She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 116

Volume 5 Chapter 116 Rino And Nana

"Where's Eureka?" Akihiro asked after everyone gathered at the inner hall.

"She said that something suddenly came up and that she needs to attend to it immediately. And that we don't need to worry because it was a personal matter, your highness," Feena replied.

When Eureka came out of the kitchen a while ago she had told them to go on without her, when they asked why she had said what Feena had just told.

"Well that's fine. I am the one giving information today anyway," Akihiro said before settling down.

"What kind of information will it be today?" Yukimura asked.

"Don't worry, even though I don't think it's quite good to say that it is a pleasant one since we just heard about Leo, but I no longer want to hide it from all of you. You are my closest friends after all," Akihiro replied.

"But where's Haruka?" Mutsumi asked. They were together since moments ago, before she told them to go ahead.

"She will be bringing you some people I wanted to introduce to you," Akihiro replied.

"Introduce? New comrades?"

"No, but I want to tell all of you, I'm sorry."

His sentence baffled everyone greatly.

"Why the sudden apology?"

"I have been lying to you for 25 long years already," Akihiro said.

"25 years? What kind of lie are you talking about?" Genjiro asked.

"About-" just then a knock came from the outside.

Akihiro looked up and smiled, "About them."

The door opened and Haruka came in, following her was two people. A man who looked exactly like her and a woman who look exactly like Akihiro. All of them inside stood up looking at the two people.

"Allow me to introduce to you, Rino and Nana. The prince and princess of Aurora Kingdom."

The feeling was overwhelming. To be honest all of them felt sad for Akihiro, he is the only one who have no child. So when Haruka returned they hoped for them to have on. Who would have thought that they actually have two.

"What happened?" Yukimura was still the first to recover and asked.

"They were asleep. When Haruka had miscarriage, the children didn't die but instead they were asleep, weakly breathing. I hid them with Dai cause I don't know if they will survive but years passed and they remain sleeping, the only change is that they were still growing."

"Then the reason we rushed to Archic Kingdom to get Haruka was for them?" Yukimura continued asking.

"Yes, Eureka told me that they wouldn't last another year. She was amazed that they have survived for 25 long years. And that maybe it is because they are together."

"Truly, this is truly wonderful," Mutsumi said as she hug Haruka.

"It is our pleasure to finally be able to meet all of you," Nana's pleasant voice greeted them. And together with Rino, they bowed towards them together.

"The pleasure is ours, princess," All of them said in unison.

"You know about us, your highness?" Yukimuira asked.

"Me and my brother have always been here, somehow we ended up leaving our body and roam around, the only difference is we couldn't leave the castle," she replied with respect.

"I was also shocked when I found out that they were always here with me, I couldn't even feel them," Akihiro said apologetically.

"You don't have to feel that way father, no one could feel us, we were just air after all. No, there is one who instantly know that we are here, the first time she step foot on the castle," Rino said.


"Yes, I wonder where she might be? She's not here?" Nana asked looking around.

"Something came up and she had to attend to it, your highness," Feena respectfully answered.

"Thank you, Feena," Nana replied.

"You know of us as well?" Karen asked baffled.

"Of course, you're a frequent in the castle after all, Karen" Nana smiled.




"Theo, I suppose you would be our cousin, a pleasure to finally be able to speak with you."

"The pleasure is mine elder sister," Theo replied.

"And Raven," her eyes warming up as she looks at him.

"It is a pleasure to be acquainted with you, your highness," all six of them answered, bowing down at them.

"What's wrong Kaoru?" Akihiro asked upon noticing Kaoru.

Kaoru had been silent since they arrived, he fell into deep thought, he then looked at Nana then at Rino before his eyes went to Akihiro and Haruka. His eyes grew wide before he once again fell into deep thought. Akihiro noticed all this change of emotions that he showed.

"No, it's nothing. I just couldn't help but be amazed at your blood, for them to take after you two," Kaoru replied as he approached Nana and Rino.

"So do you know of me as well?" he asked as he smiled at them.

"Uncle," Nana said smiling.

"The headmaster," Rino answered.

"An aloof one I guess," Kaoru said before his eyes clouded as if thinking of something.

"You seemed distracted," Rino asked noticing this.

"I might be. But I'm truly happy that both of you are awake," Kaoru smiled back.

Their greetings lasted for a bit before everyone settled down once again.

"But how did she know that the princess and prince only have a year or so left?" Mustumi asked this time.

"She said that she had someone, who looked into this world for a span of 30 years. I guess that's where she got it," Akihiro replied.

"For now, what do you plan on doing?" Teiji was the one who asked.

"I can't have the grand ball as was planned, we lost a lot of knights. It is inappropriate to celebrate when a lot is grieving. I'll introduce them formally for now," Akihiro replied.

"I'm wondering, what's the ability of princess Nana and prince Rino?" Yukimura asked curiously.

"Please uncle, you don't have to be so formal with us, just as how you speak normally with our father and mother, please do the same as well. We grew up not being acknowledged in such away so it's a bit strange for you all to be formal with us. We would really appreciate it if you won't be formal," Nana said.

"Then is it possible for us to know what are their abilities?"

"Nana got mine while Rino got Haruka's," Akihiro replied full of uncertainty.

The others knew why he sounds that way. To actually be a family of strongest abilities.

"Are you regretting marrying me then," everyone except Haruka feels him.

"No, no, of course not. Why would I regret marrying you," Akihiro replied fl.u.s.tered.

""Cause you sound so uncertain. Is it because I hid my ability? Then we can just have Kaoru seal it again," Haruka continued complaining.

"No. I'm truly happy to marry you. But you do know how dangerous it would be once the other kingdoms find out about this. Archic is fine since that's your family. But what about Confederate? We are not yet in alliance with them. Then there's Hesperian, we still don't know whether we should ask them to cooperate with us," Akihiro explained.

"That is true. For now we can't disclose this information," Yukimura agreed.

Then both of them thought of the same thing,

Eureka became their battle strategist without them intending so.


Eureka is currently sitting on the same circle that she had sat down back when the other six were training as well. The only difference this time is that the circle has an outer circle. With her eyes closed.

"What are you doing here again? We already gave you the ability sword, are you still trying to consume us?"

"What if I am. You keep fighting and that makes it difficult for me."

"Who cares if we are fighting, we will never get along in the first place. You are after all an anomaly, a very rare one, to actually hold us in this tiny body of yours. And you are even incorporating us together."

"Do you really want me to consume you?"

"Don't scare us, if you completely consume us then you would explode."

"Haven't you notice, I have been consuming you little by little."

"Of course we do, but is there a way for us to stop it? You found a way to use us at the same time, of course that would use more than the normal of the energy. But if we stop you and you die then there's no point either, we would cease to exist. Who knows when we will experience this kind of body?"

"So the reason you're not rampaging right now is because you are curious of each other?"

"What if we are, this is the first time we are together so we just want to clash by ourselves."

"But you are killing me when you clash."

"What else do you want us to do then? We have been bored for a long time. To actually have a companion is nice as well. Be thankful your body is special, the only reason we are not wrecking havoc is because we can clash with each other. You are the first to wake us up after all. The other worlds couldn't do it and so we wreck havoc."

"I don't know if I should really be thankful with that or not."

"Don't worry since you gave us the chance to meet then we will help you with your fight. You were worried right? That you would lose control? Don't worry cause you won't. This time that is the favor we'll give you."

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