Rise Of Humanity Chapter 652

Chapter 652 - Skeleton Qi Practitioners

In front of the Reverse Emperor were three corpses, and he was extremely shocked at seeing the three Qi Practitioners who were no weaker than them being killed just like that.

Such power, such might!

Is it a Six Path Reincarnation Skill? The Reverse Emperor asked hoarsely.

His question was left unanswered as Zhong Yue did not say anything, but instead, he entered the portal along with Qiu Jiner, Jun Sixie and Bai Canghai. In truth, the Six Soul Banner was indeed a skill of the Six Path Reincarnation; it was a soul type skill and was specifically created to destroy souls.

However, there was a great flaw in this skill Zhong Yue learnt from Bi and An, and that was the fact that it could only display its full might in Hell, with its being considerably neutered outside of it.

In Hell, Zhong Yue could even absorb the souls of divine generals into the banner, but outside of Hell, he was already struggling to absorb those on the same level as him.

And its was even more impossible once the target was alerted and aware of this skill; the only reason he succeeded now was that had the element of surprise and that the Reverse Emperor was strong enough.

His strength was only slightly stronger than the three Qi Practitioners; he put his life on the line, fighting madly with these Qi Practitioners, and along with his Blood Banner, he was able to buy Zhong Yue sufficient time to ready his attack!

As such, Zhong Yue had more than enough time to prepare his attack; he launched a deadly attack at the most suitable time ever and finally managed to capture the souls of these four people.

Still terrified, Reverse Emperor panted and thought, If Zhong Yue was going to kill me, I would've been dead by now.

But Zhong Yue didnt. Not only did he releas the Reverse Emperors Yuan Shen, he even spared him.

Although despicable, this brat is actually a man of his word.

As he thought, Reverse Emperor lifted their enemies corpses, absorbing them into his blood pool to heal himself by siphoning away their soul, essence and psyche, No! Why am I praising him? This brat forced me into a chaotic battlefield. I cut down so many foes along with him and I only got five kills under me!

Zhong Yue fought his way towards the altar and after seeing him, the other Qi Practitioners gathered around him. Then, they fought in the middle of the camp before they headed towards the other Qi Practitioners at the other side.

With their combined attack, they struck down another two foes in a blink of an eye, and after seeing this, the other five Qi Practitioners fled and ran away through the portal.

Meanwhile, with a fierce expression, Reverse Emperor grinned, Brat, lets set up a barricade here and seal off access to the Ancient Land of Gods Grave. After stopping everyone from entering, we will head into the forbidden land and kill the remaining ones here!

Zhong Yue, however, shook his head and replied, No, we have only a few men with us and this makes it very hard to hold our ground here. We would all be swarmed from three sides and risk being invaded by the others. But since we are here already, I will ask this one last time, are you in or not?

I. said Reverse Emperor.


Unwilling to wait, Zhong Yue immediately turned around and led Qiu Jiner, Jun Si Xie and Bai Canghai into the portal. They soon disappeared within the city.

Stunned and shook, Reverse Emperor became furious and he shouted, Damn! I am just trying to be polite! Just ask one more time and I wouldve agreed!

The divine ray of this portal altar was very weird; turbulence could be felt almost every minutes and their facial expressions changed crazily when they saw Jun Sixie and Qiu Jiner.

As the teleportation was very unstable, the speed of the four people differed from one another and where they would be placed at was totally different!

Not good!

Zhong Yue was cultivating and suddenly, he stopped what he was doing and he and his friends started roaming around.

Sweat appeared on his forehead, and as he pushed hisTime Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scriptureto the limit in order to change positions, his expression turned sour. He quickly gave up the idea, and he shouted, Jiner, senior martial sister and Brother Bai, take care of yourselves and try your best to protect yourselves!

As soon as he finished his words, the trio disappeared after being sent away into different places in the Ancient Lands of Gods Grave. Zhong Yue tried all he could to pinpoint their location and he figured, No no no, its not just the dimension here that was twisted and altered but there was also something odd about that teleportal. We must have been tricked by the Realm Lord.

This altar was so strange; it was created by the Realm Lord himself and although everyone could enter it, they could appear anywhere in the Ancient Lands of Gods Grave.

