Road To The Crown Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Springing the trap

19th July 1574

As lethal and dangerous as word 'mine' sounded, in the current day and age, it was just a way for the sieging troops to undo the walls of the fortification, by detonating a huge explosion in the tunnel dug under the target.

On the other hand, what this soldier of mine was referring to right now, was nothing else but those small and funny packages that my soldiers dropped on the ground as soon as the retreat order was issued!

"Okay then, pass the news to everyone, when the first mine detonates, everyone is to aim for the other mines! Try to activate them with rifles, but if it's impossible, ask the reaper nests to do it for you!"

Not even bothering to look out from behind my cover, I just sat on the cold concrete roof of the building, allowing its roof wall to shield me from any potential harm. After all, I couldn't expect for commanding to be so draining!


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