Royal Lotus Chapter 17

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"You-You," Ken stuttered, before he was forcibly put into silence when the sword drew closer to his neck.

"Silent. Do you understand you just committed treason by raising your hand at a Ro-Noble child, Sir?" questioned the special knight. I didn't miss the way he stumbled on his words and nearly claimed me as a child of royal blood. And for the first time, it didn't irk me to not be referred to as a royal child. Noble, commoner, or royal, at this point none of that truly mattered. As the nuisance was held in a restraining position, I walked over to Phillip, "Are you alright?"

He nodded meekly, trying to get up but hissing in pain instead. I sighed, and moved to lift him arm around my shoulder and helped him. "Let's get you patched up," I said, turning to face the knight. "Can I trust you to send him away?" I asked.

He arched his eyebrows, ignoring the sweating noble who cursed vile words, "Do you not want him to be punished?"

"That's too much trouble. Just send him away and everything will be fine. Good day, then."

I could feel the intense gaze from the knight as I walked together with Phillip towards the gate of the manor. He was most likely curious as to why I hadn't wish for the downfall of the trespasser, seeing as that would most likely be the route my mother would've taken. But I wasn't my mother, nor the old Ice.

Patching the last of Phillip's wounds, I straightened my posture.

"Thank you," he said. I nodded and took a seat on the chair next to his. "I should be the one thanking you for coming all the way here. Anyway, I'm sure you're curious as to why I requested your presence."

I noticed him tense up and I bit back a grin as I leaned against my hand. "Say, won't you sign a contract with me?"

His eyes widen. "A co-contract?" he stuttered. Contracts with noble's were rare for those of common backgrounds. The last one had been twenty years ago when a girl born of commoner background was blessed with strong healing affinity, and signed a contact to become a holy maiden for the military.
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"Are-are you sure?" he asked, his eyes shining with concern. I could understand his worries. The two of us are nothing more than children, I more so than him. And if by chance the public were to know, it's be seen as nothing more than a silly child's play, however it could also be a gamble on my image. Phillip had to understand, however, that I do not care so much for my image. They can call me a fool all they want, but my faith in Phillip's abilities won't waver. In a couple of years, Phillip will succeed - I'll make sure of it - and I won't be so much of the foolish one then.

Of course by no means am I being selfless by doing this. My goal through this is to give him the support while I still have the money so when the time comes for me to leave, I'll have backup funds.

"I am fully confident this is what I want," I stated.

He remained quiet, trying to process his train of thoughts. "What..." he began, "What is the full contract?"

I grinned.
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