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Royal Lotus summary:

Once an villainous, Ice Juntasa wakes up to find herself waking up to her childhood. With this chance to avoid dying a cold and painful death, she vows to not fall back into her evil and greedy ways. A/N: Picture does not belong to me

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Royal Lotus Chapters

Time uploaded
20 164 weeks ago
19 158 months ago
18 148 months ago
17 138 months ago
16 128 months ago
15 118 months ago
14 108 months ago
13 98 months ago
12 88 months ago
11 78 months ago
10 68 months ago
9 58 months ago
8 48 months ago
7 38 months ago
6 28 months ago
5 18 months ago
4 38 months ago
3 28 months ago
2 18 months ago
1 Prologue8 months ago
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