Rewrite The Stars Chapter 15

Chapter 15: What A Small World After All

"Of all the people my parents picked, it had to be you?" Emilie spluttered out in disbelief once again. She had already said some variation of this several times since they sat down ten minutes ago.

"Believe me," Leo said, "if I had known it was you I just wouldn't have shown up."

"Ditto." Emilie muttered, "My friend's ex-husband is not exactly who I was expecting. Why are you here anyways? I thought you were dating Carina. Also you were just married like a couple days ago isn't this a bit too fast?" she took a sip from her tea.

"Don't mention her?" Leo's face twisted in a grimace.

"Adeline?" Emilie tilted her head, "You seemed fine with her when we were at the party."

"No not her. Carina. She played me like a fucking piano."

"Wait so you guys are over now? I didn't hear about this."

"I haven't said anything yet but I'm about to clear up everything with her. It's a good thing the public wasn't really aware of our relationship otherwise this would turn into a media shit storm."

"Yes lucky you." Emilie deadpanned, "Not like you caused my friend some emotional issues with how you acted towards her, taking her money and advantage of the fact that she was madly in love with you and stringing her along."

"Well she should have given up." Leo said defensively.

"I'm not saying she went completely without fault but I have to say that you definitely benefited from her staying, look where you are now, but did you really try to push her away enough that she would give up or did you just take her money and gave her enough attention to make her believe she might have a chance with you?" Emilie pushed back from the table and stood. "Anyways I think I've had enough of this and so did you. Tell your parents thanks but no from me and I'll do the same with mine."

Leo nodded at her numbly and watched her go, thinking.

Outside of the shop, Emilie whipped out her phone and punched in her father's number.

"Hello?" he answered.

"I'm not marrying him." Emilie didn't even bother with a greeting.

"What? Why? He's young, good-looking, rich, and most of all, this union will greatly benefit our company."

"Sure all of those are good for you and your precious reputation but I don't like him so I won't marry him."

"You can forget about being supported by us for now on!" her father shouted, "See how long you survive without our help."

"Fine." Emilie ended the call before her father could say anything to gain the last words. Stepping onto the street, she hailed a cab and began typing furiously on her phone.

From inside the shop, a figure in a baseball cap lowered over their face looked at the girl getting in a cab, brows furrowed.


Leo finally left the coffee shop after his butt started getting numb. He called Regulus on the way home and told him to hire the best hacker he could find. It was time to dig up dirt on Carina and ruin her chances of ever showing up in front of him again.

He knew her father owned a pretty powerful entertainment company. Many of the well known celebrities in this country were a part of it and it would definitely be difficult to tear down a company with a deep foundation. Not to mention the fact that Carina's father possessed great influence within the country's political sphere.

Leo was a young businessman and while his company did very well for itself, at this point in time it was nothing compared to the company Carina's father ran. His youth often caused people to underestimate him but now that he has seven extra years of experience under his belt, he will crush all the competition and definitely rise to the top.


Adeline had finished her meeting with Lyra when Emilie left the coffee shop. Lyra had been planning for awhile to expand her company into the clothing industry but had been stuck with finding a designer she liked. The ones that she found were either already working for someone else or were too arrogant in their work and refused to make compromises even though it was obvious to even a layman that the designs were impractical and unappealing. She understood being proud of one's work was important but this is business. You either adapt or get stepped on by others.

She was mapping out which designs would be part of the line and whether or not she needed to design more pieces when there was frantic knocking on the door.

Adeline ran to the kitchen and grabbed a pan before creeping to the door and squinting through the eye hole.

"Sirius?" she said and she put down the pan and opened the door to welcome him in. "What are you doing here?"

"Where's Emilie?" he craned his neck and peered around the clean apartment.

"She went out on the blind date her parents set her up for. Did something urgent come up?"

"Why do you have a pan?" Sirius abruptly spoke when he saw the pan clutched tightly in her hand.

"Oh ha. I thought you were a robber or murderer..." she scratched her head awkwardly and set the pan down on the kitchen island.

"If a robber came they wouldn't be knocking so loud."

"Well.." Adeline couldn't think of anything to refute. "I guess you can wait until Emilie gets back. Will you stay for dinner?"

"No it's fine. I just need to talk to Emilie and then I'll be out of your hair." Sirius declined.

"Alright." she shrugged and gestured to the living room. "Make yourself at home then." she went back to her room and cleaned up her papers. As she did so, a drawing fell out and Adeline bent down to pick it up. Examining it, she grinned excitedly.


Emilie slammed the taxi door harder than necessary and caused the driver to frown at her back as she entered the apartment building. She jammed the button to go up and paced while waiting for the elevator to reach the ground floor. When she reached her apartment, she kicked the door open and it crashed into the wall, startling the person sitting on the couch.

"Geez!" Sirius exclaimed setting down his glass and turning around to look at Emilie, "What happened to you?"

She threw herself on the couch next to him and began explaining the falling out with her father. Sirius listened intently while he blotted the water off of his pants with napkins. Adeline emerged from her room when she heard the door and sat silently while Emilie vented.

Finally when Emilie finished talking Adeline said, "Out of all the people I can't believe you got set up with him." she giggled. "I'm sorry I shouldn't be laughing but this is just too coincidental!"

Sirius gave a wry grin, "Good plot twist for a story that's for sure."

Emilie's mouth couldn't help but tilt up a bit.

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