Reincarnated Into Warframe Universe: Tyranny Of The Tenno Chapter 24

23 Operation Revelations Of The Reservoir

'Finally, we're going to get to see what this Reservoir is all about.' The Operator said we needed to go to a Corpus outpost on Neso, Neptune, once we constructed a device capable of detecting and duplicating Void Keys. Utilizing the one retrieved by the Operator, during his capture of Maroo, it wasn't too difficult.

We also needed to utilize several Limbo Specters, after integrating his cells into the WormHole tech. We can't send people or objects through the rift like we can information with the VIRT devices but we can establish rifts at a particular location and attune our WormHole tech to the inside of the rift. Using devices employing cells from Limbo, Nova, and Ivara we can send psionic energy into these properly attuned devices to create a rift orb that is undetectable and invisible. Once the rifts are established and attuned, we can travel to them at our leisure. Since no one else has the capacity to detect and manipulate the rift, we could set up camp right under their noses and they'd never know...until they sneezed that is. Of course, keeping those rifts active requires a constant supply of psionic energy but there's plenty of that aboard The Tau-er, which the rifts are attuned to.

Here on Neptune, myself, my Specter Force, and a cadre of Ivaras, Limbos and Novas, make our way to the Corpus Commander holding the Void Key. We watch as the Commander takes a little arrow induced nap. We grab the Void Key, sprinkle a little more arrow dust on the Commander while we await the key's duplicate, and then leave the Commander and key behind.

Once we place the duplicate key into the Void Torsion Device and step through the portal, we make our way to a semi globular window that looks out onto a glorious sight. The moon is sitting just outside this window, broken in many places, with massive bands of Ducalidium lined structures running around and through it, presumably to hold it together.

I find a good place in the ceiling just before the window to place a rift. Another one near an identical window on another floor and a last one near an extraction point. With those three rifts in place, we exit the Orokin Tower, equip our Arch-Frames, and make the long trip to the moon. It would be shorter in a ship but with only our Arch-Frames it takes nearly an hour.

Once on the moon, we make our way swiftly to each location indicated by the Operator and place a rift there. We then begin searching the rest of the moon, for places similar to where we placed the other rifts, and place the rifts there as well. It's going to take a while for my squad to finish this but they can do it on their own. I'll need to be in my Orbiter, when the Operator sends the next signal.

----------POV Change----------

"Tenno, wake up! Something terrible has happened! There are intruders, within the Reservoir. I'm sorry I don't have time to explain right now but this is urgent. Hunhow has been infiltrating my mind somehow and now there are people running around within the Reservoir. I don't know if they're working with Hunhow but they must be stopped. Go to the coordinates I've sent you immediately. I need to keep an eye on these intruders and make sure they don't cause any harm. I'll contact you again when you arrive."

"We'll, that might not have been the most friendly of wake up calls but I guess we should do what the lady says, Ordis."

"Already on it, Operator."

As soon as I arrive, the Lotus pipes up again. "Tenno, you need to find the key to the Void Torsion Device so you can pass through the portal. Hurry up and locate it and get through." The Lotus demands as she disconnects.

"Yes, Ma'am!"_ 'Jeez, what's with the attitude? It's almost like someone broke into her house and is threatening to kill her children. Oh, wait, that's right. Well, still she could at least save the attitude for the intruders.'

Now that I'm done daydreaming, I start clearing the place out. I locate the Void Key on a Commander and take it to the Void Torsion Device. I place the key within the contraption and walk through the portal.

"Tenno find this panel, I've indicated, within the generator room and hack into it. Once you've done that, you should be able to access four vials in four floor bound containers. Destroy each vial and make your way back to the Liset."

"On it." I briefly respond, as I head towards the generator room.

Once the vials are destroyed, I head back to the Liset and Ordis is already setting us on our course to the Lotus' coordinates.

