Reincarnated Into Warframe Universe: Tyranny Of The Tenno Chapter 28

27 Operation Reservoir Reservation Updated

Having made all of the necessary preparations, I divert a substantial amount of energy into our WormHole tech and open up a Traveler sized portal, to the coordinates given to me by the General. I immediately send Helminth the signal to retreat and then maneuver through the portal and begin targeting the Fomorians.

As I'm targeting the Fomorians I realize a couple of the galleons are directly in our path and so I bulldoze through them. The Grineer, having no time to react, lose one of their Fomorians to my Eye of Death. By the time I've focused the Traveler's massive eye on the second Fomorian, the second Fomorian has started firing on us. Most of their attacks are blocked, by our shields, but some of the stronger ones manage to get through and cause minor damage.

After receiving their attacks for a few seconds, the Eye of Death is now recharged and a second later the second Fomorian goes down. Until now, the other two galleons had been attacking us as well. With all of their big guns out of commission, the last two galleons turn to retreat. 'Hah, as if I'd let you.' I blast one of them down as I direct the Traveler towards the last galleon. The last galleon goes down and I smile broadly and genuinely for the first time in a long time. That may have been short and sweet but it was still pretty damn sweet. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to unleash some more of the Traveler's glory, in the near future.

I contact Helminth and let him know that my end is wrapped up. I then open up another portal to my previous post and return quite satisfied with myself.

----------POV Change----------

Just as the Operator had predicted, Teshin attempted to use some type of Specters to throw us off of his trail. My agents, of course, were aware of this and were instructed to ensure they had found his real body, before alerting me.

I've now caught up with Teshin, as he's approaching an empty and open pod. I make my presence known and he turns around to face me. He places his hand on his sword and enters a ready position. I draw my own sword while calculating the path he will take based on his stance and body movements. He rushes towards me faster than I expected but not fast enough. I place my sword in the path of his and place a Void Siphon Trap directly into his body's path. As soon as our swords clash, he enters my trap and, afterwards, finds himself within the Traveler's holding cells.

The Operator has instructed me and my agents to stay within the Reservoir, until the Twin Queens have been defeated. So even though we've accomplished our objective, we stand fast until ordered otherwise. In the meantime, I contact Helminth for any updates.

"Helminth, we've secured the package and are standing by for further orders. How goes the battle, in the sky?"

"Well done, General. You'll be happy to hear that Sentry has performed her duties spectacularly and the Grineer have been completely routed. We now only need to hold position, until Ordis and the Operator deal with the Queens."

"Splendid news, indeed, Helminth. Let us await the Operator's victory."

----------POV Change----------

I've been training my body, for over a month now. I think I was fully rehabilitated about two weeks ago but now I'm on the road to being ripped. I've grown about two inches and my entire body has a fair amount of definition. Having spent an entire month pushing myself to the absolute limit every day, I decided to slow down a bit and take up a regular training routine.

It's day eight of my regular training routine and I've just received word that Teshin has been captured and that a small fleet of ships, including two Fomorians, were sent to attack the Reservoir but were annihilated, by the Traveler.

At this moment in my development, I'm capable of producing a fairly impressive Void Beam even without an Amp. Previously, I was pretty psyched about getting my first amp and I still am but, once I had access to that weak pathetic little sack of flesh that fell out of my pod, I decided to make rehabilitation a priority and save the amp, until I'd developed a baseline level of proficiency with my abilities.

At this point, I've accomplished all of that and then some. So I'm here in Cetus, to speak with the Quills again. I wonder if I'll have to go through Konzu again or will the Unum have foreseen this eventuality. I immediately head towards the door that is set into the rock formations near Konzu's usually hang out. Upon arrival, I enter Operator Mode and the door opens and a room similar to the one ingame is revealed. Onko Primary is waiting there for me so I enter the room and approach him.

"Greetings, Dark Star. The Unum has heard of your recent revelations. She congratulates you and your brothers and sisters on their newfound identities. She has also imparted special wisdom to us Quills that she bids us to offer your kind, in exchange for the standard reputation currency you would expect to earn with a syndicate. That being said, she also recognizes your already impressive contributions, to the entire Cetus community, and so has instructed me to craft the best possible Amp, as an additional reward and a sign of good will…" He pulls out an already gilded Amp and offers it to me. "...This Amp is an arm mounted device that will help the Tenno to employ finer control over their abilities, while also increasing those abilities power output."

