary unit of psionic energy decreases the potential that unit possesses to affect change. Psionic Energy that has lost all of its action potential to information transformation is referred to as True Data. True Data is no longer considered to be energy as it has a semi-permanent physical manifestation that is somewhere between jello and a thick fog in density. C4

Psionic Energy Matrix- thin wire like arrangement of True Data tubes with Psionic Energy running through it. Most often used in Warframes to allow the use of Mods and supplement the frame's store of Psionic Energy. C6

Cephalid- a condensed unit of Psionic Energy with a sufficient amount of information guiding the action potential of that unit to carry out a task or process certain external information. Minor Cephalids contain only encoded psionic energy and Superior Cephalids are constructed with True Data. A Pseudo-Cephalon is a Superior Cephalid have reached the threshold between Cephalid and Cephalon. C4

Cephalon- a Cephalid that is constructed entirely out of True Data. Once a certain threshold has been met a True Data Cephalid will no longer benefit from the simple addition of more True Data. Once that threshold has been crossed an exponential increase in True Data is required to push that Cephalid to become a Cephalon. A Cephalon is distinguished from a Cephalid by, not only vast amounts of True Data, but also the existence of a baseline level of sentience that can be upgraded to near human levels of sentience. C4

4. Dispersed Energy- whenever psionic energy or bio energy is released from its deceased host,  depending on how much is present, it may either coalesce into an orb and fall to the ground or disperse into the surroundings losing its nature as it does so. Even bio-energy, which has no information encoded in it, can't return to being dark energy. After losing its psionic or bio nature, it drifts about, until it's either absorbed by another organism or it makes its way back to space where its nature returns to dark energy. If this dispersed energy is absorbed by an individual who possesses an attunement to void energy, then it will accumulate until it reaches a sufficient quantity to upgrade the host's base capabilities. C4

Cephalid and Cephalon Interactions

1. Warframes

Hacking Interface- Cephalids are used in the hands of a warframe to assist in the hacking of consoles. The Cephalids connect with the console, analyze the security protocols, and then construct an arrangement of data designed to bypass the security protocols. Another Cephalid, within the same hand, reads all off the available information and presents it to the Operator in an interactive holographic display. This allows the Operator to finish the Cephalids task by arranging the constructed information in the correct configuration to then be presented to the security protocols for validation. C2

Inventory- Cephalids are placed within a warframe's feet in order to take external resources into a specialized compartment, also within the feet. The Cephalids, upon the foot coming into contact with an object, utilize the warframe's psionic energy to condense the material into the smallest possible form and then teleport that material into the foot's inventory compartment. C4

Psionic Energy Matrix- the matrix of psionic energy that allows warframe's to utilize various mods is in itself a type of Superior Cephalid with an Orokin Reactor attached to it. C6

Materials and Gear

1. Ducalidium- this is an alloy made from gold, orichalcum, and rubedo. During the forging of this alloy, Psionic Energy that has been encoded with a variety of basic operating information is fused with the final product. Once forged, a Cephalid can be embedded within the ducalidium and utilize this information to create Psionic Energy microarrays throughout its host that assist in raising its base capabilities. C4

2. Vicarllium- an alloy made of Platinum, Morphics, and Gallium. It's forged in the same manner as Ducalidium. It's used primarily to construct Sentient Cores, by shaping it into a vessel, filling it with compressed dark energy, and embedded the appropriate Cephalids within it. (C24)

3. Truecalidium and Truellium- Truecalidium and Truellium are modified versions of Ducalidium and Vicarllium respectively. Truecalidium is modified by introducing Morphics and Truellium is modified by introducing Orichalcum. Both are implemented within living creatures to establish an unshakable control over the targets Central Nervous System or equivalent tissues. (C24)

4. Arch-Frame- an alteration of the original Arch-wing concept. Instead of building an entirely new piece of equipment that allows for flight, the Progenitor Cells of a frame are placed within a specialized Bio-cartridge. This Bio-cartridge directs the Foundry to build an entirely new frame but with the same shape and function of an Arch-wing. Once constructed, an Arch-Frame acts not only as a flying machine with life support but also as an amplifier of a frame's abilities. The Arch-Frame can be supplemented with various Arch-wing technologies that offer it the same abilities as those that appear in the game. C10

5. Bio-cartridges- these are specially designed three segmented injectors which contain one of each of an individual warframe's Progenitor Cells. When ready to use, the solutions in each segment are forced through a single opening and into a Foundry. Within the opening of the cartridge, is embedded a Cephalid that fuses the three cells into a single organism and encodes the surrounding solution with all of the information necessary for constructing the warframe. C6
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People and Places

1. Sol Tenno Federation- this Tenno clan is responsible for creating and implementing the exclusive Tenno currency known as Platinum. Their stated purpose is to assist the Tenno community in proliferating and maintaining control over their unique technologies. They offer any research information, obtained in their laboratories, to any Tenno at an appropriate price. They are the largest Tenno clan due to these policies and their single minded focus on Tenno prosperity. C6

2. Sentry- an Orokin clone who was implanted with various control devices and compulsions to ensure her loyalty. She was created at the same time as the Orokin Tower of which she was made the Neural Sentry. As the Neural Sentry, she was tasked with maintaining the tower and protecting it from intruders by controlling those implanted with the tower's control devices. She ultimately failed in this mission and is currently working for Leon for now. C11

3. The Tau-er- a fully operational reconstruction of an Orokin style ship. The ships it was styled after weren't used directly by the Orokin but by their servants and slaves. This Orokin style ship has been modified to allow for the docking of the Orbiter, construction of all Tenno Clan laboratories, and upgraded versions of all of the Orbiter's Segments. C9

4. The Flesh Tau-er- this is a controlled amalgam of Infested flesh. Helminth, the Infested Cephalon, is responsible for shaping and maintaining The Flesh Tau-er. Once the Mutalist strain of the Infestation has been acquired, it will be fashioned to look exactly like The Tau-er. Although, theoretically it could be any shape that Helminth or Leon want it to be. C9

5. The Traveler- a theoretical design for a stealth fortress. It's purpose is to provide a means for Leon and his future allies to take refuge in, when operating outside the Void. It will also be capable of producing various products, within a general purpose factory, as well as deconstructing and fixing ships. C10

All Frames Currently in Leon's Arsenal as of Chapter 17

Loki, Ash, Excalibur, Ember, Volt, Nova, Saryn, Mesa, Mag, Ivara, Nyx, Vauban, Zephyr, Nidus, Mirage, Gara, Oberon, Trinity, Hydroid, Nekros, Chroma, Rino, Frost, Banshee
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