Resident Evil Multiverse Of Madness Book 4 Chapter 52

Volume 4: Resident Evil Afterlife Chapter 52 45

After the group sat down consisting of Alice, Zeel, Claire, Luther, and Crystal; everyone began eating the sludge that passed for a nutritional meal today. Zeel of course had one of his energy bars, he also offered Alice a bunch which she happily took.

"Why not try my cooking?" Crystal asked a bit downtrodden.

"Could be poi..." Zeel was about to list the reasons he refused to eat Crystal's food but Alice quickly stopped him with a mouth full of Crystal's special sludge.

"Tasty!" Zeel said after playing with the food in his mouth for a while "Best thing I've had in years"

"You're saying my cooking isn't enough?" joked Alice, but anyone paying careful enough attention could tell she was very serious about this matter.

"I learnt something when I was away, the wife is always right. Wisdom taken from bumper sticker on the car I stole from some nearby savages, So I should answer 'yes' right now?" Zeel said as he stared off into the distance recalling the bumper sticker of wisdom he had previously seen.

Claire began clapping, applauding Zeel's quick wit, she truly thought he was dead the moment Alice asked that question "I was really looking forwards to you saying no"

"Remind me to thank the savages once I ever have free time" replied Alice playfully as Zeel use to always get these types of questions wrong 'Do I look fat?', 'Am I pretty today', 'Does my breath stink?'.

Thinking for a while Zeel said "You can't thank the savages, they're dead. I killed them"

"Well ever since the apocalypse some people have become savages acting like they're children all over again" Claire said as she began to complain to no one in particular.

Alice had a bad premonition the moment Claire said that statement but was too late to stop Zeel from saying "I killed the children too, I killed the whole bunch of them from all the places I visited. I would say a couple thousands of them"

Alice was shocked at Zeel's statement, while she expected him to go off the tracks a little without her guidance, she never expected he would go this far. The entire cafeteria quieted down as everyone let Zeel's statement sink in. Had he said this before showing off his inhuman abilities, they would have all laughed it off but after seeing what he could do, everyone had little doubt on their minds.

Crystal even vomited the sludge she had just ingested. After a couple minutes of sitting in absolute silence, Alice decided it was in their best interests for her and Zeel to leave as soon as possible "There must be another way out."

"Nope, we have tried everything but nothing was found to be a viable plan" Luther replied as he is also trying to divert the conversation from the earlier mood killer.

"There is that one thing" Crystal interrupts trying to recover from her vomiting session.

"What?" Zeel asked causing everyone in the cafeteria to flinch, Kim even pissed his pants right next to Bennet.

Not long after eating the group made their way down the bas.e.m.e.nt area as Luther explained a brief history regarding the place. Everyone escaped the prison and it turned out there was only one guy left behind, Luther guessed that he must be the monster amongst wolves for someone to trap him here during even an apocalypse.

"When peoples starting eating one other ... Wasn't much fun keeping anyone locked up. We thought the place was abandoned. Until we made a discovery." Luther continued by introducing the guy he put on watch duty "Wendell... It's time to take a break."

"It's about god damn time. I hate being down here. I hear movement...in the walls" replied Wendell.

"Well, let's check it out. We'll be back in a minute" said Luther.

"Alice" Zeel said waiting for her to send out a signal pulse so he could determine the lay of the land.

"The nanites are dormant. I can't do anything much for right now, we'll talk later" Alice curtly replies almost as if she is attempting to dodge the conversation.

"Hi there! Name is Chris" The guy in the glass cage said.

"We should care because?" asked Zeel.

"I'm not a prisoner. I shouldn't be in here. I was working with military unit. We were using this place as a staging post. Things were already pretty bad when the order came through from the Governor to release all inmates. You see, we need as many people on the streets as possible to fight those things.

And it was chaos. We were pulling out and a gang of prisoners jumped me. Guess they thought I was guard. When I woke up, my unit was gone ... And I was in here" Chris said as he finished his story to which Alice asked one question.

"Heard you know a way out?"

"You get me out of here and I'll do the same for you." Chris replied.

Zeel steps forward and looked into his eyes, Chris does not back down one bit though his body automatically began trembling when Zeel got close to him.

"He smells like her" Zeel said to Alice.

"Who?" Alice replied since her nose was not as keen without the nanites to break down the components of the smells.

"The poor excuse of a human Claire" Zeel replied as he looked around for Claire only to find her long gone, must have left with Luther earlier.

"Claire? You know Claire she is my sister" Chris states enthusiastically.

"Hmm. He is telling the truth Al; this man doesn't belong here but he is a killer. And a thief too, long before the apocalypse but hey I can't judge you as I've been killing since I was ten years old" Zeel stated as he used his hand to break off the handle of the cell box with ease.

Alice was surprised for a whole other reason as she has rarely ever heard Zeel talk about his time before they met, and when he did it would be vague statements like 'I have a family out there somewhere'. Before she had a chance to question Zeel about his childhood, Luther came back only to see a free Chris to which he asked "What is he doing out?"

"He is going to show us a way out of here, story seems legit we'll run it by everyone tomorrow" Alice said wanting to avoid Zeel speaking and simple saying 'Because I want him to be.' As it would only further complicate things.

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