Second Chance: Raising A Yandere Demon Lord Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The Dream [3]

A gentle and wide smile sat on Odette's face. But the piercing look shot by her, coupled with the twirling dagger inside her hand, was able to render both the maids before her scared.

Their knees trembled while their line of sight was on the ground. Staring at both of them, Odette stopped moving the dagger inside her hand.

"It seems that both of you're keen on being punished. Once again, I am asking you. Where is Adrian?" she vocalised.

"H-He is taken inside the prison. Pardon me, Lady Odette. I did not know anything about it," one of the maids spoke out, falling on to her knees.

Following her, the other maid kneeled down as well, and both of their bodies trembled as the other maid vocalised, "I grew aware of it yesterday as well, Lady Odette. I-I a-am helpless in this matter. P-Please spare me."

Hearing those words caused Odette to clench her hand into a tight fist for a second before she had loosened. The cruelty in the prison was very well known to her, and she was aware on how it was not lenient to small kids.

Thinking about the torture Adrian will be going through, she wondered what expression will he be having on his face. Will he bear the same innocence and naivety similar to four days ago?

Extending her hand, she brought the blade near to one of the maids, and the sharp edge came in contact with the maid's cheeks. The cold object caused the maid to close her eyes tightly while her bottom lips quivered.

Trailing the blade down the maid's cheek to her neck, Odette vocalised, "I am aware of how both of you are innocent. The mistake you created is that I had to ask you twice before you answered me. I absolutely loathe people who makes me question twice."

Making a sharp cut on the maid's neck, she brought her face closer to her and spoke out, "Now that I am angry, I hope you understand that I have to calm it down in some way."

Seeing how the maid was very close to losing her consciousness, Odette backed away from her slightly. As much as it would be pleasant for her to watch the maid faint due to fright, it would only create unnecessary troubles for her later on.

Turning her head, she faced the other maid and widened the smile on her face. A cute and endearing expression was pulled on to her face.

"Since I have no use of you, why don't I send you off to my father?" she questioned. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Her words caused for both of the maid's eyes widen due to horror, and as much as they wanted to protest, they were afraid that there punishment will worsen.

Odette was truly a devil to say such a thing at this age while wearing on a smiling expression.

"Since both of you are showing any objections to it, I will regard this as two of you agreeing to this," Odette expressed.

Then, raising her hand, she clenched on to the jaw of the other maid and added, "My father always enjoyed fresh and untainted beauties. Moroever, two of you are really young as well. He will have a fun time."

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