She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 114

Volume 5 Chapter 114 No Need For Words

"We're not narrow minded, we're just more unprepared than you are. We apologise for not being as perceptive as you," Mamoru replied upon hearing Raven's sentence.

"That's right, it's because I was the one who told you what she had done. What do I expect. You guys always loves jumping to conclusion or deciding things with what you see in the outside," Raven is truly mad. These friends of his never changed.

"Yes, go on and act high and mighty because you understand her. We really just couldn't be as open minded as you are. In the end what she had done might still be the future," Hideyoshi answered this time.

Theo didn't know how to react at this sudden turn of events, he was not a part of their group for so long. He too couldn't judge this matter in his own way.

"What are you mad at her because of such stupid reason? I don't wanna say this but isn't it that it was Azusa who brought the enemies here?" Raven couldn't help but point out. There narrow mindedness is getting on his nerves already.

"Wha- Raven!!" Mamoru answered back.

"What are you going to tell me that that's alright? That Azusa would never do it in our world? Well let me get your thoughts straight, Eureka is from our world as well. Just as how you trust Azusa that she won't do it, then Eureka wouldn't do it as well."

"Enough," Azusa answered.

"That's right she is from this world and just as I will not harm our world she wouldn't as well. But don't I have the right to get a little bit mad at her for keeping it from me and my mother about my father? She knows that we always grieve about him, every year of that same day that he had disappeared. Why did she just watch when she already knows that he wasn't dead?"

"Cause he is. She already told you, she didn't know if the person you once knew is still alive," Raven answered back.

"But you don't understand. You don't understand the feeling of finding out that you lost the person you love so much in a different way," Azusa replied.

"Maybe I don't but she does. She lost her family in a different way as well. But you are lucky, your mother is still with you. But what about her?" Raven replied as he turned to leave.

"All of you have you seen Layla?" Mutsumi and Haruka are rushing towards them just as Raven was about to leave.

"What happened to my mother?" Azusa asked alarmed.

"When we asked the servants about her today they told us that they haven't seen her since early this morning," Haruja explained.

"We have the other knights search for her but they too haven't seen her. Even Dai couldn't find her," Mutsumi added.

"We'll go and search for her as well," Raven replied as he nodded at all of them.


"Are you jumping?"

Layla looked back and smiled, "No. You followed me. I left early though, I thought you were still with them."

"I was, but I was also looking out for you. I noticed you leaving early, I felt where you are going to and decided to follow you after they left."

"You could have just told them."

"I just thought you didn't want for others to disturb you."

"And here you are," Layla chuckled.

"I must apologise but you just went and stood there so I just ended up coming out."

"What if I will?" Layla asked as her face changed to that of a face full of sadness.

"Then I can only beg you not to," Eureka replied as she knelt down.

"Azusa is fine now. Mamoru is there for her. I just don't want to see Leo as an enemy. I know I will falter and I might end up causing trouble for everyone. And this place is a good place to end everything, where all our memories were created."

Layla went to where they lived in the past, the house was already burnt since they burnt it back when Azusa and Eureka was kidnapped. The back of the mansion was a high cliff.

"Please don't think that way. Despite having someone to lean on, losing is still losing. The pain of losing someone very important to you will always be painful. Especially when you are not there when they die," Eureka replied still kneeling.

Layla seeing the shadow on Eureka's face understood instantly. She knows how much grieve one will have to go through when the person you love dies without you being there.

She rushed towards Eureka and hugged her, kneeling down with her, "I won't, don't worry I won't jump. I'm sorry, you went through such pain and I just asked you to remember it."

"Just please don't leave Azusa. You are one of her pillars, please don't make her lose another," Eureka replied unmoving.

"I just came up here to let him go completely. I don't want to be the cause of a disaster once I see his face. And so I'm going to let him go and move forward with my life and with Azusa. Don't worry I won'tleave her," Layla replied as she looked at Eureka.

"Thank you," Eureka replied full of sincerity.


"This is the last place, I just hope sge is here," Azusa said as they clumb the mountain. They set aside their fight and looked for Layla together.

"Shh," they heard a hush, upon looking it was actually Kaoru.

"What-" he covered Karen's mouth with his hand before doing some incantations.

"Why are you concealing our presence?" Feena asked, she finished her sentence in a hushed voice upon receiving a sharp look from Kaoru.

He pointed at where Eureka and Layla are standing they are far enough to hear what they are talking about, this is just before Eureka spoke up.

Though confused they listened silently to what the other two are talking about. After Eureka's thanks.

"This girl, she really is looking after you," Kaoru said looking at Azusa.

"Looking after me? Why would she do that? She don't even know me," Azusa replied confusion visible in her face.

"Not because of you, but because it is you," Kaoru answered.

"Because it is me?"

"She was looking after me as well. So to be more precise she looking after the two of us. There are only two people that she had been calling out all this time."


"Ao and Zu," Raven was the one who answered. Hearing Kaoru's explanation he had placed another puzzle piece on his questions.

"You're Ao? And Azusa is Zu?" Feena said back.

"She travelled through time. The only one who could do it is Azusa. She knows about the seal ability and who's holding it. So it was you two who took her and took care of her at the same time," Mamoru said this time.

"Now I understand, why she had been helping Azusa all this time. Though distant it is quite obvious that she had been looking after Azusa more than the others," Karen added.

They fell silent.

"Let's go and approach them now," Kaoru finally said.

He released the concealment and they started walking towards them.

"Azusa," Layla was shocked upon seeing her daughter. Then she understood whatw as going on when she saw the others.

she thought as she approach Azusa and hugged her daughter.

"Let him go now, you need to let your father go now. After thinking about it, the only reason we need to find out who we are up against is for all of us not be caught of guard once we see his face. But your fatheris long gone. The moment he used that technique he had died for all of us. If returned then that would have been different, but he didn't and ended up becoming a devil. We will be fine, together with all those who hold us dear. Let him go now, Azusa," Layla said to her daughter as tears streamed down her eyes.

Azusa could only hug her mother back and cry. The others stood quietly as they watch the mother and daughter.

Soon said her goodbye and went down the mountain with Kaoru.

"Eureka," Eureka heard Azusa say before she felt her hug her.

"Why does everyone loves hugging me? Do I look like I wanted one?" Eureka said without moving.

Azusa didn't reply but just hugged her.

Azysa thought as she kept hugging Eureka, who stood there letting Azusa squeeze her.

Feena and Karen followed after, "I can't breath," Eureka commented as all three if them hugged her.

Despite that they didn't let her go and remained doing whatever they are doing.

Hideyoshi and Mamoru hit Raven in the shoulder before putting their arms around his shoulder. Raven looked at them with his arms crossed but didn't slap their arms away.

Theo commented on his mind, smiling as he looks at them.

Hideyoshi looked at him and pulled him, placing his arms around Theo's shoulder as well. Theo smiled and placed his own arm around Hideyoshi's shoulder.

Eureka closed her eyes as the girls hugged her,

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