Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Book 2 Chapter 318

Volume 2 Chapter 318 Your Girlfriend Is Awesome

Master Leng indeed was irritated, looking at Leng Shaojia with strong dissatisfaction, and Leng Shaojia immediately lowered her head in fear. She didn't dare to meet Master Leng's eyes.

Master Leng had known about the attitude that the other members in the Leng Family had towards Leng Shaoting the entire time, but as long as they stayed in harmony and didn't attack each other, Master Leng wouldn't interfere. However, if anyone showed his or her animosity against another in front of him, he wouldn't ignore it. Was it so hard for them to get along with each other in harmony like a family?

Leng Shaoxun couldn't tolerate that Leng Shaojia had picked on Leng Shaoting who he admired. "Shaojia, we all know that grandpa loves antiques, paintings and calligraphy. Why did you still say that it's valueless? Who are you aiming at, Shaoting or grandpa? Is something valueless if someone dislikes it? If so, then I think that your designs are valueless too!"

Leng Shaojia was interested in clothing design. Although she was still unemployed at the moment, she had been designing clothes when she was not fooling around. Leng Shaoxun intentionally embarrassed Leng Shaojia in front of their grandpa because Leng Shaojia had found fault with Leng Shaoting many times. Although she didn't dare to say it in front of Leng Shaoting, she had often badmouthed him behind his back.

"You" Leng Shaojia was mad, but couldn't say anything because of Master Leng's presence.

In fact, Leng Yuanzhen's family didn't get along with Leng Yuanqian's family either.

Moreover, Leng Yuanqian's family believed that they should inherit the Leng Family's wealth because Master Leng's eldest son had passed away. In that case, Leng Yuanzhen's family was also a problem for Leng Yuanqian's family. Nevertheless, they all knew that a powerful family had to be a harmonious family. Thus, even though they didn't get along with each other, they would keep it a secret among them.

"Mind your words too!" Leng Yuanzhen criticized Leng Shaoxun.

What Leng Shaojia had said annoyed Master Leng, and he didn't want to see her anymore. Master Leng went back to his study and told Leng Changzhi to guide Leng Shaoting straight to his study when he got there.

Leng Shaoting got there when it was just past 8 pm. He greeted several of the elder family members before he went upstairs.

"Shaoting, may I go with you?" Leng Shaoxun asked. He was curious about the calligraphy too.

"I have something to talk to grandpa about. If you want to have a look, you can go look in a while." Leng Shaoting didn't want Leng Shaoxun to know about his relationship with Gu Ning, so he rejected.

"Fine," Leng Shaoxun said.

Leng Shaoting knocked on the door of the study, and Master Leng immediately went to open it. Without saying a word, Master Leng directly grabbed the calligraphy from Leng Shaoting, but he did it lightly because he didn't want to damage it. He walked back to his table and unrolled the calligraphy before he began to evaluate its authenticity. It wasn't because Master Leng didn't believe Leng Shaoting, but it was just a habit. In addition, it wasn't uncommon to see replicas nowadays, and it was possible that Leng Shaoting bought a fake one. However, with Master Leng's rich knowledge and experience, he came to the conclusion that this calligraphy was real. His hands were trembling in excitement.

"Ha-ha, ha-ha! It's real! I did not expect that I could still collect such a valuable piece of calligraphy in my lifetime!" Master Leng was more than thrilled now. "I must show it to my old friends. They will be so jealous of me."

"Oh, where did you get it?" Master Leng asked with curiosity.

"Ningning bought it from an antique street by accident. It's your New Year gift," Leng Shaoting said plainly. His grandpa already knew that he had a girlfriend, so there was nothing to hide, but his grandpa didn't know his girlfriend's background yet. Without asking, Master Leng immediately realized who Ningning was. It must be his grandson's young girlfriend. However, Master Leng was shocked that Gu Ning had bought it by accident.

"Your girlfriend is awesome!" Master Leng complimented.

There was a proud smile on Leng Shaoting's lips when his grandpa complimented his girlfriend. Master Leng was amazed again to see Leng Shaoting smiling because of Gu Ning. Master Leng understood that his grandson must have found his true love, so he was increasingly curious about his grandson's girlfriend now. At the same time, he had to admit that his grandson's girlfriend was very generous to send him such a valuable gift.

Actually, Gu Ning's estimated price of Luo Shen Fu wasn't right. She thought that it was worth at least eight million yuan, or over ten million yuan at the most, but it was worth over thirty million yuan at least. If it was put up for auction, its price could be around fifty million yuan.

Master Leng then hesitated. "Nevertheless, I think that this gift is too expensive."

He didn't think that Gu Ning was trying to gain his favor him by sending such a valuable gift, but he believed that Gu Ning must be a smart girl from a rich family. However, the gift was indeed too expensive, and he felt uneasy taking it.

"Actually, there is an even more expensive gift for you." Leng Shaoting laid another gift on the table.

Master Leng was struck dumb. A more expensive gift than Zhao Mengfu's calligraphy?

"What is it?" Master Leng asked and reached out his hands to open it. Leng Shaoting didn't answer his question, but let him find out for himself. Master Leng opened the wooden box and a piece of dark green jade came into his sight. He rounded his eyes in great shock. "This-this" He was too astonished to say a word. Although he already had the answer, he wasn't sure. Master Leng took the jade out and had a closer look at it. "This is the King's Green! How did you manage to get it?"

"Ningning cut it out at the street of stone gambling today," Leng Shaoting said.

"What?" Master Leng was more than shocked now. Again? He had indeed heard the news that a girl had cut out a piece of King's Green which was worth over a hundred million yuan at the street of stone gambling a short while ago. Unexpectedly, the girl was Leng Shaoting's girlfriend and his granddaughter-in-law-to-be.

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