Resident Evil Multiverse Of Madness Book 4 Chapter 51

Volume 4: Resident Evil Afterlife Chapter 51 44

Zeel walked next to Alice grabbing her by the waist, he spun her around and put her on his back as he now had enough strength to walk on his own. Alice just went with the flow and laughed cheerfully as she was already use to his antics. Usually these action were reserved to when they were in a more private setting but after months of not seeing each other, they could care less about who saw them.

"I missed you" Zeel said.

"Me too!" Alice replied leaning her head into Zeel's chest.

"I have a lot of make up to do for lost time" Zeel said kissing her neck in a slow, sensual manner, eliciting a few m.o.a.ns from Alice.

"Yes you do, maybe for the entire night" Alice replied in a seductive voice, as Claire gawked at how someone as stoic as Alice could become an experienced wench in the next moment.

"Enough flirting around" Claire said as she interrupted their flirting after a minor headache "I remember some things. Sadly, one of those things is Zeel"

"Haha very funny" Zeel replied in a sarcastic manner.

"You remember?" asked Alice, placing great importance on any matter concerning the mysterious Arcadia.

"I remember the beach. People were coming to help us" Claire said as she had a happy look on her face, with stars in her eyes.

"What happened? Why didn't you go with others?" questioned Alice.

"I don't know. I can't remember" Claire replied as she held her head from the intense bouts of headaches.

*cough* *cough* "Maybe they just didn't want you" replied Zeel with a snide comment.

"F.u.c.k you Zeel!" Claire said.

"Enough you two" Alice commanded "Zeel what did you mean they didn't want her?"

"As astute as always my loving wife, have you ever wondered why I, your genius, loving, kind, husband was falling from the air? Well long story short I was captured by Umbrella and was supposed to be transported to a place called Arcadia. Do you get it now?" Zeel said with a hint of mocking directed at Claire in his voice.

"So the arcadia is a front for the Umbrella Corporation, but what are they doing to the people they captured?" Alice asked as she wouldn't doubt Zeel for a second, after experiencing their initial connection, she came to know how paranoid Zeel is. If a spider passed by him with too many legs not common to the species, he would immediately become alert.

"I don't know, but nothing good if I had to guess" Zeel said as he focused on more details "I was in the Amazon jungle. At first I thought they were there to conduct research but thinking about it now. I think they were waiting for me, and the only reason they would do that is if I bothered them which I didn't, at least I don't think I did"

"Yeah, that may be my fault" Alice said as she clarified "I killed Wesker"

"So you're the reason they came such a long way for me?" Zeel asked a bit annoyed at the fact that the husband had to pay for the sins of the wife.

"No shit Sherlock" Claire replied at the side, just intent on finding a way to get under Zeel's skin.

"Stop arguing all the time guys! We should keep this between the three of us for now. Hope is a very dangerous thing when it is taken away" Alice said as she nursed a new scar on her lower back. Seeing her action Zeel takes a step towards her, as he pulls her into his arms and began rubbing her back. He immediately noticed a couple more stars that weren't there a couple months ago.

"Guess you saw how fall humanity has fallen?" Zeel asked sure about the reply to his answer.

"Yeah" Alice replied.

"Then do you still wish to help them? Knowing that it's just gonna be a perpetual cycle?" Zeel asked once again sure of the answer, but only to be surprised at the response.

Alice used her hands to match their eyes as she said "You don't feel the weight of what you have done so far, but one day you will. And then you'll realize that if everyone is like you that would truly be hell"

Zeel did not understand what she was trying to say, nor did he care for that matter, he always hated those who spoke in hints instead of straightforwardly.

Couple minutes later the trio was being escorted down stairs and given a minor tour, just enough for them to be able to find themselves around without having to bother anyone else. Time was a precious commodity in these chaotic times, so even bidding the time of the day would be considered a luxury.

"Cell Block B. Crystal's our cook. The menus are not extensive, but she's a master what she does" Luther says as he is concluding the tour.

"Sorry we didn't bring better news" Alice said as she once again apologized for the false alarm that had occurred earlier. After getting in the line to receive a meal, the group ceased talking as everyone was eager to just eat and relax.

"Why are we waiting? Excuse me. I'm hungry. Thank you." Bennett said as he bumps through the group, not minding those that were waiting for a meal before him.

"Get out of here" Luther said as he pushed Bennet out of the way for being disrespectful to the order of the line.

Alice could feel Zeel's hands tense up for a moment but she held it down with great difficulty, with her nanites dormant her strength had also become less refined, so she had major trouble keeping Zeel's natural inclinations at bay.

"What's his story?" asked Alice as she had successful calmed Zeel down.

"Back in the world, he was kind of a big movie producer. The boy's got stick to his ass! Kim Young used to intern for him But he still hasn't figured out the world has changed." Luther replies loud enough for everyone to hear as he gestures to Bennet and Kim who sat separate from the rest of the group.

"That plane of yours... You think it can still fly?" asks Bennett to which Zeel replies "It does but now can only carry one person due to lack of fuel"

Bennett nods and Alice gives Zeel a questioning stare to which he just shrugs and eats his own energy bar, not even touching the meal provided by Crystal. Truth be told, Zeel was most cautious of people who always smiled and looked cheerful, had it been up to him he would have killed Crystal from the moment he saw her.

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