Rise Of Humanity Chapter 653

Chapter 653 - Reverse Open Six Realms

Finally! A person who is still alive! Ughhh no, not a person but a skeleton!

Zhong Yue was joyfully surprised and quickly approach the skeleton. But to his dismay, he couldn't say out a word when he tried to talk; how could a skeleton possibly talk?

His jaws opened and closed so many times, letting out bone cracking noise but not even a single word.

That skeleton that appeared from the other side however, charged at him with a huge bone in its hand and assaulted Zhong Yue upon discovering him!

With a side step, Zhong Yue evaded that attack with ease and retaliated only to realize that he had no energy at all; now, he couldn't even cast any skills, not even the weakest skill of his arsenal.

As its attack missed, that skeleton swung its bone on Zhong Yue again while Zhong Yue squeezed out all he had, visualizing the Sui Sovereign and his soul drilled into the head of that hostile skeleton.

His soul came in the form of Sui Sovereign and with just one hit, he had destroyed that skeletons skull.

Wa la-

The skeleton turned into dust in an instant as its soul was destroyed and suddenly, from the dust of the skeleton came a ghost fire that flew straight into Zhong Yues eyes.

What is this?

While he stuttered and got confused by what happened, Zhong Yue could still feel that his soul became slightly stronger.

Strange, this place is filled with mysteries. I never thought that killing skeletons would be a way of cultivation. Judging from how the skeleton behave, it was probably not a Qi Practitioner like me that turned into a skeleton or it would have moved even faster and flexibly.

He then proceeded to pick up the huge bone stick and continued his advance. It did not take long until he ran into another skeleton with a much stronger ghost fire burning in its eye socket.

Without hesitation, Zhong Yue lunged towards that skeleton, destroying it in a couple of attacks. Another ghost fire flew into his eyes, further enhancing his soul.

This time, however, was even stranger than before; when the ghost fire merged into the fire in his eye, a tiny golden crows image appeared within the fire.

The Golden Crow Spirit!

It appeared and it was still extremely fragile but the golden crow spirit had germinated and was still growing!

Seems like eliminating the other skeletons for their ghost fire is the way to cultivate here. I need to cultivate my Yuan Shen now, reopen my Yuan Shen Secret Realms and locate the others as soon as possible!

As he figured out what to do, Zhong Yue visualized theSui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Artand searched everywhere. Bit by bit, he started to wander far into the depths to see more and more skeletons appear before him. These skeletons seemed to have no concious and all they did was charge at the other skeletons in their vicinities, devouring each others ghost fire or die in the hands of their kin.

Zhong Yue wiped out all those around him and his golden crow spirit grew stronger along with his psyche. Now, he could already cast simple skills and the speed of him killing these skeletons increased drastically.

But the deeper he wandered off into this place, the stronger the skeletons had become; at some point, Zhong Yue even ran into a skeleton Qi Practitioner that was already able to cast skills and that skeleton put up a tough fight for him.

Although Zhong Yue managed to triumph over that skeleton, he had to pay a considerable price; his rib bones were broken before he killed that skeleton but he was rewarded generously as well!!

After killing his foe, the raging ghost fire of the fallen skeleton merged with the fire in Zhong Yues eyes, his power was enhanced even further and the golden crow spirit was already on the edge of forming completely. The feint image of the Six Eyed Star Toad appeared in his other eye!

The spirit of Qi Practitioners were spirits that acknowledge them when they tried to immerse themselves with the heaven and earth. But now, Zhong Yue was able to form his own spirit after he killed countless skeletons and absorbed their ghost fire.

What was even weirder was that the newly-formed spirit bore the exact same appearance as his original spirit!

The spirit of Qi Practitioners are obtained through immersion into the heaven and earth. My spirits are the golden crow and the toad so my spirits are still them even after I turned into this skeleton.

He travelled straight into the depths and there, he ran into another skeleton Qi Practitioner and the spirit of the Star Toad was completed formed after he struck down his foe and absorbed its ghost fire.

A few days later, Zhong Yues spirit and soul merged together, thus, forming his Yuan Shen again!

Oddly, as compared to the strength of his before becoming a skeleton, Zhong Yue now has a soul and Yuan Shen that was much stronger and his soul was a few times stronger than before too!

So I guess this makes me a skeleton Qi Practitioner now!

Zhong Yue activate his skill, lit up the darkness around him while he cultivated his own bones, strengthening the bones of his body and he thought, Hmmm it has been quite sometime now but why do I still not see any Qi Practitioners from Prison Realm? Could it be that they didnt land here?

He then visualized his art, flew in the air and destroyed every skeleton Qi Practitioner when they got out and a few tens of days later, Zhong Yue finally advanced into the other level where he could tackle the Atman Body level.

We were given twenty eight days only before we get transferred out and it has been more than twenty days now.

Zhong Yue felt a little bit nervous and unsafe; if he couldn't get into the strength he once possessed, the Realm Lord will probably sent him away but this was still fine. He was more worried about what would happen if the Realm Lord locked him here and only let him out once in a while!

Suddenly, noises could be heard from the Pale Bone Plains and when Zhong Yue looked at that direction, he saw two skeletons that were entangled to each other in a weird and twisted way.

The young man stared at the two skeletons for a moment before he cursed, What the hell, I cant believe they still have the mood to have sex!