"Thank you, Onko. I'm truly grateful for this gift and send my regards to the Unum would you. That being said, I take it you wouldn't mind me doing a little advertising, for this little business you're running here."

"The Unum is counting on it."

"Ahh, as expected of the Unum. Well, I've got what I came here for and I really do have things to do so I'll bid you farewell, Onko Primary. I'm sure we'll meet again sometime."
for visiting.

     "Farewell, Dark Star."

I immediately equip my Amp and take it out onto the plains for a little pre-mission testing. Yep, it works like a charm. Or at least it did, whenever I figured out how to equip and unequip the thing upon exiting and reentering my frame without it falling on the ground. Alright, let's not make the others wait any longer. The Twin Queens have a date with death and death doesn't like to keep people waiting.

I task Ordis, with taking us to the Asteroid that we've been tracking. Once we arrive, I make my way past the laser scans, through the hangar, and disable the Security matrix to arrive at the Kuva Fortress. Already being at max stacks, however, even these Kuva Enhanced Grineer don't really stand a chance against me. With the security matrix disabled, there's little stopping Ordis, from pinpointing the Queen's exact location and leading me to them. He does exactly that and I arrive there in a timely fashion, ready to do some Queen killing.

I enter a large dome like chamber with a circular platform resting upon an incline in the middle. Twelve cord like structures are hanging around the outside of the platform, with a spot of red braids on each one. I see the Twins sitting upon the platform, as ugly as ever. Not having come here to listen to their gibberish, I immediately rush the platform. After confirming that the expected shield is indeed active, I reposition myself so that I'm facing one of the cord's braids. I enter Operator Mode and begin blasting away at them, with my Void Beam.

By this time, the Twins have summoned the Kuva Guardians and they're on my ass. Nidus retreats and prepares for an assault. I Void Dash through one guardian and then hit him with a Void Blast. Nidus unleashes his assault on the stunned Kuva Guardian as I Void Dash past the second. Once I've stunned the second, I aim my Void Beam at the first one and he falls shortly after.

Nidus reloads and repositions, as I deliver another stunning Void Blast to the second Guardian. Nidus and I both open fire on him and he goes down quickly. With the guardians down and three braids destroyed, I set to work on the rest of them. I managed to take out four more braids, before the Twins are able to summon two more guardians.

I mean three guardians, I mean four, I mean...what the fuck? Eight? There are eight Kuva Guardians swarming around the room. As I'm preparing a strategy to take on eight Kuva Guardians at once, they all fall to the ground simultaneously. Their bodies begin to writhe and move towards the same direction. I witness all of the bodies coalesce into a giant amalgam and then reform into one giant Kuva Guardian.

'Well, that's not good. Not that eight different Kuva Guardians would've been any better but still.' I Void Dash past the giant guardian and Void Blast him...and nothing. 'Yeah, I guess I probably should've expected that.' The Kuva Guardian doesn't wait for me to finish my thoughts. He's already attacking with fast and powerful blows. I dodge a couple of attacks and then reenter my Nidus. I bullet jump away from the guardian and decide to try something different. I enter Operator Mode once more, Void Dash behind the guardian, and then pay very close attention to how I control my dark energy, to make sure I get this right. I hit the guardian with a Void Blast and then immediately Void Dash a short distance upwards and to the right. At the same moment that my Void Dash ends I unleash another Void Blast into his midriff. I pull this same maneuver off once more unleashing another Void Blast into the side of his head. All of these attacks occur in little more than a second.

That seems to have done the trick the giant is now staggered like the others. Nidus and I unleash hell on him but I'm forced to stun him,  once again before we finally manage to kill the fat fucker.

As soon as the monstrosity is dead, I return to blasting away at these braids. It seems that, in a desperate move, the Twins decided to unleash all of their reserves at once. I finish off the final braids, without interruption, and these stupid Queens seem to think I'll let them run away. The circular platform begins rising, into an opening in the ceiling. I Void Dash directly between the two, on the platform, and throw the smaller one off easily. The large uglier one tries to hit me with her scepter but I catch it in my hands and wrest it away from her. I smash her across the face and send her careening onto the floor. I reenter my Nidus, bullet jump into the air, and bring the blunt end of the scepter down into the bitch's face. Annnnnd once again, targeting the smaller one, TENNO SMASH! 'Well, that was a bit messier than I thought it would be but it got the job done so no complaints.'

