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  • Return To Primitive Society And Become A Chief

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Fantasy -  Martial Arts -  Xuanhuan
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Return To Primitive Society And Become A Chief summary:

Coming to the primitive society where various prehistoric beasts existed, snakes and pythons walked everywhere, fierce beasts ran all over the mountains, the sky was raptors, and the water was amphibious.It can be said that human beings are at the lowest end of the food chain, and even tribes and Between the tribes, they will use each other as food.Everything here is just for survival.However, do you think that Ji thief will lead primitive people to the top of the food chain and dominate primitive society?Ji thief: “Don’t be funny, I might as well slap a cat with that effort. Big cats are also cats.”- Description from MTL

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Return To Primitive Society And Become A Chief Chapters

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