Seized By The System Chapter 708

Chapter 708 No Other Alternatives

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“Everyone quiet, I…” Black Robe cleared his throat and was just about to make a speech to fool these powerhouses to work for him.

“What are you trying to say? An evil devil like you should just drag out an ignoble existence, but you dare to make a big speech and plot to fool others! You don’t know the difference between life and death!” Vigilante A lightly said.

“Huh, this, how could this be? Why didn’t you lose your memory?” Black Robe turned pale with fright before realizing he misspoken and hurriedly said, “Everyone, don’t listen to him. His hands are covered in blood, and in just two years, the life that was taken by his hands are uncountable. He’s guilty of reprehensible crimes and must be punished. His sins fill the heavens! Everyone, you must stay away from this man.”

Qiao Anping and the others looked at the two seemingly normal people bickering in front of them and were currently unsure of who to listen to.

Then, Vigilante A’s body suddenly shivered, and white energy scattered everywhere. Morality pervaded the air and repelled all evil!

“Hm, it seems to me that Mr. Handsome’s words here are more credible…” Qiao Zijiang’s eyes flashed as she suggested.

“Well, I do find him more pleasing to the eye.” Qiao Anping nodded.

“Damn it, don’t you know to not judge a book by its cover? Although my appearance is ordinary, my heart is kind…” Black Robe said shamelessly.

“Hm, I feel like your words aren’t very trustworthy.” Qiao Anping shook his head.

“Hmph, it’s up to you to believe me or not. That guy is a robber and a liar. All your treasures are still with him.” Black Robe took the opportunity to pour dirty water on Vigilante A.

“How dare you slander me! Before everyone lost their memories, they gave their treasures to me to establish a unified Treasure Guard. Now is the time for them to display their power.” Vigilante A reprimanded, and then raised his hand and pointed in the air.

However, nothing happened.

“Haha, did you forget as well? In this land, all magic is banned.” Black Robe sneered.

It was because of that that he became arrogant again. He believed that by relying on his own feet, he would be able to escape Vigilante A’s pursuit.

However, at the next moment, he saw a laptop and a hand-cranked generator on the ground…

That generator was very familiar. It was the ultimate move Fang Ning had when the System cut the electricity…

That laptop was also extremely familiar. It was what Fang Ning used to surf the Internet.

Since the Host had lost his memory, Sir System misappropriated its Host’s belongings without hesitation…

“Everyone come and see. I’ve recorded everything I experienced inside here.”

Four to five people then gathered around.

Qiao Anping, Qiao Zishan, Qiao Zijiang, Saki Yamanashi, and the only member left from the Truth Department, Xu Rui, all looked at the laptop with ignorant expressions.

“Ah? This- this can’t be. Who would have the leisure to record his own activities every day? You’re a Hero, not an online celebrity.” Black Robe saw that his plot was completely exposed and suddenly became flustered.

He never thought that his master’s careful calculation would be this easily destroyed by Vigilante A.

‘The other party didn’t lose his memory and had even recorded the scenes before the others lost their memories.

‘It was almost as if he prepared for this long ago…

‘How could this be?

‘Can his wisdom really compare to Master’s?’

Black Robe would never believe this.

The laptop turned on quickly.

Local Disk (E:) —”Work” folder —”Program Development”—”So-and-so Project”—”Original Files”.

A pile of .avi files were immediately exposed.

“He really hid it deeply.” Black Robe said disdainfully and quietly looked for a way out.

Vigilante A did not speak and directly opened one of the files.

“Thus, I’ve decided to centralize everyone’s spiritual treasures, temporarily strengthen them and form a temporary ‘Treasure Guard’…”

In the video, a man’s resounding voice spoke, just like the person currently in front of them.

Then, they saw their own respective figures in the video.

With that, there was no more doubt.

“Aren’t you worried that he forged that?” Black Robe refused to give up. He had to incite disharmony.

“You scoundrel, you keep slandering me. Do you really think I can’t do anything to you?” Vigilante A glared.

Black Robe jumped and immediately recalled his unparalleled palm, and floated away with a shift of his body.

