Seized By The System Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Recovered

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In the Land of Sanguinity.

On the side of the red river, Vigilante A led the procession along the river.

They had been walking for three hours, passing through three dense forests and two hills, all along the direction of the current.

However, they had not encountered any danger. However, at almost every section of the river, under the surface of the water would be dark shadows swimming back and forth. From time to time, waves would break out, showing that there was fierce fighting and struggles happening underwater.

“Sir, it seems that there’s no trouble on land…” Qiao Zijiang questioned cautiously.

Although she had lost part of her memories, she did not become stupid.

“Well, that’s what it looks like. The dangers on land come from yourself.” Vigilante A nodded.

Then, he pointed to the black-robed middle-aged man at the end of their procession.

The four surviving members of the Truth Department all nodded secretly. That black-robed man’s aura was obviously not upright, yet he had the audacity to follow behind them. It was definitely not the action of a man of honor.

At least, those who paid attention would not stay if they knew that they were unwelcome.

Furthermore, there was also a video to prove it, and the various sapient tools and treasures in the Treasure Guard had spoken as well. They had long regarded that black-robed man as an outsider.

It was only the amnesiac young lady that helped to speak nice words on behalf of the black-robed man. Otherwise, they would not tolerate him following them.

Black Robe naturally saw all the looks of despise he was receiving, but he took them in stride.

In order to complete his master’s task, he would be willing to throw away his life. What was losing a bit of face in comparison? Since ancient times, people who achieved great things never had misgivings about their face, otherwise, they would be killed at critical moments.

In the System Space.

“Mr. Rich Boss, what now?” Sir System asked gloomily.

They had walked for three hours and countered not a single monster, so how could the System not be gloomy? There was also a guy with ulterior motives following after them, adding fuel to the fire.

“Mr. Rich Boss? Are you calling me, Lord Tong?” Fang Ning, who was learning the forging skill in the blacksmith’s forge, asked doubtfully.

“Uh, yeah. That was how you were addressed before” Sir System repeatedly observed and confirmed that Fang Ning really lost his memory. Otherwise, how would he dare to do such a job?

“Oh, it seems that I used to be a rich man, but I vaguely feel that I’ve been living a poor life… What was your problem earlier? Why do you mean ‘what now’? I don’t understand at all.” Fang Ning said curiously.

“How troublesome. It’ll be really tiring to explain. I should just help you regain your memory…” Sir System said bitterly.

“Is that so? I feel that it’s quite nice now. My mind seems to be much cleaner. I don’t have to think about anything after I wake up.” Fang Ning pounded a piece of refined iron and sighed.

“Forget it, you stupid servant Fang Ning. Just work here all your life as a laborer. I’ll ask someone else.” Sir System huffed away.

After a while, Vigilante A suddenly stopped.

“Everyone, we’re splitting up.” He said to the group of five being surrounded by treasures.

“Huh, Mr. Vigilante, why?” Qiao Anping questioned. He already knew from the video that he was the leader of this group, as well as the uncle of those two.

“Well, I’ve always taken upon myself to wipe out the turbidity of the world. There are much fighting and killing in this boundary. The demons and devils are hiding, so I will go to them. Now it seems there are no demons and devils on land, but they’re all hiding in the water, so I will take a look.” Vigilante A lightly said.

“Oh, you’re right. In that case, do as you please.” Qiao Anping did not have Black Robe’s face. Since he had been protected by Vigilante A for 3 hours, he could not be pinned under his wings like a child.

“Hm, I’ll leave half of the treasures here for your safety. The other half will advance with me. You all just stay here and don’t move. I’ll wipe out some demons and come back at regular intervals.” Vigilante A instructed.

“That would be good. Thank you for your concern.” Qiao Anping cupped his hands.

Thus, the several people set up camp again.

Black Robe looked at this scene coldly. This time, he would not follow Vigilante A. Where that person went would definitely be dangerous.

If he followed again, that would just be him courting death…

In the System Space.

“Well, we finally got rid of that bunch of dead weights. Now I can go on a farming spree. How troublesome, if you were clear-headed, I wouldn’t have to waste three hours.” Sir System complained.

When Fang Ning heard this, he asked without raising his head, “Then why didn’t you ask ‘someone else’ first instead?”

“Uh…” The System had nothing to say and only choked out a sentence after a long while, “Isn’t it because I don’t believe others? I’m worried that they’ll fool me.”

