Road To The Crown Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Baiting the enemy

19th July 1574

As devastating as it was to watch my men fall to the ground never to stand up again, I had to follow my duties as the commanding officer in this battle, and prevent those who were still alive, from sharing the fate of their fallen brothers-in-arms.

"Suppressing fire!'

Being just a few steps away from the fortifications of the marketplace, I didn't need to worry about my order being lost in the chaos of battle. While there was a slight lag between me issuing the next direction and the people actually following it, as soon as the window was opened for the remnants of my first army, I didn't dare to waste even a single second.

After all, even mark two reaper guns required a time to reload as soon as their magazine would empty out!

"Retreat to the city! I repeat, retreat to the city!"

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