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  • Seized By The System

  • Author(s): Mu Heng
  • Genres : Comedy -  Game Elements
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 234.03 K
  • RATE:
    Seized By The System8 votes : 3.56 / 5

Seized By The System summary:

Procrastinator extraordinaire, Fang Ning, had lost his consciousness after banging his head on a night of celebration. He woke up to a realization that he no longer had control of his body, as a System had taken it over. Will he eventually regain control of his body or will he be trapped in his body forever? How does he maneuver this situation? What's in store for Fang Ning?

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Seized By The System Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1111 Pawn4 months ago
Chapter 1111 Pawn4 months ago
Chapter 989 Stall9 months ago
Chapter 973 Clues9 months ago
Chapter 967 Phony10 months ago
Chapter 948 Mutiny10 months ago
Chapter 947 Move10 months ago
Chapter 931 Bait10 months ago
Chapter 885 Dust11 months ago
Chapter 873 Deal11 months ago
Chapter 872 Rights11 months ago
Chapter 870 Lies11 months ago
Chapter 862 Rent11 months ago
Chapter 850 Core11 months ago
Chapter 849 Rival12 months ago
Chapter 826 Malady12 months ago
Chapter 798 Face12 months ago
Chapter 575 Viralone year ago
Chapter 512one year ago
Chapter 3642 years ago
Chapter 3622 years ago
Chapter 3512 years ago
Chapter 3352 years ago
Chapter 3252 years ago
Chapter 3242 years ago
Chapter 3162 years ago
Chapter 3082 years ago
Chapter 3032 years ago
Chapter 2952 years ago
Chapter 2622 years ago
Chapter 2592 years ago
Chapter 2582 years ago
Chapter 2482 years ago
Chapter 2392 years ago
Chapter 2342 years ago
Chapter 2292 years ago
Chapter 2252 years ago
Chapter 2232 years ago
Chapter 2222 years ago
Chapter 111one year ago
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