Rise Of Humanity Chapter 683

Chapter 683

Chapter 683 - The Hidden Secrets In His Mortal Body

The black and white Tai Chi Art dispersed into two streams of light and flashed back into the hall that Zhong Yue slammed into.

After a while, Zhong Yue walked out of the palace, his broken bones regenerating with every step he took toward Qing Feng's corpse.

"Sacrificing the lives of the lower realm really is amazing, it bestows you the power of Heavenly Deity out of thin air, but you are too weak to maintain that sudden boost of strength. Your attainments, your heart, your will, your combat experience, as well as your skill, are inadequate to receive the power of a Heavenly Deity." Zhong Yue stepped over the pile of minced meat, his psyche fluctuated and he said to the dead man, "After all, the power of worship was never yours to claim in the first place. Senior martial brother, you have walked the wrong path by relying on the power of worship."

However, Qing Feng's Yuan Shen was killed and his soul was dragged into Hell, he was unable to speak for himself anymore.

This is... the innate Qi! No wonder he can withstand my Solar Divine Saber. Zhong Yue searched Qing Feng's Yuan Shen secret realms, and found many treasures. Although most of them were useless to him, the innate Qi Qing Feng has was still a good treasure.

Zhong Yue also had a surge of innate Qi; the Tai Yin Qi given to him by the moon god. However, he didn't refine the innate Qi and instead used it to nourish his six-eyed Star Toad.

On the other hand, Qing Feng's innate Qi should be one of those the innate Qi abandoned by Goddess Shen Hou when she created the Well Realm for the experiments of the Six Paths Reincarnation. The surge of innate Qi was the Innate Kun Earth Qi. It was brownish-yellow in color and was extremely heavy. Qing Feng wasn't able to fully refine it and was thus was only able to unleash a fragment of its power.

If he were able to fully wield the power of the Innate Kun Earth Qi Zhong Yue thought about it for a moment before shaking his head, He is still too weak to be a worthy opponent.

Although still at the True Spirit level, Zhong Yue's mentality had already reached that of a deity. Even if Qing Feng could wield greater power, there was still no chance he could defeat Zhong Yue as the willpower between them was literally worlds apart.

The Dominator Palace was emptied with only a floor of broken Yuan Shen secret realms left by the Qi Practitioners who died in his hands.

The Qi Practitioners were killed but their Yuan Shen secret realms did not collapse. They were left as light wheels that gleamed faintly on the floor.

There are too many Yuan Shen secret realms here. It's too time-consuming to search one by one, maybe I should let Brother Bai and Ma Sansou search them. At least, they may be able to plunder some treasures they need.

Zhong Yue thought of and two rays of light flashed out of his eyes. They flew out of the palace to where Bai Canghai and Ma Sansou were waiting for him.

These two flashes of brilliance came in front of Bai Canghai and Ma Sansou. Then, they formed into a [Dragon Shear] and guarded the duo through the canyon directly to the palace.

The Seal Gods in the 48 sealing formations didn't dare to move at all when they saw the [Dragon Shears] hovering around them and could only watch as the two men passed through all of the 48 sealing formations.

In the palace, Zhong Yue's psyche swept through every inch of the palace. Suddenly, the ghost fire burning in his eye sockets flared up as he walked toward a certain direction, A jade pool? The spiritual liquid in it seems to be of very high grade.

It wasn't long before he arrived before at the jade pool and saw the stalactites hanging above it. These stone stalactites contained the innate totem patterns which allowed them to gather the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth and condense the essences into liquid form.

"It's the Dao liquid, it's even more valuable than the Heaven Court's Heavenly Morning Dew. It brings great benefits once consumed. A drop is enough to save lives from the most severe condition. A few drops of it is equivalent to temporarily having the Immortal Body. So long as your Yuan Shen is not dead, you will always have a chance of survival. It is a very amazing treasure."

