Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 In His Eyes His Girl Is The Best

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Although he did not intend for some training this time around, he still wanted to use the chance to toughen her up.

He felt a little worried at first. However, there was a trace of comfort in that worry, and he felt assured that she could handle the situation alone.

At least for a while, even if he did not have time to stay by her side for a long time, he felt that she would be able to protect herself as long as he had laid the path for her to walk on.

After letting out a small sigh, Huang Yize walked over to Yun Bilus side and pulled her into his arms, hugging her around the shoulders tightly. His heart ached terribly, but he could only hold it in.

He stared at Zuoqiu Zimei icily and merely said, "Shes the only girl I will ever have."

Zuoqiu Zimei could not take it lying down and retorted, "Why cant I compare to her? Im prettier than her and better than her at everything!"

Yun Bilu scoffed. "You really have the Princess Syndrome!"

Huang Yize continued coldly, "You might think that youre better than her at everything, but in my eyes, no one can compare to her, no matter how good they are. Anyway, youre really lacking compared to my girlfriend."

His words were like a tight slap on Zuoqiu Zimeis face.

Yun Bilu almost burst out laughing. She felt that her male idol was too awesome. If there werent so many people around, she would hug him and kiss him fervently.

However, to keep up the effect for the situation at hand, she had to hold in her laughter.

The series of blows delivered to Zuoqiu Zimei tonight, coupled with Huang Yizes words, was simply too much for her to take. She immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and almost fainted.

When Qianye Ziyu saw Zuoqiu Zimei in this state, he supported her worriedly and asked, "Zimei, are you okay?"

"Brother" Zuoqiu Zimei cried, but her gaze could not help wandering over to Huang Yizes side.

Unfortunately for her, Huang Yize only had eyes for Yun Bilu. His gaze remained on his girlfriend, and it had a hint of gentleness and worry. It was a gaze that made people green with envy, and sick with jealousy and hatred.

As Zuoqiu Zimei watched them, her heart could not take it lying down. She almost spat out blood again.

When Yun Bilu saw that she spat out blood, she felt that the fury within her had finally been vented properly.

Most importantly, Huang Yizes words were like water that immediately doused the flames of rage in her heart. It made her feel sweet from the bottom of her heart.

She would do anything to hear those words from him.

Yun Bilu looked up, and when she met Huang Yizes gaze, her heart trembled. An unconcealed heartache for her was obvious in his gaze.

She knew that Huang Yize always concealed his emotions. Such a gaze in his eyes today was indeed a first for her.

Hence, she fell deep into his gaze without a care in the world, unable to take her eyes off it.

In the end, she was still asked a few questions by the police. Everything that had to be inspected was done, so they wanted to bring a few suspicious people back to the station to record their statements.

However, someone whispered into the ear of the chief policeman. Afterwards, the chief did not dare to make such a suggestion and merely asked what was needed to be asked right on the spot.

Those who were cleared could go back home.

Huang Yize brought Yun Bilu back without turning back at all. This made Zuoqiu Zimei unleash her fury on everyone else at the scene.

Qianye Ziyu could only stay by her side. However, there was a complicated look in his eyes as he watched Huang Yize and Yun Bilu leave.

Once they left the venue, Huang Yize did not bring Yun Bilu back to school. Instead, he brought her back to the villa.

Actually, when they first entered the main hall, the service crew would give out food in an orderly manner, so she ate a bit of every delicacy there was.

Now that they were back at the villa and the atmosphere was much quieter, she suddenly felt like her stomach was churning. When she went to the bathroom, she could not help but vomit.

She couldnt help recalling the scene from just now. When she thought of the blood on Old Master Zuoqius forehead, she started puking out everything in her stomach.

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