And this also means that the countless Qi Practitioners present in this battle will be spawned in different locations.

The Realm Lord wants to explore this place through us, but how is he going to know what happened? He needs something to keep an eye on us.

Immediately, the image of the soul beast eye on the soul token flashed across his mind and he thought, Thats right, the eye! Hes using it to spy on us!

Although he knew about this, Zhong Yue still couldn't do anything about that.

The Realm Lord was way too powerful and the soul tokens forged by him were something Zhong Yue could not destroy. Apart from that, these tokens were also used to contact the portal team, and only those with tokens could walk out unharmed.

But after knowing the function of the soul token, I will no longer have to worry about his spying eyes. I might even be able to allow Xin Huo to come out for a walk.

But after a while, he still couldn't find out a way on how to do it but suddenly, the divine ray scattered into all directions and Zhong Yue felt that he crashed into some sort of strange place with colourful lights on top.

And suddenly, an unknown force hit him and Zhong Yues vision darkened down for a second.


Something fell from the top.

Zhong Yue looked around and visualized the Shao Hao Bell to protect him as a precaution.

Hmm? No! No!

He thought nervously. In just a blink of an eye, he could no longer feel his energy, not his inner core, Yuan Shen, or psyche ocean!

What happened?

Zhong Yue shivered and he started wiping off the sword on his forehead, but he wasnt able to feel any sweat or even hair; he was bald!

The head had no flesh and skin, but just bone!

Not quite, that is not my head.

Suddenly, he shook again as he touched his face, only to realize that he indeed had a skull face before Zhong Yue continued what he was doing.

Now, he is just a skull with bald hair!

This isnt real, this must be fake!

Zhong Yue visualized the Sui Sovereign but as soon as he did this, his energy depleted completely.

Impossible, if I am really dead already, why do I still have a consciousness? Thats right, I must have fallen into some kind of an illusion. Right, so how is my soul token, Yuan Shen Secret Realm, Xin Huo and his copper lantern!

Zhong Yue tried to calm himself down but suddenly, he was stunned again as he realized his Yuan Shen disappeared and the soul token and Xin Huo were nowhere to be found!

What happened?

After quite some time, Zhong Yue finally regained his cool. He immediately tried to look around in the dark and he was shocked again after realizing that he must be in some kind of narrow street where he couldn't even turn over.

Must be here.

Zhong Yue gritted his teeth and tried to get over the wall, A coffin, I must have been teleported into a coffin!

Ge Zhi

An ear-piercing noise sounded out as Zhong Yue pushed the cover of the coffin away and sunlight shone around them. Zhong Yue sat up from the ground, pant and he suddenly laughed and said to himself, Why would I still need to breathe? Im already dead.

The cover was pushed aside and a white skeleton stood up from the coffin before scanning its surroundings with its eyes that burned with emerald flames.

The surrounding were very dark and ghost fire floated everywhere while coffins were arranged haphazardly everywhere.

Zhong Yue looked into the sky and far away and he was even more curious now, Am I really being teleported to this place? Could it be that I became something like this because of the shockwave just now? That shockwave must be some kind of Six Path Wheel power?

He stood up straight, revealed the bones on his legs and when he was about to get out from the coffin, a weathered copper lantern was lying beside him all the way.

Xin Huo?

Zhong Yue swung the lantern softly and to his dismay, nothing happened.

Suddenly, the green flame in his eyes waved vigorously and lit up the lantern that would burn green flame.

Strange, Xin Huo is now in deep slumber but why is this lantern still here? Could probably be some kind of mysterious power that changed my body and Yuan Shen, sealed off Xin Huo and the other items. This place is indeed very unique and there should be more than just me that experienced this.

Then, after selecting a direction, he started walking in that direction.

As he travelled around, he visualized Sui Sovereign, depleted his energy over and over again but at the same time, enhancing the power of his energy and he thought, Perhaps not long later, my soul could be able to escape this prison and continue with my cultivation. Then, I will turn into a skeleton Qi Practitioner, bla! Bla! Bla! What a lame name.

And it was at this time that bone cracking sound was heard again and when Zhong Yue looked around, he saw another skeleton walking towards him from the field not far away.

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