She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 4 Chapter 73

Volume 4 Chapter 73 Point Of Views

They all went down to the underground training area.

"Why are you suddenly provoking all of them?" Yukimura whispered to Eureka.

"I just said what was on my mind, it's not my fault if they are provoked by it," Eureka replied.

"Do you really have no emotions? It feels like you are irritated by their words which caused you to provoke the."

"Their words are not right, so I just said what I have observed."

"And how do you plan on fighting these generals? They are obviously the strongest among the knights of this kingdom, even I am not confident to fight all of them in one day."

"I'll just fight, whatever the outcome is, then it shall be the outcome."

"Come on, I shall be your first opponent," Osamu called after going to the center.

Eureka walked to the center pulling out both her swords, "You're too impatient I must say, do you really want to beat me that much?"

"Shut up, you disrespectful child," Osamu berated as fire surrounded his sword.

"Hey Osamu ain't that a bit too much?" Kunihiko couldn't help but to call out.

"I never said we are not going to use abilities," Osamu replied as he went in and attacked her.

"Are you that much affected by my words, of you wanting to kill the king?" Eureka replied as she defended from his first attack, the force of the attack was visible once their swords meet each other.

"Hmmp, you think I'm that childish? I don't care about those words. But instead it's your disrespectful manner, just because you've accomplished a lot? Don't mock me, we have accomplished more than what you have," Osamu answered before going in and attacking her non stop, sometimes using his ability to attack as well.

"Oh, really? Or are you going to do something about lady Kara, once his highness marries her?"

"Are you implying that we did something to queen Haruka?" Ichika was the one who answered this time.

"I never said anything like that."

"You see here, we were deeply depressed about what happened to queen Haruka and we don't want the same thing to happen to the next queen so we want our king to give it a deep thought," Jin replied.

"Aren't you contradicting yourself then? You came up with this meeting to make him marry but now you're saying that you want him to give it a deep thought?" Eureka replied as she deflect Osamu's attack and attacked this time.

"We never said that, in the first place who are you to get involve in this talk?" Nobuhisa angrily said to her.

"I'm nobody, and because I am a nobody, I can clearly judge things properly. And the way I see it you really are unfair to your king," Eureka replied attacking Osamu once again, everyone noticed how Osamu is being pushed back.

"You brat," Osamu said as he decided to deal with her seriously.

With him attacking seriously, Eureka got hit in the stomach and was pushed back.

"So you finally decided to be serious?" Eureka said as she wiped the blood coming out of her mouth.

"You really make me mad," Osamu replied before attacking all over again.

"You already said that you are a nobody so stop butting in with the kingdom's issues," Banri, squad 8 general replied this time.

"I am a nobody who became a knight of this kingdom. I do things for the kingdom and the people within it. I came here to protect this place and that is all. I will judge each and every person with what I think is right, and the king shall be the only one who can judge to whom I won't retaliate. And that is my sole purpose," Eureka answered as she blocked another attack from Osamu, after deflecting it she moved in and attacked much faster and much stronger hitting him in the stomach with the handle of the sword, causing Osamu to cough up blood.

"Who's next?" she then stood tall and said with her voice full of dignity.

"We're not yet done," Osamu stood up spitting some more blood.

"I don't plan continuing my battle to someone who couldn't even take it seriously," Eureka instead replied.

Osamu was stomp for words, he indeed was careless but he didn't want to hurt her so much knowing full well that she is currently being favored by Akihiro and Yukimura.

"We came here to give each other a piece of our mind, stop thinking of anyones position and come at me seriously. How will you be able to judge someone who will be the queen properly if you are this weak when it comes to sparring," Eureka once again provoked.

"Come on then, I shall be your opponent, I just need to remind you that I'm not as kind as Osamu over here," Daiki, squad 3 general, stepped out swinging his spear.

"I don't need any type of kindness, isn't that what brought Queen Haruka to her end?" Eureka said as she jumped sidewards avoiding an earth pillar coming from the floor.

"Why do you keep on implying that we have something to do with Queen Haruka's disappearance?" Jin answered getting annoyed already as well.

"Am I? I was just saying things in a public point of view," Eureka replied before she was suddenly sent flying just as she blocked Daiki's spear. Daiki stomped his foot just as she blocked causing another pillar to hit her.

"Aren't you the one who's distracted right now?" Daiki insulted as he kept attacking.

"Am I now? Shouldn't you be saying that to yourself?" Eureka replied when she disappeared in front of him and hit him in his back.

Daiki was hit but he was able to use another earth attack to hit her, which she was able to avoid.

"We told you a lot of times, we were devastated with Queen Haruka's disappearance," another official butted in their conversation.

The watching officials could no longer hold in their anger as well.

"That's right, we really were sad when she had died," another added.

"Funny when it was all of you who pushed her to her decision to just up and disappear," Eureka answered back as she kept fighting.

"Whatever happened back then is something we never thought would have caused her to disappear," another replied.

"Seriously Eureka you kept saying that you are speaking in a publics point of vies but your words were obviously targetting all of us, Queen Haruka disappeared on her own and none of us wanted that to happen," Ichika, squad 4, general finally spoke as well.

"Maybe," Takako then butted in, "Maybe our wanting for her to have an heir, caused her so much pressure. Pushing her to her end. But she is already in the past, the kingdom needs a queen now."

"Takako what the hell are you talking about, we didn't pressure her, she had ecided that on her own. She died because of her decision. I apologize for such words your highness but that is what I truly think," another official replied.

"Takako, she had disappeared indeed but, isn't that your wife was the one who even gave her medicine to improve her health, a medicine that Akito had checked himself before it was given to her," Jin added.

After Jin said so, Eureka was once again sent flying hitting the wall. She stood up and wiped blood from her mouth. Her arm dripping with blood.

"In the end, no matter how much we give each other a piece of our mind, we just won't meet. There's no point in doing this," Eureka said as she walked towards the door.

"Where's your confidence now? You were so sure of yourself a while ago and now you just run away with your tail between your legs?" Daiki insulted as he wipe blood from his mouth as well.

"Sir Daiki, do you really want to fight me with taht body right now?" Eureka replied with her back facing them only turning her back.

"That's enough, I've had enough of this bickering. I allowed you to let off some of your anger, but this is going too far now. Eureka, I really regret asking you to be in this meeting. Go on now and just wait for my further instruction," Akihiro finally said. He had listened to everything they had said, and he just wanted to end everything here. He no longer want to listen.

"I understand, your highness," Eureka replied bowing down at him and all those inside before leaving.

Akihiro then faced the officials.

"We apologize for all our words your highness. But what we all said are all what we truly feel," Jin kneeled and said respectfully.

"I know, I have heard these in the past already," Akihiro replied.

He then faced Osamu and Daiki.

"You battled her in that kind of condition."

"We are alright, your highness," Daiki said respectfully.

"Do you think I don't have any idea of what had happened here while we were gone? Are you belittling me?" Akihiro said sternly.

"That is..." Osamu couldn't find any words.

"And for all of you, you allowed these two air heads knowing full well of their conditions," he then berated the others.

No one could look at him.

"I know that another bunch of infiltrators tried to enter our kingdom, and that it was Osamu and Daiki who faced them. It just so happens that they are strong opponents."

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