Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Book 2 Chapter 396

Volume 2 Chapter 396 The Golden Buddha

"Really?" Lan Yubin and his wife were thrilled to know that their son could be cured, so they didn't care how much it cost.

"Well, I can give him one pill now. Within five minutes, his calf will regain feeling," Gu Ning said and took out a small porcelain bottle with power crystals inside.

"What? In five minutes?" Lan Yubin and his wife rounded their eyes in shock, and couldn't believe their ears. Then Gu Ning poured out a power crystal and gave it to Lan Tianhua. "Tianhua, take it now, and your leg will regain feeling."

"Really?" Lan Tianhua ached to stand up, but after years of medical treatment, he still sat in this wheelchair.

"Yes," Gu Ning said with a smile.

"Great, I'll take it," Lan Tianhuas said. He opened his mouth and swallowed the power crystal Gu Ning gave him. All of a sudden, he felt a cold air spreading through his body, which was quite comfortable.

Lan Yubin and his wife kept staring at Lan Tianhua. Both of them were pretty nervous.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes later, Lan Tianhua's calf finally started to have feeling. It even twitched a few times. Lan Yubin and his wife noticed and asked without delay, "Tianhua, how do you feel now?"

"A little painful, but cold," Lan Tianhua replied. The pain was tolerable.

"If you can feel the pain, it means that your calf is recovering," Gu Ning said. It took time for Lan Tianhua's calf to get back to normal, so it was natural that it would be painful.

Hearing that, Lan Yubin and his wife cried in happiness.

Gu Ning gave the porcelain bottle to Lan Yubin and said, "There are another two pills in it. Take a pill every three days, and its effect will be increasingly obvious. After taking the three pills, he's likely to walk. However, during the period, his calf must be massaged every day so that it'll recover faster."

Lan Yubin took the porcelain bottle. His hands were trembling in excitement, but he held it tightly in his hands because these pills could cure his son!

"Thank you so much, Miss Gu!" Lan Yubin said.

Three pills cost three million yuan. Lan Yubin took out a check and wrote the amount down. He gave the check to Gu Ning, and Gu Ning gave it to Gao Yi. After that, Gu Ning left the Lan family's house.

Gu Ning told Gao Yi to redeem the check tomorrow. Gu Ning didn't like checks and preferred cash. Gao Yi and Qiao Ya also needed to pack up for tomorrow's flight to City G. Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were Gu Ning's reliable assistants now.

Qin Haozheng went back to his home and seemed in a bad mood. Mrs. Qin was worried about him, and Qin Haozheng told her what had happened in the Su family today. It wasn't a secret anymore since there were so many socialites at the party.

When Mrs. Qin found out that Gu Ning was the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry, she was quite amazed, but she wouldn't doubt her husband's words. As for how Gu Ning had rescued Su Aya with her special medicine, Mrs. Qin also thought it was too incredible.

"Wow, Gu Ning is so amazing! She has a billion yuan of wealth at such a young age!" Mrs. Qin said.

"Indeed. I think that Yifan is right. Although Gu Ning can't compare with us now, she could soon be richer than any of the other super-rich families in City F," Qin Haozheng said.

"Well, unfortunately, Gu Ning doesn't have feelings towards Yifan." In the beginning, Mrs. Qin didn't want Qin Yifan to date an ordinary girl, but now she found out that Gu Ning wasn't simple at all. She felt that it was a shame that Gu Ning had rejected Qin Yifan.

Qin Yifan was standing at the stairs and heard his parents' conversation. He wasn't very shocked when he heard that Gu Ning was the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry because he had always had the same idea in his mind. However, he was astonished by the fact that Gu Ning had rescued Su Anya. Although he knew that Gu Ning wasn't simple, she did surprise him again and again. However, he was attracted to Gu Ning not because she had so many unbelievable skills, but because of her personality.

During this time, Qin Yifan had recovered a lot from Gu Ning's rejection. Although it was still painful to think about Gu Ning, he had already given up. After all, a romantic relationship wasn't something that you could get after working hard.

On their way home, Gu Ning suddenly thought of Su Zhenhao. She thought that it was better to deal with his problem right now, so she called Su Anya at once.

Su Anya was being examined, so Su Zhenhao answered the call, which was exactly what Gu Ning wanted.

"Hi, Gu Ning, Anya is being tested right now, so it isn't convenient for her to answer your call," Su Zhenhao said gently.

"Uncle Su, I called exactly for you," Gu Ning said.

"Oh, what's wrong?" Su Zhenhao asked with a little surprise. He thought that Gu Ning might need his help.

"Uncle Su, have you been feeling uncomfortable recently and been constantly having nightmares? Sometimes, you almost faint?" Gu Ning asked.

Hearing that, Su Zhenhao was struck dumb. "Exactly, I've been busy recently and seldom have rest," Su Zhenhao said. Su Zhenhao didn't think that he was sick or something, but had thought that he was too busy.

"Did you get any antiques recently?" Gu Ning asked again.

Su Zhenhao frowned slightly. He didn't understand why Gu Ning asked that but he believed that Gu Ning had no intention to harm him, so he replied, "Yes, one of my good friends sent me a golden buddha two weeks ago."

"Did you start to feel uncomfortable after you received the golden buddha?" Gu Ning asked.

Su Zhenhao was smart enough to understand Gu Ning's meaning. It was possible that the golden buddha was the reason why he felt so uncomfortable these days.

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