Through Zhong Yue's eyes, Xin Huo looked at the jade pool, and said in Zhong Yue's psyche ocean, "The jade pool is the work of the innate gods. The innate gods don't consume mortal food and drink, not even ordinary divine herbs. This pool of Dao liquid should be Goddess Hou Tu's drinking well Wait, no, no, this looks like a shower pool. Yes, it must be, Goddess Hou Tu once took a bath in this pool of Dao liquid."

A pool for bathing? Zhong Yue was greatly shocked. Using the Dao Liquid as bathing water? Wouldn't that be way too luxurious?

Did Qing Feng somehow drink the bathing water here before? Zhong Yue thought in his heart.

Soon after, Bai Canghai and Ma Sansou arrived in the palace and were stunned as they were welcomed by no living beings but only a floor of corpses!

Brother Zhong is getting stronger and stronger day after day. Bai Canghai recollected his thoughts. He knew exactly how strong the Eight Dragons Dominator Palaces. After all, he followed Mingshan to this place and saw Qing Feng killing Mingshan together with dozens of other Qi Practitioners as easily as crushing a few petty bugs.

Yet, it only took Zhong Yue a short while to scale the mountain and kill Qing Feng. Clearly, Zhong Yue's strength had now reached a level beyond his reach.

Ma Sansou was even more shocked, he muttered, "Shu Ye tried to conquer the palace but was defeated and dozens of his followers died in the battle. Shu Ye was already one of the top ten in the Prison Realm's Qi Practitioners. Doesn't that mean that Senior Martial Brother Evil God is even stronger than that of Shu Ye?"

At first, he was forced to be subservient to Zhong Yue. After that, Zhong Yue didn't mention returning his freedom and thus he didn't dare to leave. But now, not only did he no longer have thoughts escape, but he was even beginning to warm up to the possibility following Zhong Yue.

Bai Canghai and Ma Sansou looked at each other and immediately began to search through the Yuan Shen secret realms one after one.

It took them a long time to finish plundering all of the Yuan Shen secret realms, and they were exceptionally satisfied with the results.

"I heard that Qing Feng also had another treasure called the jade pool Dao liquid. It is very precious and is the only reason why Shu Ye wanted to claim the palace so badly!" Ma Sansou's eyes flashed and he grew very excited, "I wonder where this jade pool Dao liquid is?"

When the two found the jade pool, they were shocked to see a skeleton bathing itself in the center of the precious jade pool. Its head was leaned on the side of the pool, and its body bathed in the Dao liquid. It was taking a bath in a pool of Dao liquid!

Ma Sansou wanted to cry but no tears would've rolled down his cheeks. The Blood Bone Evil God was actually taking a bath with the precious Dao liquid that countless people were dreaming of possessing only a drop!

Can one be more even more lavish and wasteful than this?

He nearly hopped up from the ground, he wanted to point his finger at Zhong Yue's nose and vent his anger out to let Zhong Yue know how furious he was to see a pool of Dao liquid wasted as bath water. Well, that is, if Zhong Yue's skeleton form ever had a nose for him to point at in the first place.

The proper way to utilize the Dao liquid was to drink and refine it!

And may the heavens forgive this idiot for bathing himself in a pool of Dao liquid!

Were there any laws that could be used to punish and sentence the evil skeleton to death? To let him learn how to consume the Dao liquid properly the hard way?

Well, of course, it was all just thoughts that streamed in his mind.

Ma Sansou laughed dryly and said, "Umm Senior Martial Brother Evil God, your body must be very clean, am I right? It should be fine that I drink some of your bathing water?"

Zhong Yue looked up at and his psyche answered, "The living beings of the Bone Realm never showered. This is the first time I have taken a bath since I was reborn into the Bone Realm about a hundred years or more ago, I think."

Ma Sansou's face darkened like the black iron and was dejected. He didn't have the courage to drink the bathing water of a skeleton who was having his first bath in a hundred years.

"Washing together?" Zhong Yue invited.

Ma Sansou wanted to but didn't dare, he said, "When you have finished, I will bath with the remaining Dao liquid..."


