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  • Resident Evil Multiverse Of Madness

  • Genres : Gods -  Apocalypse -  Evolution -  R-18 -  multiverse -  small harem
  • Status : Ongoing
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Resident Evil Multiverse Of Madness summary:

Zeel, born to be the perfect human, through his own efforts invents a way to travel through the multiverse fleeing a dying planet in search of meaning and a way to experience emotions which have eluded him his entire life.Join Zeel on his journey to find himself and reunite with his family in this multiverse of madness.Starts off in Resident Evil Movies.Will Zeel get Alice? Maybe Jill? Or perhaps Claire?Read to find out.Ever watched an awesome movie that just didn't have the proper ending? Then this is where you belong, as I intend to give all movies the proper ending they deserve.Next world is 'I am number four' please watch the respective movies before you attempt to read this book as you won't understand otherwise. You've been warned.Release schedule:4 to 5 Chapters every weekPatreon patreon.com/The_Young_Flash

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Resident Evil Multiverse Of Madness Chapters

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