Seized By The System Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Testing The Waters

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Red waves crashed in the river of blood. Monster corpses floated to the surface every once in a while, and were immediately consumed by numerous black shadows that flocked toward them. All that was left, was blood flowing into the river.

An azure dragon was tossing around in the water, clearing every obstacle in its way.

The sea monsters, however, continued coming at it…

“Finally, a good slaughter… If only every day can be like this,” said a Sir was discontented.

“Aren’t you afraid of making a habit out of all this killing and turn you into a killing demon?” replied a worried Fang Ning.

“Hey, have you not woke up from your amnesia? I’ve told you long ago that I will not end up in deviatory psychosis nor be influenced by any spiritual magic. As for this habit of killing, it’s just a means of accumulating experience points for me. I find no joy in all this slaughter. If I could accumulate my experience by sleeping so much every day like you, I’d sleep more soundly than you,” Sir said condescendingly.

“Stop using me as a negative example in your lectures. I don’t sleep so much every day… I’d sometimes burn the midnight oil too, ok?” Fang Ning said with discontent.

“…” Sir was speechless as that was indeed the truth.

“I’ve realized that your skin has become thicker after recovering from your amnesia. You’ve been letting loose…” Sir said bitterly.

“Hahahaha, life is but a dream. We need to let loose when we can,” Fang Ning was not bothered.

“I guess that is the case, I have miscalculated yet again…” Sir said unhappily.

“What do you mean by that? I thought there was something strange. Everything was fine when I was hiding in the System Space but somehow, I was affected by everything happening outside. I have been living the good life and yet now, I’ve come across this bad luck. So, this is all your fault! You are terrible and have no sense of humanity!” Fang Ning was furious.

“Erm…” Sir did not know what to say.

Naturally, it was speechless because It had not expected to be caught by the Host with a minor slip of the tongue.

“Aren’t you afraid of the problems I could cause? If I went mad and crazy, wouldn’t you be dragged down with me?” Fang Ning got angrier by the minute.

“You won’t. This realm will pick a master. It won’t pick a mad man, you will recover soon enough,” Sir was confident.

“It’s always wise to play safe. If you dare make such a decision on your own again, I’ll get… I’ll get…” Fang Ning could not think of a threat.

“You’ll get, you’ll get what? You have no one to get anything from, you don’t even have any relatives,” Sir said triumphantly.

“I’ll collect rent from you and search for loopholes everyday…” Fang Ning finally thought of a method he had previously used to curb it.

“Er, don’t worry, this will be the last time, I won’t put you in the spot again. I did it because I wanted to be sure of success. If you really are unable to recover, I will use my astronomical figure of experience points to help you get better,” Sir said humbly.

“That’s better,” Fang Ning finally cooled down.

This system is always doing things its own way, only to end up slapping itself in the face. It is always a cause for worry.

Without Fang Ning by its side, it would have gotten into much trouble.

At this point, the frequent appearing system notification suddenly displayed a big change.

(System killed Piranha Elite No.1.

System gained 500 experience points.

System killed Piranha Elite No.2.

System gained 450 experience points


“How is this happening? The monsters get stronger yet my experience points become lower? What stupid rule is this? Is there a bug? Mr. Rich Boss, quick help take a look,” Sir was frustrated.

Fang Ning replied with scorn, “What can I look at? I don’t have your source code. I can make a rough guess though. You did mention it yourself that this is a cruel place.”

“That is my instinct. As for why that is, I’m really not too sure. Let’s hear your thoughts on why the stronger the monster, the lower my experience points,” Sir was gloomy.

“It’s simple. I realized that the monsters here are not created naturally. They are formed when people from the outside die here and their souls coagulate into flesh and blood. Every time they die, the souls will be reborn. Every time they are reborn, they will lose a bit of their soul. You will feel them getting stronger because their physical body gets stronger every time, but the souls that are operating within them get weaker… The experience points will naturally be less,” Fang Ning said with certainty.

“How did you realize that and I didn’t?” Sir wondered.

“Hmph, did you really think I was sleeping all day? I’m always thinking in my dreams, and I get inspired by my dreams. I was sleeping when I felt something trying to draw my soul away. Luckily I was hiding within the System Space and I averted the disaster because it couldn’t locate me,” Fang Ning said proudly.

“I see, that was dangerous! It was lucky that I stopped myself in time and didn’t continue to open up the pathway to the outside world. Sure enough, a System cannot be too greedy. You may be overly lazy as a Host, but you are smart and have some wisdom. You are ethical and moral with righteous personality. You don’t do evil and do not have a bad heart…” Sir spouted non-stop.

“Stop flattering me. I can tell it’s not sincere. What do you need from me again?” Fang Ning said with disdain.

“Simple, how do I gain the normal experience points?” Sir was straightforward.

“Well, I would naturally know the answer but we can’t use it,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Why?” Sir did not understand.

Fang Ning replied gravely, “It’s simple. It is because it goes against the path of righteousness. You see, the easiest way to destroy stronger monsters is to release a bunch of souls into this realm, the Land of Sanguinity. All these souls will form a newer, bigger monster which will then enable you to kill and gain higher experience points…”

“Isn’t that great? I have millions of strong souls locked up in the Draconic Penitentiary…” Sir was delighted.

“Stop that thought. Those souls need to work and at the same time pray to the Divine Eagle brothers for Divine Power cultivation, you shouldn’t lose them easily. Although, the malevolent spirits you have been fostering are considered a type of soul. They have no rational, are vicious and wicked, perfect for being let into this realm as monsters,” Fang Ning suddenly had a brainwave.

“Mr. Rich Boss, you are indeed correct. If you had not reminded me of this point, I’d really won’t be able to think about it. It really is a pity that I didn’t allow the Association of the Spirit King to capture more of these malevolent spirits. I was too picky then and refused to accept top quality malevolent spirits, otherwise, I would be having a great time now,” Sir said with regret.

“Yeah, we can’t even enter the Draconic Arcane Realm now, what more the outside world. Lucky though that you still have a few hundred of Pond-level malevolent spirits. If they were let out outside, they would have created much chaos in a short time. Although, if we let them out here, who knows what will happen…” Fang Ning was worried.

“What could happen? Just let them out and I’ll keep an eye on them,” Sir was already overjoyed with the thought and had no time to worry about the aftermath.

“Alright, let’s release one to test the waters,” Fang Ning nodded.

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