Bai Canghai dove into the pool and the Dao liquid splashed out to the sides. Ma Sansou's heart ached painfully and he shouted, "Bai Zhe brat! Careful! This is the Dao liquid, it's not pool water that you can splash around wildly in with disregard. Be wary that the heavens punish you for wasting such precious water!"

"Comfy!" Bai Canghai was surprised and happy, he could feel his body covered by the Dao liquid. A wave of pure energy was permeated through his pores, washing away the impurities in his body and Yuan Shen!

Even the hidden wounds and past injuries he suffered were all recovered. His blood, bones, and bone marrow were constantly refined, making his blood essence even more powerful. Even the qualities of the mortal body and Yuan Shen that couldn't be refined were greatly improved!

Not only that, but the various totem patterns in his body were also restructured under the nourishment of Dao liquid. They became much more in line with the truths of the Dao and in turn, made the skills that were formed from these totem patterns much stronger!

"Good, good! The proper way to use the Dao liquid really is to bath in it!" Bai Canghai exclaimed comfortably. His Curse Spirit was also absorbing the energy in Dao liquid, growing exponentially!

"Sansou. Quickly come, or we will finish the energy of the Dao liquid in this pool! At that point, don't cry and blame us!" Bai Canghai laughed as he said.

Ma Sansou wanted to but so too timid, he said, "Three males squeezing together in a pool? I refuse. I will wait for you all to finish first."

Zhong Yue was also absorbing the energy of Dao liquid. He had entered the jade pool for the longest time and benefited the most. The Dao liquid was truly amazing, not only did it nourish his skeleton body and Yuan Shen, but even his mortal body was also nourished by it!

So far, he was still unable to recultivate his mortal body. His mortal body was hidden in his own Six Paths Reincarnation. But because of the imperfections in his Six Paths Reincarnation Dao, he was unable to recover his mortal body.

Now, bathing in the pool of Dao liquid, he clearly felt that the energy of the Dao liquid seeped through his Six Paths Reincarnation and reached to his mortal body!

Zhong Yue's heart pounded happily, he mulled and said in his heart, The Dao liquid can fix the shortcomings of the totem patterns. I may be able to use the Dao liquid to fix the imperfections of my Six Paths Reincarnation. Even if it doesn't work, I can still at least track down where my mortal body is in my Six Paths Reincarnation by following the trials of the Dao liquid's energy!

Every living being had a complete Six Paths Reincarnation in their body, but some could open the Yuan Shen secret realms and cultivate the Six Paths Reincarnation while others couldn't.

Zhong Yue had long determined that his mortal body was hidden in his Six Paths Reincarnation, but he couldn't find it no matter what method he used. But now, an opportunity had arrived!

He calmed down and carefully searched for his mortal body in his Six Paths Reincarnation. Meanwhile, the Pan Gu Celestial Being in the Dao Yi Secret Realm was constantly changing hand seals and continued to perfect his Six Paths Reincarnation with the help of the Dao liquid.

It was unknown how much time had passed, but Zhong Yue's body suddenly turned from the skeleton form back to a flesh and blood mortal body!

He had finally found his mortal body from the Six Paths and merged it with his skeleton!

Bai Canghai was shocked and almost smashed out of the jade pool, he shouted, "Brother Zhong, you didn't wear clothes in the shower!"

Zhong Yue looked awkward, his body suddenly trembled and the mortal body quickly phased out of existence. He was back to his skeleton body!

It's still not working. Although the time of the mortal body can reappear has prolonged, it is impossible to completely merge the two bodies. But why did I feel another surge of my own power from my mortal body?

He was perplexed. The time when the mortal body appeared was not long, but he clearly felt that there was another force in his mortal body. Although not as powerful as himself, it was still extremely strong!

Moreover, this power gave him a strong feeling of extreme familiarity.

That is... my own strength! Zhong Yue stunned as he suddenly realized, I was teleported into Bone Realm and became a weak skeleton, but my mortal body did not disappear. The power in my mortal body didn't disappear and remained with the body. My 'previous' cultivation base, arcane energy and everything else is still hidden in my mortal body!

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