Reincarnation Of The Goddess Chapter 27

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The crowd was so noisy as the five contenders have finally start preparing their own equipment.

One of them was Fa Jiu with her calm demeanor even though she was shaking inside with excitement. She knew that this not going to be easy.

In the other side, Chun was relaxed after gauging every students that was an opponent of his student. Even though that Fu Xin was a second ranker but his qi manipulation affinity is only on the mid-average but Chun knew that even if Fa Jiu didn't win this round, he will consider it and Chun was more interested on seeing the progress of his student's capabilities than winning this phase.

"Are you now afraid on this part's outcome? Hahaha" Chun lazily gaze at the taunting latter known as Edmund Ding. He is the Section A's Spade of Truth handler.

Edmund Ding as usually was together with his three companions An Xuan, the handler of Section A in Club of Clovers, Lu Zan, Corner of Hearts deparment Section A's handler and the ever so silent Pi Rong, the Section A's handler of Diamond's Glimmer department.

The latter was a bit taken a back by the youth's serene expression, not caring at Edmund Ding's remarks.

"Heh. That's enough, Star Teacher Edmund, he's just ignoring us because he knows that he will lose this bet" Lu Zan laugh off while starting to walk back his seat with the other two. The helpless Edmund Ding angrily glance at Chun and sauntered off to catch up with his other companions.

"Tss. They're at it again, young lord. Do you want me to beat them up?"

"They're just some insignificant thing to look upon, Art"

"Then as you please, young lord"

Chun lazily gaze at the center platform when the host announces that the representatives are ready to partake the phase.

"So once again, to win this phase is you need to make a high count gain in every targets that were located on difficult positions. In an arrow target, there are three circles designated, the outer circle which is the color white represents a count point of 60, the mid-circle which is color black represents a count point of 80 and lastly, the center circle which is color red represents a count poin of 100. Remember there are three rules; do anything to slow the pace of your opponent but severe infliction of injury is prohibited, no underhanded tricks on this phase, just fair and square and lastly, other than qi manipulation, you can only use the basic of your ability. You just got 15 minutes to win this. Thank you. So representatives! Are you ready to win this?!"


The five hot blooded youths were oozing with excitement and trepidation, they didn't know how will this phase gonna end but atlast they can able to exhibit their abilities infront of the crowd and most of all infront of their proud teachers.

"Representatives remain at the middle circle of the platform" the host continued, as the latter said; in the very vast and wide center platform, a rounded stage appeared in the centermost of it, the five youngsters then proceeded to stand at it.

"The phase will begin after three"

The host started counting," One...two...three"

The five representatives was going to rush out when the centermost stage was a bit shaken, the easy circle targets that are visible to the eyes even to the audience suddenly disappeared and the tatami mats that were on the center platform were the same, they all disappeared and atlast the final transformation was beginning to occur.

"Hahaha. I forgot to warn you that this first phase have a random selection of terrains, in every 5 minutes the terrain will change so easy-pissy, you can start then planning on how to move easily on this phase and don't forget to shoot the targets as many as you can. Good luck!" The host mischievously smiled at the audience and once again he captivated the weak hearts of the female species.


The platform was transfoming into a wild life terrain, trees were emerging and some grassy bushes appeared. All in all, the center platform was transforming into a forest-like terrain, as it transformed; the surrounding of it was enveloped with some kind of a barrier to prevent any dangers to the audience.

'An illusion barrier' Chun thought while looking at the said barrier. He unexpectedly turn his gaze at the brown haired youth who was the one that created the said barrier, on his long sleeve at the right arm was a band, written with it 'Vice Head Ace'.

Cyan was the Vice president of the student council, other than being a tail dog in every responsibilities that the President handled, he is usually in charge of maintaining the audience' safety at the tournament. While the President was nowhere to be found at the moment, Cyan would naturally be the temporary head of the council.

'Sigh, where is Kali?' The latter exasperately sighed while managing his part.

The mysterious President was now walking silently toward his handler using his aura control. He lessen his aura to be unnotice to the people around but sad to say, Chun turn his gaze to the stealthy President when he was 3 meters away from him.

Kali was a bit surprised but he hide it with his indifferent facade. He then seated himself beside Chun while the latter just ignored his unexpected presence.

"Chun-sensei, you're not surprise that I'm here?"

Chun keep his stare forward, looking at the big monitor-like device upfront, beholding the on-going competition. He just shrug lazily, making him look like a lazy cat ready to sleep, his a bit dishevelled white hair was unknowingly formed into cat ears that made him look like cat.

The President was a bit startled with his handlers state, he can't resist to touch this soft looking white hair. He clench his hands inside his pocket and grit his teeth to control his unpleasant urges. He can't show to this teacher what his weakness, this cute things are the one he 'abhored' the most.

To break the awkward atmophere for Kali, Chun then started a conversation due to boredom," President, what will you do in a situation like that?"

Chun was pertaining to Corner of Hearts' entry Kira Su, she was now in a difficult predicament. Kira Su was captured by a vine type of a plant, it entrapped her in a vice-grip around her body, disabling her to form her qi induced arrow even using her ability to free herself from it. The purple vine was slowly squeezing her even though she was staying still.

"I will use my element manipulation ability to cut off this vine plant and after cutting it as you can see the color of this vine is purple, the rarist of its specie thought the common green ones are easily to subdue by cutting it off from its roots, the purple ones are difficult because after cutting it would multiply itself with the separated part and the more it multiplies, the riskier it would be so you need to use a fire base spell to burn of its separated part in order to prevent it"

Kali brilliantly explained while now looking at the monitor still on his blank face.

"You're right," Chun paused for a moment to stretch his two arms because of the sleepy aura that was engulfing him," That was the most generic thing to do but still the once cutted vine would just grow again and due its flexible component, it would be hard to catch it on your burning spell once it separated part was incinerated. So the most basic thing to do is find the roots of it and use the inferno basic level to burn it to ashes after you have diminish the roots then the purple vine would as well disappear, too" Chun simply continued still his eyes on the monitor.

Kali unexpected gaze at the latter, he didn't think that sixteen year old youth would able to have this kind of intellect, his lips curled a bit for a second then he mask it with his indifferent expression, turning away his glance at Chun.

"Well said, sensei"

Fa Jiu was now in a very tall tree monitoring her surroundings and planning what she will do next in order to locate the other circle targets, after 4 minutes and 45 seconds had passed, she was able to gain count points of 680. Still the leading high count gained was from Fu Xin gaining count points of 860, the second is Huan Xiu for 700, third is Fa Jiu, fourth is Kira Su for 600 and the last is Cau Lin for a count points of 560. Though others were still proceeding, Fa Jiu felt a sudden shake from her location then here it is, once again the terrain change because its already 5 minutes up.

The trees disappeared, making Fa Jiu to jump out of the tall tree and the Woodland terrain that was present a while ago transformed into a very hot terrain due to the exposure of the very bright and hot sun, this is the Desert terrain.

Fa Jiu's throat was suddenly parch, she then took her bottle with half full of water that she gain from the small pond that she passed by in the Woodland. As far she had travelled, she didn't able to see any of her opponent so she was relieved to not face any hardships on dealing them.

The host suddenly interrupted the tranquil atmosphere of the desert," Representatives, be on-guard because once you have something liquid on you then get ready for the 'Army' at your doorstep" After the host stated, a very unnerving rambling of the sand arise to Fa Jiu's location.

"Here 'they' come" the host smirked.
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