"Tenno, I don't know what these people are up to but so far they haven't really bothered anything. They just seem to be scouting the place out, while roaming around to various locations across the moon's surface...Ahh, yeah, I guess I should mention that the moon still exists. I've been hiding it away within the Void. The Orokin Tower you just sabotaged is the only reason Ordis can lock on to the moon's signal now. It was hiding the moon's location, within the Void from people like Vor and others. The moon holds the true bodies of all Tenno, within Somatic Link Pods. I can explain more later but right now it's imperative that you stop these people from ever accessing the Reservoir again. You've finally arrived. Please hurry, Tenno?"

The Lotus disconnects and I head towards the last known location of my crew. On my way there, I contact Ordis and tell him to send the signal. As I approach Nyx's Specter Force and supplementary Specters, they turn around and notice my presence. Their Novas immediately open up portals behind them and usher the rest through, before jumping in themselves.

"Dammit! How the hell are they able to do that? Those goddamn Federalists, I know it was them! That damn Nyx wasn't there but Specters are their MO! I swear if I find out they're working with Hunhow I'll wipe out every last one of them! TENNO, go to extraction and I'll talk to you on the Orbiter! I'm pretty goddamn irate right now and I need a few seconds to cool off!"

'Holy Lude Lotus Lingo! Did she just curse, like, multiple times? Anyways, I better get out of here, while it's still a safe option.'

I waste no time getting back to my temporary Orbiter. A few minutes after I arrived, I'm looking out at Lua waiting for the Lotus to contact me and I see another Landing Craft speeding towards the moon.

"Tenno, did you see that? Dammit! I don't know whether the Federalists are working for Hunhow or not but that's the Stalker's ship. I can feel Hunhow's power emanating from it. Get back here immediately and put a stop to whatever he's up to."

"Right away, Lotus."

I jump in the Liset and head back to the moon. I begin sprinting and bullet jumping in the direction the Lotus leads me. The Lotus tracks the Stalker's location and keeps me updated. The Stalker makes it to the Void Control Room and manages to initiate a Void Collapse just as we arrive. Having come prepared for this particular fight, I throw out a Rhino Specter and pull out my Opticor. I see the Stalker point his sword at me and then dash forward sword held at the side prepared to strike. I brace myself and expend all of my focus on the incoming attack. As soon as he reaches the imaginary line I've drawn in my head I jump far enough upwards to miss his attack and use his sword as a springboard to flip forward, with my feet planted into his face. He falls backwards onto his ass and I complete another front flip, while charging up my Opticor, land on my knees sitting on his chest, and bring my Opticor down unleashing the blast directly into his face. A nice sized chunk of the floor is now missing along with his head.

"Tenno, I'm going to have to pull the Reservoir out of Void Space, in order to avoid the collapse. I need you to reactivate the Void Compasses in this room, before heading to the Pendula room to destroy them. Hurry, Tenno. There isn't much time."

I head over to the first compass and task my Rhino with watching the Stalker's frame as I suspect that Hunhow won't let his best piece be taken out so easily. I finish up the compass reactivation and head to the Pendula room, leaving my Rhino behind. 
for visiting.

     I arrive at the Pendula room and begin engaging the Security Eye. Once the Pendula are destroyed, I book it towards extraction, pick up my Rhino along the way, and notice that the Stalker's frame is no longer there. Ordis then takes us to another location on Lua, as indicated by the Lotus.

----------POV Change----------

Once the Operator departed from Uranus, I kept a close eye on Hunhow's activities. Once the Stalker arrived, spoke with Hunhow, and left, I took Limbo and my Specter Force to clean up the newly born Sentients. Using Limbo to lock Hunhow's main body off from his bits and pieces, we snatched them all up and blasted off again. I suspect that might have pissed him off even more.

After receiving the Operator's orders and leaving my Specters behind on Lua, I immediately tuned the holographic display to show my Mirage's point of view. Once the Operator sent word of his arrival, I kept a close watch on our surroundings. As soon as he came into view, I signaled the group to retreat through the WormHole portals.

Back aboard my Orbiter, I'm patiently but excitedly awaiting the Operator's next signal. My hand is on the Primary Interface, to give me access to all the same functions I would have if I was embedded into it. 'There it is. The Operator's signal just came through.'

