Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238 Cannot Leave In The Lurch

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Yun Bixue was so angry that her hands trembled. She is still a child. Youre too crazy. What is your heart made of? Even if it was not Yangyang but just an average child, Yun Bixue would not want to see the child suffer either.

Perhaps because she and her younger sister only had each other to depend on since young, so she always felt that children were the most innocent no matter what.

Yet someone actually dared to use children as a bargaining chip with her.

Yun Bixue, hah, you dont have to be angry. Fine, if you want to save her, you just have to come.

A cold glint flashed across Yun Bixues eyes. Your target is me. Let go of Yangyang.

Yun Bixue had her limits to everything. One of them was that children should not be implicated. Even if it was not Yangyang, she would not leave the child in the lurch either. Furthermore, the situation seemed to suggest that the other partys target was her.

Yun Bixue, I will cut to the chase. Ill give you an address. Ning An City No. XX Chang Xing Road If youre not here by one oclock in the morning, you will know the consequences. Also, you are to come alone. Dont let me see someone else coming with you, or else, you know what will happen too

The other party hung up right after saying that.

Yun Bixue could only bottle up her anger, unable to vent it anywhere. She hated people like this who used innocent children as a bargaining chip.

She still overestimated the humaneness of some people. Yun Bixue squeezed her phone hard with all her might. The veins on her hand popped out as a fire blazed in her eyes.

If she knew who that person was, she would definitely kill that person.

She was also someone who was looking to have a child in the future, and she might just become a mother herself very soon. She did not want any innocent children to be hurt because of her. This was her principle in dealing with things.

Yun Bixue immediately called Yang Mei and let her send the men of sacrifice from the Yun family to ambush the surroundings around No. XX. She had to be fully prepared, at least.

Yun Bixue called Xie Limo and told him briefly about the issue.

Xie Limos face changed as well. Yangyang was a child he and Bixue both cared about. That child was really pitiful and innocent, so he did not want to see an innocent child get hurt either.

Xue, wait for me to come back. Dont panic. Call Su Lenghan, but dont tell him about the whole situation. Try to ask indirectly and test the waters


Yun Bixue sucked in her breath before she called Su Lenghan.

The call only went through the second time she called.


Yun Bixue could not tell how Su Lenghan was feeling from just a word, so she could only try her best to find an excuse and say, Su Lenghan, its me. I let someone transfer the dividends from your shares in the Su Family Organization to your bank account. The weather is cold now, so you should buy more clothes for Yangyang. If its cold in the village, you should buy more charcoal to burn at home.

No matter how much Su Lenghan tried to hold it in, his voice still betrayed a sobbing tone as he said, Yun Bixue, thank you. Thank you for thinking of Yangyang still. Thank you for helping me take over the Su Family Organization as well. Yun Bixue, actually, I always felt like I let you down a lot

Su Lenghan!

Yun Bixue, let me finish speaking. If something happens to me next time, you must live on happily. Xie Limo is very nice, so both of you must be happy. You guys dont mind the past and take care of Yangyang and even treat her so well. If something happens to me next time, the Su Family Organization will be my gift to your children

Su Lenghan was thinking that if he really could not find Yangyang, he really had no reason to live anymore. Hence, he said all that was on his mind.

Hearing how Su Lenghan was speaking, as though he was arranging his will, her heart shuddered as her face stiffened in shock.

She truly understood how much Yangyang meant to the Su family. That was why she had to save her no matter what.

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