She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 117

Volume 5 Chapter 117 Will You Or Will You Not

"Well then do me another favor. Stop acting up now will you. You do know my hair and eye color are different. If you act up they would change and that would be trouble. It's a good thing I was alone back in the kitchen."

That's right as she was fixing the utensils, she saw her hair and eye color change on her reflection at the window. It was not just for a moment but for a good few seconds, the others almost came in asking her what's taking her so long.

"We already gave you so much and yet you are asking for more? How presumptuous."

"So will you or will you not?"

"Why are you hiding your true self anyway? Sooner or later those people would realize, since you already said that you are the killer of everyone."

"No someone already realized."

"Oh that man."

"So will you or will you not?" she asked again.

"We'll try, but you see we always get bored."

"Just minimize it or wait until I'm alone."

"How presumptuous indeed."

"For now, you are fine but not for long. You do know we aren't supposed to be together. The other you who's on the worlds where it was not yet attacked will die one way or another. That was their destiny. You really are just special to actually find a way to meet us."

"As long as I can finish this fight here then that would be fine even if I have to explode."

"How stubborn of you. Oh well I guess that's what made us cooperate with you. Though we should have stopped you back then."

"Adding to that we even gave her the advice for how her friends would completely consume the others. Just how kind are we?"

The two started talking to each other again.

"Do what you want just refrain from acting up too much."

"We'll try."

The last thing she heard before she left her inner consciousness.

"To actually meet them," she sighed, before standing up and rolling the paper where the circle was drawn.

Her brows furrowed, "Why is he here?" she asked before going down and opening the doir just as Kaoru was about to knock.

"What is it?" she asked before opening the door allowing him to enter.


She was startled when he suddenly hugged her tight.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I know, I know you can't tell us. Now I know why. Why you said how you shouldn't have been born."

"You seemed to have realized something," her eyes grew wide for a bit before it returned to normal.

"I did."

"Keep it. Just keep it to yourself. It's better for everyone," she said as she pushed him away.

"But, that's-"

"I told you, everyone's better off not having any connections."

"Then even I can't-"

"You can't, don't care for me. I am a ticking bomb, I'll die sooner or later."

"No, I'll care for you. No matter what you say I am your guardian. And I will always be one. Until the day you become ready of accepting who you truly are," Kaoru held her shoulders and stubbornly said.

"How stubborn," Eureka said sighing.


The talk of the kingdom was one and the same, three days after their meeting. Akihiro formally introduced the twins to the people. He had explained why they were hidden for so long and apologized at the same time. Everyone was happy for the royal family. Even the officials since they already have their heir.

"The princess was so beautiful just like the queen. And the prince is so handsome like king Akihiro, though he seems a bit aloof," the people were talking about them for a whole week.

"So I task you to take care of their training," Akihiro said to all eight of them.

"Isn't that a bit over?" Eureka of course complained.

"What do you mean over?" Akihiro, who's used to this, asked.

"Please do allow me and Raven to train them. I would like the others to continue training their control over their own abilities," Eureka replied respectfully.

"I see. Very well then, please train them very well," Akihiro replied.

"You may all go, Rino, Nana go on and follow Raven to the training area. Eureka I would like to speak with you first before you go," he then commanded.

"Very well, you guys. What I wanted for you to do now is to use your weapons and controlli it that when you use it you won't be conjuring any ability but for it to just be a normal weapon. Do it slowly, if you feel like it's getting too much stop. Don't overdo it again," Eureka said to the other six.

Everyone nodded and left the room leaving Akihiro and Eureka alone.

"Would you be able to train them as well with-"

"No, your highness. Their body won't be able to take it. Adding to the fact that the energy flowing in them right now is still half yours. We can't risk it. They can still use their abilities like normal but to step up their gane. We must not," Eureka interrupted knowing what he wants to say.

she also thought but not saying it.

"I understand, very well then please take care of them," Akihiro gave up and said. He's not hungry for power but he don't want to lose his childrem whom he just got. At the same time since there are new users of their abilities then thei power aint as strong as back then.

Eureka was about to leave when, "One more thing, about Hesperian?"

"No, we won't make an alliance with them. Not now not ever, not until all the people in that kingdom is gone," she said before leaving.

"That's a very scary thing coming from her, like she's planning on annihilating them," Akihiro commented looking at the closed door.


"Help them with their swords for now," Eureka said when she approached Raven and the others.

"How about you?" he asked.

"I have something else to attend to, I'll leave them in your care. I just came here to tell you that."

"Eureka, I want to thank you. This is the first time we met and so, I want to thank you for helping us," Nana said.

"Please don't thank me, your highness. I am doing everything just so we can end this war right here," Eureka replied no longer sparing her another look.

"We only saw her come and go but is that really her character?" Nana asked Raven after Eureka left.

"Yes, your highness. But she is still a kind person, we only just have to bear with her attittude of not wanting to associate with others," Raven replied respectfully.

"Shall we begin then?" Rino after watching asked.

"Shall we then, your highness."

Their days was filled with nothing but training with that sword. Eureka would sometimes come but she wouldn't do anything other than to watch. Then she would leave not saying anything.

"Father, can I ask for a favor? I've been training for a week since we have woken up. Is it possible for me to take a rest and have tea with Feena and the others?" Nana asked one time.

"Of course, we also need to rest we can't always train," Akihiro said warmly.

Their days was filled with nothing but happiness. Though few with his words Rini still shows his affection on his own way.

Nana left his office hopping happily.

"What is it Rino?" Akihiro asked after his son stayed behind.

"I was just wondering, that girl not once trained us and left everything to Raven. Did you task her with something?"

"No, I didn't."

"Basing with the stories I've heard and the things we heard while we were asleep she is a great swordmaster. Is it because we were still weak that she is not taking us seriously yet?"

"I don't think she's that judgemental though."

"Very well I'll just train till she herself spar with me. She makes me curious. On how aloof she is."

"Go on and train then. But do rest, you two just woke up after all," Akihiro replied seeing the enthusiasm from his son.

"I understand, father. I shall be going now," Rino said as he too left the room thinking,

The next day, "Where is the princess?"

"She and the other girls went to have some tea party," Raven answered as he parried Rino's attack.


She watched for a bit before leaving once again.

"When do you think will I be on par with her?" Rino couldn't help but ask.

"To be honest she is stronger than me with the swords, your highness," Raven could only shrug. He started seriously taking everything after Eureka arrived and showed him true strength.

"Then I'll just train more, I really want to see her real strength."

"No have really seen her real strength, myself included," Raven replied.

He remembers it that before he lost consciousness back in their fight with White and Silver. Silver have thrown a very strong power, but it didn't touch them now the surroundings. That is what he has been wondering about.

"Then we really should look forward to it."

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