Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Book 2 Chapter 321

Volume 2 Chapter 321 Auction Ii

As a daughter of the Xu Family, Xu Qinyin had many opportunities to attend high-end events. And Qiu Yuxin who was a well-known model who was often shown on the screen, so many people were familiar with her face. Most of people around complimented them, but some had the opposite opinions.

"Even though she's beautiful and s.e.xy, she's just selling her appearance for money," a woman said with disdain. Apparently, she was super jealous of Qiu Yuxin. The woman was good-looking and stylish and around 27-years-old, but barely comparable to Qiu Yuxin. It was understandable that she was so green with envy.

"Exactly! I think that she must be the mistress of one of the men!"

"I agree, otherwise she wouldn't have the chance to be here!" two other women of the same age echoed to please the first woman.

In fact, few people knew Qiu Yuxin's family background. Otherwise, none of them would dare to badmouth her.

Qiu Yuxin didn't care about them, because she was already used to it. People who worked in the entertainment industry had to face attacks from onlookers. She had been through verbal attacks on the Internet before, and wasn't afraid of those unkind comments. Si Ming, on the other hand, was displeased. He gave the three women a cold and sharp glance, and they were terrified at once.

"Do you have any proof of what you've just said? Or is it your manner to slander others in public? Do you know that according to the laws, you have to take responsibility if you damage a celebrity's reputation by slandering them?" Si Ming said coldly.

The three women's expressions changed with fear. Although Si Ming intentionally threatened them, he was telling the truth. In addition, those women were just jealous of Qiu Yuxin, and had no evidence of what they had just said. Si Ming didn't bother to waste time on them, because it wasn't a big deal after all. He had already warned them, and it wouldn't be appropriate if he continued in this public gathering. However, right at that moment, a woman said acidly, "Oh, since when has selling one's body been nobler than sell one's appearance?"

Saying that, a woman who was about 34-years-old walked over. She had an air of great elegance with a beautiful face. The alluring smile on her lips showed her special charm and attracted a lot of attention from the men around her. The woman seemed well-educated with good manners and was much more charming than those s.e.xy or stylish women, because she was born elegant.

However, what she had just said aroused people's curiosity. Apparently, she aimed at the woman who had badmouthed Qiu Yuxin. Therefore, it was possible that the woman had sold her body for money. All of a sudden, people all looked at the woman differently. Although it wasn't uncommon that a woman sold her body for money among super-rich families, it was humiliating if the dirty secret was exposed in public.

However, the woman wasn't in the mood to care about others opinions towards her because she was totally shocked by the woman who suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. "Are-are you Zhao Xiyuan?"

It was so hard for her to believe that this elegant charming woman was Zhao Xiyuan. Zhao Xiyuan had been a fat and ugly woman before, but now Although it was unbearable, the woman was sure that she had to be Zhao Xiyuan. She had to admit that Zhao Xiyuan was truly beautiful and stunning now, which made her feel jealous and uneasy.

"What? We just haven't met for two years. So how come Miss Zhang fails to recognize me? Oh, Miss Zhang successfully stole my husband from me two years ago, so now I should call you Mrs. Yang, right?" Zhao Xiyuan said plainly.

Everyone was shocked. The woman was indeed a mistress and had ruined Zhao Xiyuan's marriage! However, the woman was hardly comparable to Zhao Xiyuan, even though she was much younger.

Zhao Xiyuan's ex-husband was Yang Jianping, who was the vice president of a famous company and had over a hundred million yuan of wealth. They had gotten married seven years ago when Yang Jianping had just been a department manager. And Yang Jianping earned his later achievements step by step during the following years. However, once he was rich, their marriage was on the edge of crisis.

Zhao Xiyuan had given birth to her daughter five years ago and became a housewife afterwards. It was exhausting to take care of a baby, so she had no time to look after herself. When she had gained a lot of weight, her husband had abandoned her. Zhang Jiajia had become Yang Jianping's mistress three years ago. Yang Jianping had then divorced Zhao Xiyuan two years ago. She had gotten ten million yuan and her daughter.

Zhao Xiyuan hadn't tried to save their marriage because she had been badly hurt. After the divorce, she had used the money to invest. Although she wasn't very rich now, she had earned enough money to live a good life.

"You" Zhang Jiajia was greatly embarrassed and wanted to escape. Meanwhile, a man in a suit who was around 37-years-old walked over. He was obviously stunned when he noticed Zhao Xiyuan and couldn't believe his eyes. "Zhao Xiyuan?"

"It's been ages, my ex-husband!" Zhao Xiyuan looked at the man with an elegant smile, but there was animosity in her eyes. The man had stabbed her deeply in her heart before!

"You" Yang Jianping opened his mouth, but didn't know what to say. Zhao Xiyuan already attracted all his attention. In fact, Zhao Xiyuan had always been a great beauty, but her body had changed just after she gave birth to a baby.

Seeing that Yang Jianping was attracted to Zhao Xiyuan, Zhang Jiajia was furious. She pulled Yang Jianping with great force, but was ignored, which made her really angry.

Zhao Xiyuan wore a cold smile and said to Yang Jianping, "Sorry, I have something else to deal with." After that, Zhao Xiyuan left directly.

"Xiyuan!" Yang Jianping wanted to stop her, but was pulled back by Zhang Jiajia. Zhao Xiyuan noticed that, but ignored them, walking straight backstage.

"Yang Jianping, what are you doing!" Zhang Jiajia was mad.

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