She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 113

Volume 5 Chapter 113 Time

"It felt like my heart is being ripped apart, why would that be? Did she became so important to me that I would feel this way?" Akihiro looked at Haruka's eyes and said.

"I don't know Akihiro, you were with her longer than I am. But if it really did hurt you to have this kind of look, then she have indeed became so important," Haruka replied as she caress his face.

"All of us have the same questions in our minds, who is she?" he asked as he leaned closer to her hand.

"Time, give her time and she will soon tell us," Haruka replied.

"How about those two? Any signs of waking up?"

"Time, Akihiro. They also need time to adjust, but we can feel the energy flowing within them stabilizing," Haruka smiled warmly and replied.


"How did you lose your eyesight again?" Kaoru asked. He had visited Eureka after midnight, he just couldn't sleep and his feet brought him to Eureka's house, which was once his.

"You came here in the middle of the night to ask that?" Eureka obviously was not asleep either and felt his arrival.

"Please could you answer my questions this time?"

"A note was left to me. Back when queen Haruka came to stay with me for a few days, I had been reading it and thought hard. In the end my decision lead me to remain blind. I truly am a scaredy cat, aren't I?" she chuckled bitterly at her own words.

"What are you scared about?"

"Death?" she asked looking up at the moon.

"Your death?"

"No, but the death of all of you."

"Anyone would die in a war or in their old age. What makes you scared of it?" Kaoru asked once again as he looks at the lonely girl standing in front of him.

"Yes everyone dies. But I have lost so many people, and those people are also important to me. And I can still see their faces on my sleep or whenever I am not doing anything. I know each curve of their faces. Their smiles and their angry tones, I can still remember everything very clearly. Especially the moment of their deaths, their sad smile as they apologize and tells me to live for them as well, and to end the war they couldn't end."

She faces him again and smiles sadly, "I don't want to see people uttering those words anymore and dying right in front of my eyes while I can't even do anything. That is also the reason why I asked him to take my eyesight."

Kaoru fell silent for a bit as if on deep thought before looking back at her, "Do you still hate me?"

"I never said I hate you but I hate someone who is like you," Eureka replied.

"All your revelations made me thinking, am I Ao?" he went straight to the point. Of course he have heard her say this name in her sleep a lot of times especially her first years here.

"What makes you think that way?"

"When your eyesight returned, 'I didn't expect that it would happen while I'm with someone though. To add to that it has to be you.' that was your exact words. When you said it has to be me, your eyes became even more hurt," Kaoru answered looking intently at her.

"Thinking about it, if you never saw me with this face. You will never show such painful look as if the one you are looking at is already gone. So am I Ao? Is he gone?"

"*sigh* Ao is indeed you Kaoru. I hated him back then because they have to die while I was not there. I wanted to return, did you know that? Another reason why I didn't want to see anyone from here, why I didn't want to be close to anyone from here is because I wanted to go back to them. They were my family after all, even though they are the ones who took me from my true family. They are still the ones who raised me."

"And now?"

"I miss them. I really do. Everyday as I live in here I would find times where their words would overlap with the words of the people from this time. And that truly makes me wanna meet them. Which is obviously impossible."

"Then the reason you truly cried and stopped me back then is because..."

"No not because I see him in you. I have stopped you because I don't want you to regret as much as he did because of his decisions. You were my guardian here after I came, after all. But I cried because it really pained me that he was the beginning of all the destruction of the kingdom, it pained me that he reached such decisions despite him loving his people dearly. And it pained me even more because he was carrying that guilt while looking at me and raising me. Guilt is truly a very heavy burden after all."

Eureka feeling the silence faced Kaoru once again, "They are no longer here, and I have decided to start and accept this fate of mine where I have to live here for the rest of my life. That only means that it is already inevitable for me to not get close to anyone and for me to have no important people to protect. And currently you are one of those people Kaoru. I wanted to protect you, your smile, your silly antics, your life. Stop thinking about your mistakes and start looking ahead. Cause I don't plan on letting those enemies remain freely destroying whatever they want, I will end them here."

Kaoru wanted to cry. Something warm enveloped his heart and it truly makes him sad and happy at the same time. To hear her say that he si important to her. Seriously he just wanted to run and hug her. Which he did.

Eureka who was unprepared stepped a few steps back as Kaoru suddenly jumped on her hugging her tight.

"Your nose is running," she commented as she heard him sniffle.

"Thank you, thank you so much Eureka. Thank you for being born. And thank you for being a part of this world. You were once the reason why I have postponed leaving this kingdom. You became the reason why I didn't destroy the kingdom with my stupidity. And now you are the reason why I wanted to live longer and be there with you all through out your life," Kaoru cried as he once again sniffed.

"Are you proposing right now?" Eureka asked.

"No, of course not. That's disgusting. I am saying it to you as an uncle or a father or a guardian," Kaoru instantly released her and even rolled his eyes.

"Wipe your face, you look like a mess," Eureka chuckled as she handed him a handkerchief.

Kaoru, after wiping his face, inhaled deeply and finally calmed down. The turmoil he had been facing all this time finally ended.

"What's your plan now then?" he asked her afterwards.

"Still the same train and train," Eureka replied.

"That's not what I mean, are you really not gonna tell your family? You already decided to stay right?"

"Time Kaoru. I need more time. I don't know if I'll ever reach the point where I wanted them to meet me as their daughter."

"You have us, just remember that. We can be your family," Kaoru smiled warmly as he pat her head.

"I'm not a kid," Eureka replied but she didn't move.


Raven's face was dark. The darkest his friends have seen.

"What's the matter?" Hideyoshi tried asking.

"I really don't understand you all."

They were baffled what's wrong with him.

"What was with that Azusa?" he continued looking at Azusa.

"I don't understand what you are referring to," Azusa replied.

"Really? You don't know, without being invited we went to her place. She didn't complain but instead prepared food for us as well. And yet this morning not even looking at her, you drank some water and left just like that," Raven was insulted with the way Azusa have acted awhile ago. Eureka remained unaffected and didn't bother with her.

But he can't let it go just like that. They were the ones who had been pushing her to be their friend but she just showed them a bit of her secrets and they are already staying away from her.

"And you lot. Is she your cook? Is she your maid? Not even bothering thanking her, you left the house without a word as well. Was that your vacation house?"

"Why are you getting mad now? She kept quiet about such an important detail. I just couldn't face her, that's all," Azusa answered angrily.

"We just..." Karen couldn't reply.

After hearing all of Raven's speculations, all of their feelings were in turmoil. Her alter selves killed them. If that is true then her role in this world would also be the same.

Raven couldn't help but laugh angrily, "I never thought that you guys would have such narrow minds."

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