Rise Of Humanity Chapter 651

Chapter 651 - I Did Not Fail You

Zhong Yue and the Reverse Emperor broke through the power of that young Qi Practitioner and the other victims collapsed and regained their consciousness quickly again.

After exchanging glances, Zhong Yue and Reverse Emperor couldn't help but frowned how strong that man was; the Sacrificial Prayers to Heaven was undoubtedly one of the strongest techniques they have ever seen; with this skill, that young Qi Practitioner turned experts like Zhong Yue and the Reverse Emperor into his followers easily.

This is the first time Ive ever run into someone like that. The Reverse Emperor murmured.

I dont understand the true meaning of reincarnation. I dont? Zhong Yue sighed secretly.

He then thought, That man said I only had a glimspe on the Six Path Wheel and he is right. I may have achieved this, but I have yet to fully comprehend everything about the Six Path Reincarnation and even myCelestial Demon Tai Chi Art did not include the secrets of the Six Path Reincarnation.

Immediately, the weight on his shoulders felt overwhelming, and he began to become even more alert and cautious.

It had been about 200,000 years since the Six Path Reincarnation was created; judging from this, the secrets of the Six Path Reincarnation should have already been discovered and there were bound to be countless arts created based on the Six Path Reincarnation!

And that art performed by that Qi Practitioner was one of these ultimate arts.

Although he had created his own Six Path Wheel, he had only invested limited time into this, and his understanding of this art was still very shallow; all he knew were only those things on the surface, and this couldn't be compared to those out there with deep understanding.

And this was how he became inferior to those people out there.

Zhong Yue came from the Ancestral Star, a place that was extremely isolated; Xin Huo had also been in slumber for years and knew nothing as well of the worlds current circumstances, which made him of limited help to Zhong Yue in regards to such matters.

As such, Zhong Yue could only hold his ground against someone like the Reverse Emperor but not someone like that Qi Practitioner who had cultivated an art closely related to Six Path Reincarnation.

The strength of that Qi Practitioner was beyond Zhong Yues expectations; in just a blink of an eye, he gained control over the consciousnesses of the other Qi Practitioners present, almost killing them all. If it werent for Zhong Yue and the Reverse Emperor teaming up against him, the result would have been devastating.

With just a stomp, that Qi Practitioner left behind a huge hole on the divine bridge formed that was formed from countless divine weapons; this mere display was enough to show Zhong Yue that he was out of his league.

Besides, even after teaming up with the Reverse Emperor, he still couldn't defeat that Qi Practitioner; his foe was still able to leave the battle effortlessly!

If theSacrificial Prayers to Heavenwas just one of the many Six Path Reincarnation arts out there, what kind of unique traits would the other arts possess?

Zhong Yue knew nothing about this.

No matter how well one performs, there would always be others better than you. I mustnt get complacent!

Zhong Yue looked around and he figured, But chance is hard to come by. I might be able to learn more about the Six Path Reincarnation in this experimental field and after merging it with myCelestial Demon Tai Chi Art, I could probably fix all my weaknesses!

His eyes lit up with hope and suddenly, he slashed at the Reverse Emperor and shouted, Haha! Reverse Emperor, again!

Caught off guard, Reverse Emperor was almost killed by him. Rage surged across Reverse Emperor as he yelled back, Damn you, human! We should team up instead of fighting each other!

Oh? Enlighten me on how you turn down my offer to team up back when we were about to enter this place. Zhong Yue retorted, We teamed up now because I forced you to. However, I will personally end your miserable life when we are done here!

Dream on!

The two fought ferociously; Zhong Yue swung his saber everywhere at the Reverse Emperor, who immediately absorbed the essence of the fallen ones to regenerate and prevent himself from succumbing to his injuries.

But still, Zhong Yue was a level better than him, being able to inflict sufficient damage on the Reverse Emperor prevented him from increasing his power through absorbing a huge amount of essence.

The duo pressed on their battle; they rammed straight towards the front while Qiu Jiner followed closely behind them and guarded both Jun Sixie and Bai Canghai.

On the altar of the courtyard, Tian Shi suddenly reported, My lord, I felt that weird movement again. It appeared only for a split second but we have briefly locked on to it.

With his attention drew towards Tian Shi and his curiously emerged, Heavenly King Shang looked around while an eye appeared behind Tian Shi, revealing the scene where that Qi Practitioner immobilized Zhong Yue and the others.

That ancient item is probably in one of their hands, added Tian Shi, Too bad it only exposed itself for a second or we would have been able to pinpoint its location already.

Heavenly King Shang nodded silently and without drawing any attention to himself, he said, Its alright, things will be much easier now that we have a trail. Now, we have a rough estimation of the items location, all we have to do is wait until the the fighting has settled down before searching through them one by one!

Silently, Tian Shi bowed at Heavenly King Shang and he proceeded to observe the battle quietly.