I walk over to the WormHole device and make sure it's properly tuned to all the rifts we placed. 'Alright, now we just need Ordis Secondary's signal and we can get this party started.'

A couple of minutes later, it comes and we jump into action. Every one through a different rift, until we locate the Operator. Once the Operator is located, I signal every Specter to get back to the Orbiter. I tune the device, to the rift nearest the Operator, and take my Specter Force through.

Within the rift, we watch silently, as the Operator approaches an indoor waterfall of sorts that has a strangely shaped device, with white fluorescent tree limbs attached to its top, held within. The device, within the waterfall, begins to open up like a flower. With its top being wider than its bottom, the segmented pieces that make up its exterior begin to fall away from each other leaving the bottoms of the segments pointed inwards.

As per the Operator's orders, we use the mastery we've obtained over Orokin technology to ensure that the fluorescent tree limbs don't detach themselves.

Inside is revealed a pod that floats slowly forward, towards the Operator. The top of the pod begins to open, as it comes to rest in front of the Operator. From inside comes a slowly floating chair, holding the Operator's true body in a full bodysuit, that moves towards the end of the pod. Once it reaches the end of the pod, the chair dumps the Operator on the floor, where they lay motionless for a split second and the Operator's frame crumples to the ground. The Operator quickly gathers himself and begins to crawl towards the his frame that is now kneeling on the ground, head on its chest, and arms loose at its sides. The Operator places his hand on the back of the Warframe and forms a connection activating the Warframe to pick up his true body and carry it.

No sooner than the Operator's frame is on its feet, the Stalker arrives pointing his sword at the Operator. The moment the Operator sees the Stalker, he hits him with a powerful Void Blast that knocks him into the middle of the strange device. Right on cue, we manipulate the white fluorescent tree limbs to close up the device, while the Operator puts all of his energy and focus into making a break for it. The device manages to hold the Stalker for a while but he eventually escapes. And just as the Operator predicted, he disappears in a cloud of smoke instead of giving chase.

With our job here finished, it's back to the Orbiter to await the Operator's arrival.

----------POV Change----------

'I have no idea how that happened just now but I'm sure glad it did. I don't have time to think about it right now, however, if I lose this Tenno here I may very well loose them all. He must survive no matter what.'

After witnessing the Stalker getting caged up, I keep my senses sharp to ensure no harm comes to this child as he makes his way to extraction.

"Tenno, go to the very back of the Orbiter and charge the Somatic Link. Then sit down within it and take a well deserved rest."

I watch, as the Tenno heads to the Void Reactor, and suddenly the Stalker appears blocking the Tenno, from accessing the Somatic Link. The Tenno manages to fend off the Stalker's attacks and reach the Somatic Link but the Stalker forces him away with a blast of energy before it's fully charged. After the second attempt, however, the Somatic Link is fully charged but the Stalker sends forth an even greater blast of energy and the Tenno doesn't seem to be capable of fighting any longer.

The Stalker then runs his giant sword through the Warframe's chest and walks over to the Tenno, who is lying on the ground. He picks the Tenno up by his neck and I feel my chest begin to tighten. 'No! this can't be happening, please...I have to do something...but I..' Suddenly, the Warframe pulls the sword out of his own chest and throws it at the Stalker impaling him through his back. The Stalker lets go of the Tenno in his hand and looks down at the sword sticking out of his chest. Hunhow's energy begins to wrap itself around the Stalker and the two disappear leaving behind a powerful blast that knocks the Tenno back and unconscious.

'Once again, I have no idea how that happened but I'm equally grateful that it did.' Now the Tenno is lying there on the ground unable to move. 'I don't know what else could possibly happen but there have been entirely too many close calls and unpredictable events happening. If I leave him there until he wakes up, will the Stalker return, the Federalists maybe, or some other threat I'm not even aware of? No! I've sat comfortably in my hideaway for too long, letting the Tenno take all the risks. I'll not watch the Tenno die off, because I was too afraid to act.'

