She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 115

Volume 5 Chapter 115 Deaths And Grievances

"You didn't know we were there for a while?" Karen asked. They have returned to Eureka's house.

Layla have returned to Mutsumi's place where Haruka and Mutsumi lectured her for disappearing just like that. Hanae, Miwako and Ayaka could only listen, cause they didn't have the chance to speak at all. Despite their age, they all still looked like young ladies and at the same time they still act like young ladies.

"When I suddenly sense all of you, I know that you were there but before that I didn't know. It seems that Kaoru have found that there is a limit to how far I could sense his sealing ability. And is using that to eavesdrop on my conversations," her last words were said sharply and if Kaoru was there she would have punched him.



"What's your problem? Did you catch a cold?" Akihiro asked Kaoru. They are currently finishing up some paper works in order to give time to when they introduce the twins to the others.

"Someone must have been talking about me," Kaoru replied as he wiped his nose and returned to his work.

"Did you do something again?" Akihiro asked as he too returned his eyes to the paper he was working on.

"Of course no- Ah," he suddenly remembered how he eavesdropped with the others on Layla and Eureka's conversation.

"Ah what?" Akihiro looked back up at him, raising his eyebrow.

"No, there's nothing," Kaoru replied. At the same time he thought.


"I thought there wasn't a limit," Feena commented.

"Even abilities have it's limits, of course something like sensing, which is not an ability, will have more limitations," Eureka replied.

"Eureka, you once said that you have someone look into this world for a 30 year span of time. What happened during those years?" Azusa, remembering about it, asked.

"I guess I want some tea or coffee for that talk," Eureka said as she stood up and went to the kitchen.

"I guess that means, I need to prepare before I tell you," Karen said as they watched Eureka leaving.

"Then we should prepare as well. That only means that what she'll say would be bad news," Mamoru added.

"Somehow I feel like I don't want to know any longer," Hideyoshi then said.

"Knowing and not knowing is the same. She had changed that 30 years so much already. By coming and interfering with our decisions, and right now, we are already walking on a different future," Raven said to them.

('I can influence someone and change their perspective in life that could bring a different future than what they are already walking on.')

"Wasn't that her purpose for becoming a knight, that Kaoru have told us?"

"So she was serious with that goal of hers," Hideyoshi chuckled upon realizing this.

"I think she had been serious about everything she had been saying," Feena added.

"She really is a hardworking person, isn't she?" Theo couldn't help but say as he listens to their conversations.

"That's why we can't lose. We have to train more with our new abilities so that it won't happen again," Karen said.

As all their faces became serious, remembering that fight where they succeeded at first then terrifyingly failed on the next opponent. They know where they went wrong, it is their control. They were not yet used with the strength they have and caused their lives to be in danger. The whole kingdom at the same time, is still grieving over the lost of 20 knights,

"We couldn't save them," Azusa sadly said.

"We cannot always save every person out there," Eureka replied as she came out of the kitchen with tea, coffee and cups on a tray.

"Are you ready?" Feena asked in return.

"Are you ready?" Eureka asked in return after settling down.

"I think your information will never allow us to be ready," Mamoru answered.

"Don't worry, as I have told you, the future of this place was the same with the others. Death and destruction. Even within that 30 years, the only thing that happened was sad ones."

"Then what happened to us, seven?"

"Azusa have died back when she had tried to take Feena and Karen with her. Of course she wouldn't succeed even if I didn't stop her."

"The you didn't have to be there at that time," Feena commented.

Eureka shakes her head, "If I didn't then I won't be able to stop her death."

"What would it be?" Azusa asked, hearing her own death is truly terrifying.

"Every person thought that their energies would just replenish once they rest but that is not true. Remember what happened to you?" Eureka asked facing Raven.

That's right his father told him that he actually almost died back then. Eureka did something befire his father slowly injected his own energy unto Raven.

"Energy defeciency," Raven replied.

"Yes you had energy defeciency backbthen. And if we weren't there you would have died by that sudden plumming of your energy. That goes the same with you Azusa," she faced Azusa this time.

"Back when you tried to recreate what your father did. You were just mindlessly running using up your energy. Because of that you would have ended up using up all you have causing you to die. Those who have abilities couldn't have all their energy to disappear. Just like how we die by losing too much blood, energy is another blood for those who have abilities."

"So I would have died back then if you didn't stop me," she couldn't help but shiver at the thought. She was crazy back then after all.

"Feena and Karen would be left unscathed. But they wouldn't grieve for you. Just as how they got mad at you for what happened back when we were just promoted as captains. You have died a sad death where only your mother grieved. Together with all your parents and Mamoru, they have cried but they moved on. Your mother lost both important people to her, that caused too much strain on her mind and body, and soon she had followed after you."

"Thank you for stopping me. I almost caused my mothers death as well. Thank you," Azusa sincerely said to Eureka.

"Two years after that, Mamoru and Feena got married," Eureka continued.


Hideyoshi was trying to add more sugar to his tea when Eureka said this causing him to accidentally drop the spoon.

"Don't startle me like that," he complained at her.

"That would have been your fault. You didn't fight for her back rhen and just watched them get married. Mamoru have long given up on love since Azusa have died. Feena didn't have the courage to stop their wedding as well. Your group broke apart after that having new set of friends and living your life full of sadness."

"That's scary," Karen said as she grabbed both Feena and Azusa's hand.

"How about me?" Theo couldn't help but ask.

"Your kingdom was defeated by the Confederate Kingdom, blood covered you ice covered grounds. It was red. You have died in the hands of Gato. After all you were too weak in your weapon. Your father was killed by that stupid king as he used your mother to be the hostage. After that your mother killed herself. Queen Haruka was then married to Gato, living a hellish life. That was what had been happening forbthat 30 year span of time."

They could only shiver, that time is too hideous. They were surrounded with nothing but sadness, failures, deaths and a never ending one at that.

"Wait, how about Raven?" realizing this, Hideyoshi asked.

"He had died during the graduation ceremony. Way before Azusa died."

"I lost control and became the same as Azusa, is that what happened?" Raven asked seriously.

"You have."

"Seriously, this is too heavy, don't you think?" Karen said once again.

A shadow falling onto their hearts.

"Atleast all of those didn't happen," Feena finally saud after a long silence.

"You really watched over us so much," Azusa said.

"I just have no other choice. I was tasked to after all. And all of you are needed for us to win," Eureka replied as she drink.

"Geez stop being shy now. We really owe you an apology. We were overcome by our fear from finding out that you... well you know. And became suddenly distant. It's a good thing Raven hit as hard making us think straight once again and that we didn't prolong our stupidity," Karen then said, her voice have the sound of apology.

"And me too. You hid it not because you wanted to hide the fact that my father is gone from us on a different way. But because you know we will be hurt by knowing that he had actually necame so bad, destroying every world out there. I too was stupid, I'm sorry. And thank you for watching over my mother. You being there earlier only means that you had been following her."

"I just felt her leave and was walking the path towards you old home. That's why I followed her."

"But how did Kaoru arrived earlier as well. Was he looking for her there?" Feena asked.

"No, but his seal or the barrier of the kingdom let's him know if someone leaves or arrives. He felt her leave through that path and knows that it was Lady Layla, so he followed her as well."

"Come on it's almost time. We will be continuing the meeting now," Eureka ended their conversation as she stood up and fixed the utensils they used, and went back to the kitchen.

"I'm sad at the same time happy that she has so much information," Azusa commented as they prepare.

"Sad because she couldn't live a normal life. Happy because she had given us more time to live. She truly is too kind," Feena finished what Azusa wanted to say.

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