Reincarnated Into Warframe Universe: Tyranny Of The Tenno Chapter 2

1 Big Ass Fucking Lightning Bol

There was nothing more exhilarating, for Leon, than wall running, sliding, bullet jumping, shooting, and slashing the fuck out of hordes of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested. His favourite online game, Warframe, was the one hobby that almost all of his time was sunk into. Despite being an avid fan of the game since its inception, he always wished it had more immersive lore in regards to the mechanics (e.g., an explanation of how mods interact with frames, how are loot items derived from defeated foes, and why don't elemental weapons, arch wings, and robotics have a synergistic effect with corresponding warframes, among other things.) Most of this he put down, to the nature of the current technology and the fact that it was free to play, and simply enjoyed the game for what it was.

Leon looks on with admiration, at his recently remade fashion frame of Ivara, searching for any imperfections. Leon had long since given up, on min maxing and trying to make the most efficient and effective builds. Most of the time he spent on build modification was now centered solely around fashion frame. He maneuvered his white, black, and neon green Ivara out of the arsenal towards the front of his ship in order to check out his daily missions.


Working on non magical universes was always more taxing than working, on their magical counterparts. Moving magic through this non-magical space, without letting it escape, was quite the arduous task or at least it would be, for someone who had not ascended to True Godhood. Lezar, a recently ascended True God, was attempting to weave the delicate patterns required to tame a black hole so that it would no longer threaten one of his primary life bearing planets. This, of course, was not truly a difficult task for a True God. Any aspiring god would have to demonstrate the capacity to form these weaves in a non magical universe without sneezing, in order to reach ascension. The process, of magic interacting with non-magical energies, gives off a mist of psuedo-magical energy not suitable for either magical or non-magical tasks. A gods senses are highly sensitive, to such energies, and can cause quite a bit of aggravation, if a tolerance is not built up.

Lezar was not worried, about any psuedo-magical interference. His tolerance was more than sufficient, for breezing through his ascension ceremony. Taming the black hole was going well, until it started to unexpectedly resist his powers. Not only was it resisting his powers, it was also growing more powerful than when he began his work. 'Shit.' Lezar thought as he redoubled his efforts. 'Who the hell is screwing around with my Universe?'

There was only one reason why any phenomenon, in a gods Universe, would resist their power and that was the interference, of other gods. This wasn't the first time that another god had intervened, in his Universe, despite the act itself not being particularly common amongst the gods, in general due to the limited influence gods wielded in another's territory. Lezar knew who was responsible, for this meddling. A particularly obnoxious asshole, who seemed to have an unnatural fixation on Lezar for some reason, named Hershel. "The next time I see that High God of Douchey-ness, shit is gonna get real."

Quickly, putting the dastardly ways of Herschel out of his mind, he poured all his efforts, into subduing the damnable black hole. The drastic increase in pseudo-magical energy began to reach the limits of Lezar's tolerance, despite him being only halfway through with his task. 'Shit, shit, shit, shit, and more shit! This isn't good!' Lezar silently cursed while attempting to accelerate the process. The psuedo-magical energy was now past Lezar's tolerance level and he could feel the irritation building up. 'Dammit Lezar, hold it together! You can do this! It's over three quarters completed don't pussy out now!' Lezar thought to himself while attempting to resist the psuedo-magical irritation. Putting the last few touches on the subjugating of this rogue black hole, Lezar was in a pitiful state. Half of his attention on making sure there were no mistakes and the other half attempting to resist the constantly increasing irritation.

With the black hole finally and properly subdued, Lezar wanted nothing more than to leave that place immediately. His godly senses, however, were in no condition to do anything other than submit to the compulsion to eject the psuedo-magical energy from his body. As Lezar felt the involuntary process begin, his eyes widened and he thought, 'This isn't going to be good.' The highly compressed and chaotic energy shot out of his nose and headed straight for earth.


"Nice! My Ivara is looking sick! Now its time to lay the stomp down, on these mutha fuckin mobs...with my Nidus!" Leon said as he walked his avatar back to the arsenal. As soon as his Ivara entered back into the arsenal....


