Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Book 2 Chapter 147

And how Gu Ning would get revenge was also up to her mood.

"You…" Li Zhenzhen's face turned pale in fear. Her body tightened.

The minute Li Zhenyu noticed that Gu Ning was with Li Zhenzhen, he knew that something must be wrong. He walked to them without delay.

Seeing that, Gu Ning didn't waste her time, but left at once.

"Zhenzhen, what did she say to you?" Watching Li Zhenzhen being scared, Li Zhenyu asked with worry.

"She said I should bear the consequences of what I've done to her," Li Zhenzhen said. Her voice was trembling.

"Damn it! Damn that Gu Ning! What does she want?" Li Zhenyu lost his patience. A long time had passed after what Li Zhenzhen had done to Gu Ning, but Gu Ning hadn't done anything ever since it had happened. Meanwhile, she always threatened Li Zhenzhen that she would get revenge. What did Gu Ning want?

Both Li Zhenzhen and Li Zhenyu didn't tell their father what had happened. They still didn't want their father to find out.

The birthday party ended at 10 pm. Gu Ning and her friends left.

Qin Yifan wanted to drive Gu Ning home, but he wasn't available now so he could only let Qin Zixun do it.

An Yi went back home with his father.

As for the rest, Hao Ran and Qin Zixun would send them home.

Gu Ning and Yu Mixi were in Hao Ran's car, while Zhang Tianping, Mu Ke and Chu Peihan were in Qin Zixun's car.

"I've noticed you were talking with the girl named Gu Ning most of your time tonight. Do you like her?" Qin Yiqing walked to Qin Yifan's side and asked.

Although it was a question, Qin Yiqing already knew that the answer was affirmative. As Qin Yifan's older sister, she knew her younger brother very well.

Qin Yifan seldom talked a lot with females. Even with Li Zhenzhen, who he had grown up with, Qin Yifan remained quiet a lot.

In addition, Qin Yifan couldn't help glancing at Gu Ning from time to time, and his gentle attitude towards her explained everything already.

"Yes!" Qin Yifan didn't bother to deny it. He couldn't lie to himself now. Yes, he liked Gu Ning, but unluckily, in Gu Ning's eyes, he was only an ordinary friend for now. Qin Yifan had no idea how he should chase Gu Ning.

"I've never heard of a super-rich family with the family name of Gu," Qin Yiqing said. It was obvious that she demanded that the girl must be from an equal family.

Qin Yifan was upset at once. He said with displeasure, "I don't care."

"Nevertheless, our family cares. We don't demand that you have to marry a woman from a family as rich and powerful as ours, but she can't be a random girl. I think Zhenzhen is an excellent choice." Actually, Qin Yiqing said that not because she liked Li Zhenzhen, but because she knew Li Zhenzhen so well. For now, Li Zhenzhen was the best choice.

"I only regard Zhenzhen as my younger sister. I won't marry her, alright. Please don't get involved in my personal affairs," Qin Yifan said with impatience. He then ignored Qin Yiqing, turning and heading to his room.

Qin Yiqing let him go, but she had an evil idea in her mind. Since Qin Yifan wouldn't listen to her, she could only deal with Gu Ning now. The Qin Family would never allow him to marry an ordinary woman.

Li Zhenzhen was hiding not far away from them. She heard their talk clearly. She had sensed Qin Yifan's affection towards Gu Ning, but it was totally unacceptable to her when she heard it herself.

Li Zhenzhen hated Gu Ning to the death. She wanted Gu Ning to disappear right away, but now, she couldn't do anything. If Qin Yifan found out about what she had done, their relationship would be ruined.

Yu Mixi changed her clothes before she went back home, because she didn't know how to explain it to her father.

Gu Ning didn't have that problem. She went straight home in her gown. Gu Man complimented her continuously.

When Gu Ning had just changed her clothing, she received a message from Qin Yifan. He asked her whether she was home or not.

Gu Ning sent a message back: "I'm home now."

Qin Yifan: "Great."

Actually, Qin Yifan wanted to say more, but didn't know what to begin with. He didn't have the courage to tell Gu Ning that he liked her yet.

Time flew. It was Friday already. Gu Ning had been living a peaceful life these past few days. Because of what happened to Gu Xiaoxiao, both Chen Ziyao and Shao Feifei kept a distance away from Gu Ning.

For now, they didn't dare to annoy Gu Ning, but it didn't mean that they hated Gu Ning less.

In the afternoon on Thursday though, Qin Zheng had come to Gu Ning. He had wanted to talk to her, but had been refused by Gu Ning.

Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang didn't understand why Qin Zheng had done that. They asked him whether he liked Gu Ning for real now. Qin Zheng wasn't sure whether he liked Gu Ning, but he was sure that he regretted breaking up with her.

He probably really liked Gu Ning now. The only reason why he hesitated was that he hadn't fully accepted Gu Ning's poor family. However, even though he accepted Gu Ning's everything now, he knew that Gu Ning had lost interest in him already. She was more and more indifferent to him.

However, he wouldn't give up. Why had Gu Ning been so normal when they were together? And once they had broken up, she suddenly became so outstanding! The more Qin Zheng couldn't accept the truth, the more he wanted to get Gu Ning.

Early in the morning, Chu Peihan told everyone that her older brother invited them to have a meal together.

In fact, Chu Peihan did it on purpose. She wanted Gu Ning to have a fight with Chu Xuanfeng. She was curious to see who the winner would be. Hao Ran and others were all happy to hear that. They were also eager to know if their boss could defeat Chu Peihan's older brother.

Chu Peihan had said that her older brother was really good and had trained like a professional.

This weekend, Gu Ning had no plan to go to City G because there was nothing she needed to deal with herself. Everything went on smoothly. Zhou Zhenghong told her that the registration and other documents could be done by the next Monday.

They had also hired 10 staff members. A male store manager, five saleswomen, one male after-sale service worker and one female office worker, as well as two guards who were retired soldiers.

They offered a high salary with great benefits, so there were many interviewees. They soon hired enough people with experience.

Once the people were employed, the training started. During the training, the employees could get their pay already, thus they all worked hard.

The decoration of the shop would be finished after four days. And the opening ceremony was on the next Saturday. What they needed to do right now was advertising.

They had worked twenty-four seven to make jewelry. The machines had already produced over a hundred pieces of jewelry.

It was much slower to make jewelry by hand, so there were only a dozen handmade ones, but each of them was of high quality.

Gu Ning had also told Zhou Zhenghong to advertise the King's Green mainly.

They planned to promote the King's Green by reservation. The first come, first served. And the number of clients was limited by the consumption of the jade.

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