I immediately use one of my few Sentient abilities and teleport myself directly into the Tenno's Orbiter. I see him lying there on the ground as I walk towards him.........…

----------POV Change----------

I watch the holographic display showing the Operator's Void Reactor Room and I witness the the Operator get blown away, by the final blast from the Stalker. After the Stalker impales Nidus through the chest and picks up the Operator, I use my Mind Control ability to accurately determine the correct amount of strength to use for this throw. I control the Operator's Nidus causing him to quickly withdraw a small device from his inventory and place it on the sword, remove the sword from his chest, and throw it at the Stalker's back. It successfully penetrates just far enough to go clean through without hitting the Operator. Of course, I immediately release control of the frame, as instructed, once I've ensured the Operator's safety.

Now, to wait and see, if the Lotus makes her move. I watch as, approximately three minutes after the Stalker's departure, the Lotus teleports directly into the Void Reactor Room and walks towards the Operator. But of course, that's my cue.

Two WormHoles open up in between the Lotus and the Operator. In one second they appear, a Limbo steps out from each one with a dramatic snapping of their fingers in the air, and Stasis and Cataclysm are both activated simultaneously. With the Lotus completely caught off guard and with no time to respond, she is now immobilized, within the rift. I immediately inform Ordis Primary that the target is isolated and prepped for transport. Ordis Primary opens a portal to the Frozen Rift Cells, within the now completed Traveler. I, manipulating a Limbo Specter push the Lotus into the portal and signal the successful transfer. Ordis Primary confirms the package delivery and disconnects.

With that business finally out of the way, I recall all of my Specters, pick up the Operator, and place him within the Somatic Link Pod. I watch as the Operator is surrounded by the Void Reactor's dark energy and it suffuses his body and gradually brings him back to consciousness.

----------POV Change----------

The Master gave very specific instructions stating that six minutes after the placing of the beacon it would send a signal indicating the location I should deploy to. Nyx just sent me the signal alerting me to the placement of the device. I must remain vigilant. The Master made it clear how much he values my targets and I refuse to fail him.

'Ahhh, the beacon's signal. Time for action.' I immediately attune the WormHole device to the beacon's signal and step through, without wasting a moment. As soon as I'm through the portal, I spot my quarry. I throw out a Larva tendril with one hand and a Void Siphon Trap with the other. The trap lands between the targets feet just as my Larva snatches his sword. The trap does its job and I contact Ordis Primary. He confirms the Rift Cells are ready to receive and opens the portals. I toss the sword through one and the Stalker through the other.

As the portals close, I believe I'm experiencing what the Operator refers to as a mental smile. I know the Operator will be pleased with my work. 'I anxiously await my next mission.'

----------POV Change----------

The Stalker's latest attack sends me sprawling. 'Dammit, this body is weak. Gonna have to fix that as soon as we wrap things up here.' The Stalker walks over to my frame and shoves that badass sword into Nidus' chest. He then proceeds to pick me up by the neck and begin to strangle me. By the time he gets stabbed and lets me go, the constant beatings to this weak body and the lack of oxygen combine to send me into the unconsciousness I was hoping to avoid.....

"Uhhhh... my head…" I feel kind of dizzy but my senses are gradually stabilizing. I try to take in my surroundings and analyze the situation. It seems I'm in the Somatic Link Pod in the Void Reactor Room and Nyx is standing to the left watching me.

"General Nyx, I presume everything went as planned. Has the Lotus been successfully subdued? What about the Stalker and the sword?"

"Yes, Operator. The Lotus has been successfully subdued. The tracking device was placed on the sword and I should receive confirmation…hold on...Helminth has just reported successful retrieval of the sword and subjugation of the Stalker. It would seem that Operation Revelations of the Reservoir has been a complete success."

"Hahaha, Excellent, General! As you say, a complete success, indeed. Now, I'd very much like to see my Traveler and to get back into my old new ship...or is it new old ship? Whatever, let's just go."
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