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  • The Villainous Emperor Is My Pet?

  • Genres : Fantasy -  Gore -  Dark -  isekai -  transmigation
  • Status : Ongoing
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The Villainous Emperor Is My Pet? summary:

[congratulations! your dream came true!you passed the damn test. you have received a golden opportunity to change the ending.]...After offending an author, she transmigrated into a book.Did she transmigrate into the main character? a side character? A villain?She wasn't that lucky.Being a nameless background character, she's supposed to stop the emperor from getting married to the evil ex-fiance and wage the war?As if the emperor knew anything else other than killing people!Can she find a way to tame the emperor and give a happy ending to all the characters?...Unlucky Transmigrator: Why can't I have a pet with 8 packs, a big D, and an innocent mind for me to corrupt?Emperor: You want me?Unlucky Transmigrator: When did I say that I want you?Emperor: With 8 packs, a big D, and an innocent mind for you to corrupt, this emperor is more than qualified to be your pet.Unlucky Transmigrator: I don't see any innocent mind here.Emperor: Then, when did you see my 8 packs and big D?Unlucky Transmigrator: ...

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