He did not have magic, but he still had martial arts, so he was still very fast.

However, to his surprise, Vigilante A did not chase him, nor did he give him another palm.

In the System Space.

“Damn it, that useless Multi-Millionaire Host. He’s so inconvenient.” Sir System said resentfully, “That guy cursed me so many times, but the stupid map is still indicating him as yellow.”

“Stop talking in my ear. I want to sleep.” Fang Ning stretched himself in the lounge.

“Hey, did you really lose your memory? You still want to sleep?” Sir System said unsurely.

“Huh, even my own name was told to me by you. Do you think I really lost my memory or I’m just faking it… ” Fang Ning lay on the soft bed and said lazily.

“Well, it should be true. After all, I checked it myself.” The System then felt assured.

“By the way, you used to have a skill to see if someone is pleasing to the eye and determining if they’re a threat or not. Look at this guy now…” Sir System quickly said.

“Uh, I’m really tired. I can’t open my eyes. Ask me again after I sleep.” Fang Ning said rightfully.

“What’s the use of a servant like you? You dare to disobey your master’s orders?” Sir System said gloomily.

“Oh, even though I don’t know why, I always feel like I have the confidence to say so. It’s probably because I’m the legendary highest quality servant…” Fang Ning aid confidently.

“Damn it, I never thought that even after losing your memory, your laziness hasn’t change at all.” Sir System grew even more depressed.

“Sorry, Lord, Lord Tong, please be quiet.” Fang Ning instructed, put his head into the quilt, and fell asleep again.

“Damn it, it’s better to let him recover.” Sir System immediately felt at a loss, “He’s as lazy as he was before he lost his memory, plus he also lost his previous working ability… He lost his memory and doesn’t know how to play the computer anymore, but his laziness is the same. I’ll have completely no other alternative towards him in the future.”

After an hour, after seeing several sapient treasures, everyone no longer had any doubts.

Vigilante A arranged the few people to form a team surrounded by the sapient treasures.

There were treasures to open up a path in front, treasures to patrol the left and right, and treasures that brought up the rear in the back.

The Treasure Guard was completely arranged by the System…

Then, the System formally stepped on the path of farming the entire arcane realm…

Black Robe shamelessly followed the rear of the group. He did not care about his face. Besides, he knew that it was the safest with Vigilante A, and the other party seemed to not be able to do anything to him either.

It seemed that after fighting once, the other party’s Iron Fist of Justice was still in its cooldown period and could not be used to punish him. At least, before he committed any obvious evil sins, it would be impossible to beat him up again because of his few verbal attacks.

At the same time, outside the arcane realm.

After Hook realized he could not enter the arcane realm again, he was baffled and hurriedly searched the huge electronic data accumulated by the Investigation Bureau before finally finding the relevant content.

“Top secret: Previous know as ‘Yin Energy Realm’, currently known as ‘Morality City’. The earliest entrance appeared in America as a strange train running on disused train tracks. Afterward, when it wanted to choose its master, it originally chose a person with the power of death. However, that person died a long time ago. Later, by mistake, Vigilante A took over. If that person had entered beforehand, he would have obtained the arcane realm’s acknowledgment and become the master of the arcane realm.”

Seeing this, Hook immediately came to an understanding.

He said to a group of alchemists that had been impatient for a long time, “I get it now. There must be a suitable candidate for being the master inside, so the arcane realm sealed off the passageway.”

“In that case, what do we do now?” A plump middle-aged white woman wearing thick foundation said impatiently.

“We should find a more suitable candidate. Only then will the arcane realm reopen the entrance.” Hook had a plan in advance.

“Then hurry and find one! Why’re you still here speaking nonsense?” The plump white woman grew even more impatient.

‘Damn it, these insufferable bastards. Just because I don’t have the strength of a powerhouse, they order me around arrogantly.

‘It’s only because they have power that they have the capital to do so! As for me, I’m completely helpless again them.’

Hook thought bitterly before making a call.

“Robert, I’m an old friend of yours.”

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