I spend about another hour and a half cleaning up some of the remaining Grineer. I then get myself back to the Orbiter.

"Helminth, contact the General and let her know that the deed is done. Tell her to send a contingency of Tenno, to subdue and occupy the Kuva Fortress, while focusing all her attention on getting the Reservoir back into the Void. Before she does that, however, tell her to contact Darvo and put out a message stating the the Twin Queens have been defeated and that the Tenno here by claim for themselves any and all currently Grineer occupied properties. You can continue to provide cover for the Reservoir, until the matter is resolved. Ordis, have you been able to settle on a design that's ideal for the newly awakened Tenno's rehabilitation chambers?"

"I have indeed, Operator. After analyzing all the data we already had, the information we obtained from your own rehabilitation, and your own assessment of the situation, I believe the design that I've chosen will serve the Tenno better than any other. I'm ready to begin construction, as soon as you give the word."

"Excellent, Ordis. Begin work on those facilities immediately. As Nyx will be spending most of her time on Lua, Helminth, I want you to maintain a portal between The Flesh Tau-er and The Federal Tau-er. Keep an eye on both, as best you can. Dismissed."

"Certainly, Operator." "Yes, Master."

I won't lie. I'm feeling pretty good right about now. It's not like we've done everything that can be done or eliminated all potential threats. It's just that the death of the Queens signifies a momentous milestone in the Tenno's rapidly changing place within the current power struggle. I don't know how many Grineer are left in the system or whether they will even show themselves but, as soon as the Reservoir has been returned, every Grineer controlled planet will fall into Tenno hands.

I head back to Cetus to pick up all of the other parts, pieces, and blueprints for other Amps. I transport everything to the Orbiter and then head out onto the plains, to make sure that the Grineer haven't moved back in and to do some celebratory fishing.

I wake up the next space and continue my training. Having acquired a bit more proficiency in controlling my dark energy, I decided about a week ago to flesh out my Dark Vein System. I created new thicker veins, as the primary artery like structures. The first veins I implemented became the secondary structures branching from the primary veins. The smallest tertiary capillary like veins branched off from the secondary veins. Once the veins were in place, I constructed barrier like enclosures around all my critical organs, with veins attached to them.

With all of these modifications in place, I was at my absolute limit, when I first tried, and I could only meditate on this configuration for about fifteen minutes. This time I'm able to maintain it for a little over two hours. Once I'm out of the Subsidizer, I get to work on my physical training.

"Operator, I have excellent news. General Nyx reports that she has discovered a method, for returning the Reservoir to the Void. She will require some assistance but if we act now we can have the Reservoir back in the Void, by days end."

"Hahaha, truly wonderful news, Ordis. Do whatever she requires and then get Operation Reservoir Reservation underway, as soon as possible. Thanks you, Ordis, keep me updated."

"Of course, Operator."

After nearly six more hours of training, Ordis sends word that the Operation is about to begin. I look out The Tau-er's observation window and witness the Traveler position itself just outside Lua's orbit. A giant specialized lens is maneuvered into position between the Traveler and Lua. The holographic display here in The Tau-er's control deck is showing me Nyx inside Lua, where the Void Compasses are

located. Another screen watches the Pendula  room.

I watch as the Traveler charges up its Eye of Death and instead of the normal attack beam its a beam of pure non compressed dark energy. They emptied the entire Void Reactor into it. As the beam passes through the lens it becomes scattered all around Lua's position. Lua is being cocooned in dark energy. As this cocooning occurs, I witness both the Pendula and the Compasses come to life again. As soon as the machinery is fully functioning, a thin film appears around Lua and shimmers for just a second before…


...it's gone in an instant. There's quite literally nothing to see here. So I guess we should move along? Well, knowing that the Reservoir is safe and sound back in the Void puts my mind at ease. Nyx should have the cloaking tower back up and running before the days end, so I'll just take The Tau-er back to the Void and finish my training. Then I'll turn in early, to make sure I'm prepared for tomorrow. I've got some Eidolons to capture.
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