The old fox Heavenly King Shang has definitely found out something What a shame, I do not have someone like the eight generals of Heavenly King Shang or they must be dreaming if they tried to steal from my Realm! Thought the Realm Lord, Fortunately I am a step quicker than you this time, Heavenly King Shang. You have your eight generals to scout for you and I have my own soul beast divine eye!

The divine eyes on the soul tokens were used to monitor these Qi Practitioners and also a security centre.

These tokens were forged by the Realm Lord himself and once a person wore it, the Realm Lord would be able to see what the wearer saw.

Hence, he poured in so much effort in order to create such a huge number of tokens for this event; he merely wanted to explore the Ancient Land of Gods Grave through these eyes!

And of course, with this, no one was able to escape from his surveillance!

Xin Huo was also included; he would not be able to escape undiscovered!

Meanwhile on the bridge, the battle between Zhong Yue and Reverse Emperor continued; their figures flickered back and forth and shockwaves resounded every time they collided. Five stars appeared on the Reverse Emperors token and countless stars filled up Zhong Yues.

There were already 565 others who were cut down by Zhong Yue!

As much as he hated it so much, the Reverse Emperor was not able to anything and thought, The portal is about to be completed and I guess this brat has no use of me after that. He will probably cut me down before anything but it is still not easy to kill me even if you are improving rapidly.

Suddenly, a chill traveled the Reverse Emperors spine. He quickly turned around, lifted up his blood axe and swung it down in front of him.

Hong long

Blood gushed out from the Reverse Emperors mouth; he staggered and thought, Oh no! This brat is behind me now and he will definitely add more salt into injuries.

A palm landed on Reverse Emperors back and as he gave up all hope, a never-ending energy flowed into his body and he looked backwards in shock, He helped to counter the immense force just now and actually tried to save me.

Zhong Yue, however, looked very serious as he looked towards the front where ten Qi Practitioners stood in front of the portal on the other end of the bridge. They were covered in their enemies blood and struck menacing figures as they stood there will blood dripping from their clothes!

Obviously, the ten of them came from the same galaxy; they teamed up to secure this portal and awaited the challengers to approach before killing them all. With that, they would be able to obtain the ten seats even if they did not enter the forbidden land!

With the four paths, the top, bottom, left and right of the bridge, four Qi Practitioners would be able to move at the same time but there were ten of them all together. This naturally granted them a higher chance against those not in a team.

You live up to your name, Reverse Emperor. You actually took a combined full blow without suffering any injuries.

The three Qi Practitioners guarding the teleportal smiled and said again, Too bad you will still die. If you stop now, those behind you will crush you, but if you advance, ultimately, you will be killed by us. Since you are dead anyway, why dont you do us all a favour and end your own life?

Zhong Yue looked back and frowned as he saw Qiu Jiner who was still fending off those behind them, but she looked like she couldn't hold on much longer.

Id say we ally with each other for the moment, said Reverse Emperor.

With a nod, Zhong Yue said, How many attacks can you fend off if we fight against them together?

As anger and rage filled his eyes and nightmare fueled expression, Reverse Emperor said, Only three attacks! But I will drag one of them down with me if I go down!

Three? Thats more than enough! Zhong Yue answered, All I need you to do is take on two attacks from them and they will all be dead! This time, you attack!

Curious and puzzled, Reverse Emperor asked, Me? So I will be your shield while you stand behind?

Zhong Yue nodded and said again, If you are confident that you can kill them in two moves, I can be your shield.

Alright! Deal! I want to see how you will do it!

Reverse Emperor shook his head, turned around and a body grew out from his head; the new born little Reverse Emperor hurried to the side and waved the bloodied banner while shouting at the three Qi Practitioners!

Get out of my way! shouted Reverse Emperor.

You are asking for me! replied the trio.

With cold stares, the trio merged their power into a powerful attack and activated their divine weapon before striking at Reverse Emperor!

Hong long-

Tremendous shockwaves were traveled outwards; the Reverse Emperors skin burst apart as his flesh splattered in various places. What remained of him was a mangled collection of bones, or so it seemed.

Suddenly, the flesh scattered everywhere slowly flew back onto his bones and in just an instant, Reverse Emperor emerged looking unharmed and he shouted, The first attack, Zhong Yue! Now the second one!

With incredible focus, Zhong Yue he continued observing their foes.


Another even stronger shockwave were emitted towards the surrounding and Reverse Emperor looked even worse than before; this time, cracks appeared on his bones.

But this time, as they clashed, Zhong Yue lunged out immediately while six hands grew from his body. He began waving the banner with all his eight hands!

Four Yuan Shen were extracted out from their bodies before falling into the banner!

With a flick, Zhong Yue kicked the Reverse Emperors Yuan Shen out from the banner and when the pale Reverse Emperor looked at him, Zhong Yue replied, I did not fail you.

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