“Hm, it seems that Lord Tong is very suspicious.” Fang Ning mused.

“Hmph, a wise man once said, ‘doubt everything’. Only you are System Bound. Of course I have to be suspicious of others.” Sir System said righteously.

“Huh, that sounds familiar. I guess that makes sense. Currently, I’m also suspecting that I’m the master, and you’re the servant…” Fang Ning said thoughtfully.

“How- How could that be? How could you think that?” The System was shocked. ‘This lazy-*ass lost his memories, but he unexpectedly is still able to think about this?’

“It’s very simple. After I woke up, I walked around and found that there aren’t many traces of me in working areas. On the contrary, there were traces of me everywhere in leisure areas, especially that so-called Cyber Cafe that ‘makes people become degenerates’, followed by the sleeping areas. Somehow, those footprints and fingerprints are all glaring details to my eyes. Say, where would you find a servant who gets that kind of treatment?” Fang Ning spoke eloquently.

“Uh…” The System was really at a loss of words. ‘This lazy-*ss is so lazy he surpassed the entire realm.’

“Hmph, your strength is profound, but the power of your soul is already at the peak of Pond-level. It’s easy to see footprints and fingerprints.” Sir System hurriedly changed the subject.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, and I’m too lazy to think about it too. I’m tired now, so I’ll go to sleep.” Fang Ning put down the hammer and started walking.

“F*ck, you only worked for two hours and you’re already going back to rest. You lost your memory, but how come your laziness wasn’t lost at all?” Sir System grew depressed.

“Look at you, you really aren’t the master.” Fang Ning suddenly stopped and said triumphantly, “Which boss would just let their employees stop working at will? Although my memory is unclear, I know what they’ll definitely lose their temper.”

“Uh, that’s because I’ve always been a kind System master. This is called the evil servant bullying the master…” The System felt wronged.

“Oh, if you say that, I’ll feel bad. Forget it, I was just testing you. I’ll continue to work. I can’t eat for free anyway.” Fang Ning turned back and continued to lift the hammer and beat the refined iron.

“That’s more like it. It looks like you were a diligent and sensible person before. I really don’t know when you started to degenerate…” Sir System said gloomily.

“I also don’t know. Didn’t I lose my memory?” Fang Ning was suddenly lost in thought.

System Notification: [The Host’s soul fluctuated.]

“No, that can’t be. You can’t have regained your memory so soon…” Sir System was shocked.

“Damn it, you stupid System. How dare you take advantage of someone’s difficulties!” Fang Ning suddenly shouted.

“Wha- You- you really recovered? That’s impossible. That’s absolutely impossible. Qiao Anping’s strength is clearly much higher than yours and yet he hasn’t recovered yet. How did you manage to recover?” Sir System was extremely surprised.

“Hmph, I’m inside the System Space while he’s outside, so he’s constantly subject to heaven and earth’s influence. After I sleep and three hours pass, the sealing imposed on me from outside would have expired.” Fang Ning said eloquently.

“Ugh, if I had known that you’ll regain your memories so quickly. I should have aired the place out occasionally…” Sir System said gloomily.

“That’s great. That’s what you call an evil servant bullying the master!” Fang Ning said furiously, “Aren’t you afraid of me causing trouble?”

“It’s exactly because I’m afraid of you causing trouble that I blocked all sorts of channels from outside the System Space.” The System said righteously, “Otherwise, how would you recover so quickly?”

“Fine, fine, let’s put this melodramatic incident in the past. Business is more important. How far have you gone in this Land of Sanguinity?” Fang Ning immediately asked about proper business after recovering.

“That’s a good question, but there’s not much progress. I really can’t do it without you. I don’t want to discuss such a large matter with Anderson alone. Those guys have criminal records. Without you watching, I’m afraid I’ll be fooled by them…” The System said bitterly.

“So that’s it, I remember someone saying before about becoming the ‘master of this place’, and calling itself ‘Lord Tong’. It seems to be that it’s Lord Bucket instead, or Lord Rice-tub 1 ” Fang Ning said disdainfully.

“Stop saying nonsense. What do we do now?” The System hurriedly changed the topic.

“There’s too little data, so you can only decipher it with force first. Isn’t your Treasure Guard established already? Just go on a killing spree now and gather more data, then I’ll think over it again.” Fang Ning instructed.

“It can only be so.” The System had nothing left to say.

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