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  • The Game Touches Reality

  • Genres : Action -  Male Protagonist -  Game Elements -  MMORPG -  Average-looking Protagonist -  Game -  Awkward Protagonist
  • Status : Ongoing
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The Game Touches Reality summary:

Do you believe that playing games can improve physical fitness in reality?Twilight of the Gods, why is a game made by artificial intelligence sold globally?Yu Tu, who had never been in contact with the game, accepted the task and entered the game and noticed the difference in the game.Until one day, the power of the game affects reality, whether reality connects the game, or the game touches reality.- Description from MTL

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The Game Touches Reality Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 895:4 weeks ago
Chapter 295:4 weeks ago
Chapter 292:4 weeks ago
Chapter 182:4 weeks ago
Chapter 25: War4 weeks ago
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