After that, he bowed, casted theTai Chi Art; countless skeleton gods appeared, crushed the two skeleton Qi Practitioners at once and two more ghost fire merged with him.

Now, his eyes were burning with the ghost fire, on the left was a creepy sun that turned into a three legged golden crow and a celestial being with three pairs of legs from time to time; one the right was an eerie moon that turned into a Starry Toad or a celestial being with three images of gods.

Third divine eye, open!

Zhong Yue shouted in his mind, a crack appeared on his skull and a vertical eye was there on his forehead.

Yin and Yang Qi!

Zhe zhe-

Lasers formed by Yin and Yang Qi were shot and he shouted again, Fu Xis true form!

And the tiny guy now turned incredibly big and a snake tail was behind him!

Right now, he is about twenty feet tall and it looked extremely intimidating!

I need more strength to reverse open my Yuan Shen Secret Realms! This time, I will reverse open six wheels and achieve everything in one shot! With this

Zhong Yue continued advancing, as he traveled, he struck down another few more female Qi Practitioners and he has yet to see the end of the Pale Bone Plains.

And the deadline was arriving in fleeting speed.

If he failed to open the Yuan Shen Secret Realm and took out my soul token, he would probably be trapped in this place forever!

Ever since first entering this place, as a normal skeleton, Zhong Yue couldnt bring himself to imagine that he could become a Rebirth level skeleton from just an average skeleton in only 25 days!

But mainly, it was because of the strangeness of this place; killing a skeleton was actually a way to level up and that was how he became so strong!

However, it was still far from being enough!

Far away, an energy wave tumbled toward him; psyche clashed and skills collided, Zhong Yue looked towards that place with his divine eyes and he saw a few thousand skeleton Qi Practitioners facing off against each other!

Strange, skeleton Qi Practitioner do not possess much consciousness either, so why are there so many of them here? They even split into two groups and it looks like they are having a war.

He stared at the battlefield where countless white bone banners being waved, instructing the skeletons to form formation and attack.

On the other side, another group of skeleton Qi Practitioners had white lanterns floating in the air, and these seemed to be the ones giving the orders to those below on what to do.


Zhong Yue looked around carefully and it did not take long until Zhong Yue discovered a city with buildings made from bone and that there was a bone general standing on the walls.

Even further away within a tent, a bone general waved the banners in the store room and a pill to fight against each other.

I am no match for two Inner Core level Qi Practitioners but it will benefit me greatly if I observe the battle from afar.

In the blink of an eye, he burrowed into the ground and appeared within the middle the of the battlefield in the next second, immediately starting a slaughterfest.

There were countless skeleton Qi Practitioners here and after killing all who did not flee, he felt his strength balloon to a point beyond where it was ready to jump to the next level at any time now.

To deal with his, Zhong Yue bit his lips as he tried to suppress his strength in order to consolidate his foundation as much as he could.

Not long later, over three hundred skeletons were destroyed by him and when the other side was experiencing heavily losses, Zhong Yue would turn on the side he was originally on and started his massacre again.

Soon, the two generals noticed something strange was going on and after looking around briefly, they stared at Zhong Yue together.

Oh no, I cant hold it anymore!

After devouring such a high amount of ghost fire, his soul became even stronger and following right after an angry shout from Zhong Yue, he launched two dragon energy from his eyes and he wiped out the skeletons in an huge area right away!

At the same time, he opened up his third eye and gathered all his energy before he unleashed it in the Dao Yi Secret Realm!

Hong long-

After a loud explosion noise in his head was heard, he successfully opened the secret realm!

Countless ghost fires started flying straight into his eyes, which supplied him with sufficient energy to tackle the other secret realms!

How dare you, vermin! The general standing on the city walls shouted as his hostility turned toward Zhong Yue.

An inner core was launched by that skeleton general and at the same time, the other skeleton general attacking the city also turned hostile at Zhong Yue!

Zhong Yue roared, Dao Yi, Yin Yang, Shen Cai, Wan Xiang, Wu Xing, Xue Mai Secret Realms were all opened by him and energy surged within his body crazily and the full power of the Yuan Shen Secret Realms was unleashed!

He raised his hand, knocked the inner core of the skeleton general on the city walls off, trapped it with theCelestial Demon Tai Chi Artand crushed the white bone banner of the skeleton general attacking the castle!

Worship of Gods!

Zhong Yue laughed happily, flew into the air, and landed on the city walls, exchanging thousands blows with that skeleton general and when he vanished and appeared at the army camp, the head of the skeleton general on the city wall burst open and its ghost fire started flying towards Zhong Yue.

After the ghost fire fully merged with his own, the Inner Core level skeleton general in the army camp was killed!

A pond will never be able to fit a dragon! Now that Ive met the requirements, I can now be teleported out of here but before that, I still need to explore more about the secrets of this Ancient Lands of Gods Graves. Besides, god knows what would happen if I do not try to lift this curse on me, I do not want to stay a skeleton forever.

His presence sharpened, and after getting back onto the city wall, he looked around before striking down even more skeleton Qi Practitioners and in the end, the skeletons in the city all bowed and knelt before him.

However, Zhong Yue left the place quickly with a frown.

Three days later, the time to leave has arrived and when Zhong Yue looked around, he saw no heaven, no earth and no signs of teleportation.

He was not teleported back to the place he was supposed to be by now.

Xin Huo, Im afraid we are probably trapped in this place forever. murmured Zhong Yue.

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