Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Book 2 Chapter 146

When the part of sending gifts almost ended, Gu Ning took her backpack from Mu Ke. She stepped back to where no one noticed her. Gu Ning opened her backpack exchanging what was in it with the gift she had prepared. She then returned with the gift in her hands leaving the backpack with Mu Ke again.

Qin Yifan paid attention to Gu Ning from time to time. He saw Gu Ning coming back with a wooden box in her hands. It was 20 centimeters wide, and 30 centimeters long. Without a doubt, it was the gift for his father.

He didn't expect that Gu Ning would be here with a present. It wasn't his intention.

Once Gu Ning walked ahead, everyone focused on her. Some were amazed. Some were appreciating her beauty, while some were jealous of her. Gu Ning ignored them directly.

Qin Haozheng didn't know Gu Ning. He only thought that she must be a well-educated girl from a noble family.

"Master Qin, it's so nice to meet you. My name's Gu Ning, a friend of Qin Yifan and Qin Zixun. It's my honor to be here tonight. Please allow me to represent my group of friends, may your happiness be as immense as the East Sea, and may you live as long as the Zhongnan Mountains!" Gu Ning said.

"Very well. Thanks you so much, Miss Gu," Qin Haozheng smiled.

Qin Yifan stepped forward to take the box. According to the rules, he needed to announce the name of the gift.

The minute Qin Yifan opened the box seeing the name on the card, he was astonished. He glanced at Gu Ning and her friends, then slightly raised his voice, "A glass with deer heads from the Qianlong period in the Qing Dynasty."

"What? Are you sure?" Hearing that, Gu Changjiang once again stood up all of a sudden. He immediately approached.

Qin Haozheng did the same thing.

People who had heard of the glass were all surprised. And those who hadn't heard of it knew that it must be very rare because Gu Changjiang was so thrilled.

Gu Changjiang held the glass in his hands carefully. He checked it for a long time with excitement on his face.

Although this glass was cheaper than The Pond and The People , it was as valuable as the landscape painting. It was an antique from the Qianlong period after all! And it was even in soft pastels.

Qin Zheng didn't believe that Gu Ning had paid for this glass, because she was too poor to afford it. It must be the others who had bought it.

The part of sending gifts ended. The party went on, and everyone enjoyed it.

Li Zhenzhen wanted to talk with Qin Yifan to stop him from getting near to Gu Ning, but she was too late to do that. Qin Yifan was already standing by Gu Ning. Li Zhenzhen was so mad, but she didn't dare to interrupt them.

She was afraid Gu Ning would tell Qin Yifan what she had done to her.

Li Zhenzhen wasn't the most stunning lady in this party, but she was beautiful. Many men tried to chat with her, but Li Zhenzhen only wanted Qin Yifan. She turned them down with the excuse that she didn't feel well.

Those men didn't show their displeasure for the sake of Li Zhenzhen's background, but they disdained her behavior in their hearts.

Qin Yifan apologized to Gu Ning, "I invite you all to have fun here tonight. I don't expect that you prepared a gift. I'm sorry to let you spend so much money on it."

Chu Peihan and others felt a little embarrassed, because they hadn't prepared the gift at all. Gu Ning actually handled it alone.

"It's nothing," Gu Ning said airily.

Qin Yifan smiled and dropped the topic. He asked with care instead, "Do you feel at ease at this party?"

"Yes," Gu Ning answered. In her previous incarnation, she had attended countless parties. She was totally accustomed to it.

"That's good to hear," Qin Yifan said.

At that time, a young couple walked over.

The man was Wei Zhirui, but the woman was unfamiliar to Gu Ning.

"Miss Gu, it's been a while," Wei Zhirui said to Gu Ning.

"Mr. Wei, nice to meet you!" Gu Ning said. She then nodded to the young woman beside him with a kind smile on face. The woman smiled back as greeting.

Gu Ning didn't know their relationship, so she didn't call the woman randomly.

"Are you used to living in the Fenghua Luxury Mansion?" Wei Zhirui asked.

"Yes, thank you for asking, Mr. Wei," Gu Ning replied.

"It's my pleasure! You are the client introduced to me by my good brother. I of course need to care more about you! Otherwise, my good brother would be displeased," Wei Zhirui said, half joking.

Gu Ning just smiled a little.

The couple didn't stay long before they left.

Qin Yifan wanted to stay longer by Gu Ning's side, but as the host, he couldn't spend all his time and energy on only one of his guests. Therefore, he walked away after a short while.

As soon as Qin Yifan left, Gu Ning found out that the jealous looks that had been on her the whole time was finally removed too.

It must have been from Li Zhenzhen.

Gu Ning looked over seeing Li Zhenzhen sitting in a corner alone. She took her wine glass, and said something to Chu Peihan and other before walking to Li Zhenzhen.

Li Zhenzhen fixed her eyes on Qin Yifan, so she didn't notice that Gu Ning was coming over. When she realized it, Gu Ning was right before her.

Li Zhenzhen felt anxious, but it was too late to avoid her. Besides, if she avoided her in front of Gu Ning's face. It would be too clear that she was afraid of Gu Ning.

Although Li Zhenzhen was frightened by Gu Ning her pride would never allow her to escape while in Gu Ning's sight.

"Miss Li, so nice to meet you, again." Gu Ning smiled greeting to Li Zhenzhen. The fake smile on her face was quiet sarcastic.

"Oh! Nice to meet you again." In the public, Li Zhenzhen had to greet Gu Ning back, but her smile was even uglier than a crying face.

"Unfortunately, Miss Li is here with your brother and father tonight, or I would treat Miss Li well," Gu Ning said in a meaningful way.

Would treat her well? Did Gu Ning want to hurt her?

"You…" Li Zhenzhen was annoyed, but she had to curb it. "Gu Ning, don't be so mean!"

"Am I being mean? Miss Li, I don't understand." Gu Ning pretended to be puzzled.

"You…" Li Zhenzhen was so mad, but didn't dare to tell the truth.

Seeing that Li Zhenzhen couldn't do anything but swallow her anger, Gu Ning was greatly pleased. She stopped pretending, but said it plainly, "Li Zhenzhen, I told you that you must bear the consequences of what you've done to me. However, when and where I'll pay you back totally depends on me. I assume you must already know that those hoodlums are still in the hospital right now."

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