'Unghh....what the...where...the shit is going on right now?!' Leon felt extremely light. He didn't seem to have access, to any of his senses and he found it difficult to think to deeply about anything for more than a few seconds. He kept coming, into conciousness wondering what the hell was happening and then fading back out.


"SHIT! FUCK! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! SHIT! SHIT! FUCK!" Lezar spewed forth countless curses, knowing that he was well and truly fucked.

He had watched, as his psuedo-magical lighting snot bolt flew off onto a trajectory straight for the planet he was trying to protect.

He had managed to resist the irritation, while completing his black hole subjugation. He had even managed to reduce the power, of his inevitable sneeze to a pitiful amount of its original potential. All of these things would normally be cause for him be in awe of himself and give him self a few well deserved pats on the back. Sadly, there was no time, for self-congratulation. He had taken off, after the lightning snot bolt, the second it had appeared. He couldn't make it, in time to stop the resulting collision, but was luckily able to pull off some godly voodoo and clean up the aftermath. Every aspect of the collision's aftermath had been delt with, except for one. The lightning snot bolt had landed directly on the house of a certain mortal. His soul was now floating aimlessly, around Lezar, fading in and out of consciousness due to not having a brain to assist in critical thinking.

'Fuck! This is bad! This is really bad! The High Gods are going to obliterate me not to mention the Elder Gods! Those guys are hella scary! Probably not nice enough to just obliterate me and be done with it!' Lezar commiserated with himself.
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It was strictly forbidden and severely punished, for killing mortals with godly powers. No matter whether it's intentional or otherwise, there are no exceptions. True Gods were granted authority, over a certain amount of extra-dimensional space to create universes, because they were expected to be professionals to stand above all other professionals. All other godly rankings were simply a measure, of raw power.

'God Dammit! The only way to cover this up is create an entirely new universe. Such a thing should normally happen in front of the rest of the gods but it's not necessary. Doing so will probably make some suspicious but...better suspected than obliterated.' He contemplated his next course of action, as he knew he had to act quickly. The fluctuations caused, by godly powers interacting with mortal souls, would soon have him found out unless he could cover it up quickly. Knowing that every second counted and that he needed a fully developed Universal Blueprint if he was going to pull this off, he quickly looked into the soul's memory and immediately found what he was looking for. Conjuring up all, of his power, attention, and determination, he immediately set upon his task.


Leon had finally come out of his fits of unconsciousness. He was currently attempting, to deduce what kind of situation he had found himself in. Unlike before, he had access to all five of his senses. He was apparently locked, within some kind of container with an uncomfortable bed-like structure in it. It wasn't complete darkness but close to it. Although he could sense he had a body, that sense didn't seem to give him any control over said body.

He was well and truly stumped, as to how to proceed from here. As such, he began thinking about how it was he got into this predicament to begin with.

*****POV Change*****

'Well this is a damn fine mess! Shouldn't I be in front of my computer playing Waframe? What kind of wild, whacky, and incomprehensible events have occurred to land me in this debacle?'

'Hmmmmm....concentrating on my last few seconds before I lost consciousness it seems like that there was some kind of really bright white light for a fraction of second before I blanked.' Leon analyzed his memories further.

'But why was there a light at all, unless there was some traumatic event that caused severe damage to me? Yes, that seems to make sense. Maybe this container is some kind of recovery chamber? No, that doesn't make sense. My world's technology has not advanced to that degree. Also, if something so destructive as to instantly knock me out while I'm inside my house was to strike, wouldn't that be powerful enough to kill me. Speaking of which...doesn't that sound a lot like a lightning strike. And wait, wait, wait, back up a minute, "my world's....." Holy Snot Rockets! The more I think, about this, the more it seems like some kind of reincarnation scenario.' Leon lay there, in silence, attempting to eliminate all other possibilities. 'Holy Actual Fucking Snot Rockets! I think I really have been reincarnated! But where and when and as what or who are the most immediate questions?'

Suddenly, a voice in Leon's head began assaulting him, with various visions and instructions to hunt down and defeat the twin queens. While this information was being poured into his brain, he recovered full command, over his body. Once the visions ended, the "not so mysterious any longer" voice offered three last parting words. "Wake up, Tenno."

Excitement and anticipation began welling up within Leon's chest because he knew where he was and what would happen next.
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