Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 672

Chapter 672 Young Master Xie Turned Bad?

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Aunt Qin gently shoved Elder Lin. “Hurry up and go down. Look more realistic.”

“Don’t worry, no one has found out about us for the past few years.” Everyone else thought that President Qin wasn’t fond of him. Amongst the elders, his salary and benefits were the lowest, and he was always criticized during meetings. Therefore, he would go downstairs looking defeated, and no one will be the wiser.

“Okay, but be careful.”

Aunt Qin didn’t know why her eyelids kept twitching. She felt threatened and insecure, and she couldn’t help but feel that something was going to happen.

She felt that she must have been overthinking. She had led the Qin family all these years, and no one defied her, nor even dared to object to her ideas. Even Qin Huailing obeyed her orders.

However, her insecurity made her unable to calm down and focus on work. She began to call Qin Huailing, but no one answered.

In Zi Bei City, Qin Huailing looked at his phone as it rang continuously. A sinister glint flashed across his clear eyes.

Although he didn’t pick up the calls, his subordinate still received instructions from Aunt Qin. He quickly reported to Young Master Qin. “Young Master Qin, Aunt Qin wants you to return to the Qin family. She said that there was something urgent to discuss with you.”

Qin Huailing naturally understood why Aunt Qin had called him back. Without any hesitation, he rejected this order. “No, I won’t go back.” He had decided that he would take revenge now and go completely against them. There was no need to return home at all.


The corners of Qin Huailing’s mouth curved up as he held the invitation card. Xie Limo gave him this opportunity, making him the only person who could represent the Qin family. Who was Aunt Qin to go on behalf of the family?

Although they were related by blood, his own aunt couldn’t even resist the temptation of power and money.

Moreover, the documents that Xie Limo had given him had clearly indicated that Aunt Qin had a son with Elder Lin. They were clearly looking for an opportunity to replace him and let their son become the heir. They thought they could deceive everyone, but he had already found out about it. How would he ever let them have their way?

No matter what, he would seek revenge for what happened to his legs.

He never knew that Aunt Qin’s son was also fond of Miss Yuan. It had been a conspiracy all along. It was pitiful how he used to believe that Aunt Qin really loved her nephew when he was a child.

He didn’t intend to report this to the media for now. He wanted to gnaw at Aunt Qin’s power slowly, breaking her down bit by bit. If she loved power so much, he would make her fall and collapse from all the power that she held.

Also, since her son was also fond of her ex-fiance, he would grant his wish and make them get together.

However, he wouldn’t provoke Aunt Qin for now as he didn’t want the Yuan family in the capital to discover his plans.

Although he said that he won’t return to the Qin family, he would still return to Ning An City. On that same day, Qin Huailing decided that he would return, so he called Xie Limo to inform him.

Xie Limo arranged an accommodation for Qin Huailing. No one would be able to locate him before the business meeting commenced.

On the phone, Xie Limo offered Qin Huailing an idea. “If you want to rub more salt in the wound, you can send a fake invitation card to Aunt Qin. She will surely attend the meeting, but she will be refused entry. You can go in proudly instead. Isn’t that great?”

Qin Huailing’s heart skipped a beat, and he couldn’t help but feel impressed. He was vastly lacking, as compared to how vicious Xie Limo could be.

Meanwhile, Yun Bixue was chewing on an apple beside him and was switching through the channels on the TV. Hearing those words, she almost choked. When Xie Limo had ended the call, she asked, “Hubby, have you turned bad?”

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue, and a gentle glint flashed across his eyes. “Eat your apple. Even if I’ve turned bad, I’m only bad towards other people.”

Yun Bixue smiled and continued to watch the TV. It was airing the news regarding the business meeting, and every channel was showing the same thing.

“Why are they all covering this? What about the other channels?” As Yun Bixue spoke, she seemed to have thought of something. She picked up the newspaper on the table and saw that the ‘Ning An City Morning News’ had changed its name to ‘Politics Daily.’

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