She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 119

Volume 5 Chapter 119 Family

"A letter arrived, I didn't know you have in your vocabulary the word 'runaway'," Shigure, waving the letter in his hand, approached Eureka who is standing at her favorite place in Archic, the tall wall near the training ground.

Eureka did not respond.

"She had left 4 months ago and no one has any idea where she went, I have a feeling that she might end up being there, so please do take care of her. She had stormed out angrily before leaving so we don't know if it's because of what happened or not. But still I leave her into your care. That's what she said. If you were leaving you should have told them. It seems everyone was worried," Shigure continued as he stood beside her.

"Part of it might be because of what had happened but mostly it's because I am really gonna leave," Eureka finally replied.

"Leaving? For good?" Shigure wondered.

"No, of course not. But there is something I have to do and I should leave in order to do that."

"Should I tell them that you passed by here?"

"No need. They can wonder all they want."

"What really happened? For you to storm out?"

"I can't have them rely on me too much. I did too much and I guess I have spoiled them quite a bit."

"Neglecting training I suppose?"

"You get it fast, I'm amazed."

"Don't belittle me. I can tell that if you were here this kingdom would have been the same and we would rely on you. And yet I can see that it has a negative effect."

"I thank you, your highness. For allowing me to stay here despite the short notice. Thank you for giving me a place to stay."

"Don't act distant now. You have helped us in war, and you're even helping that son of mine to improve. This is all I can do. But aren't you worried that they might get attack while you are away?"

"If they couldn't protect themselves on their own then our world would really be over."

"Well that is indeed true."

"And what are you planning now?" after a short pause Shigure asked.

"I'll stay here for at least two more months before going to my next destination. So I shall be in your care for another two months, your highness," Eureka answered.

"I really have no idea what you have been doing here but I suppose it is for everyone. So just relax and take your time. Though I must say you have quite a lot of sparring partners since you arrived."

"It also helps me train somehow, but..."

"Miss Eureka??"

"Miss Eureka??"

Before she could finish, they could hear people calling for her.

"But I guess, you also get tired and would run here to hide from them?" Shigure asked as he suppress his laughter.

The wall was high enough but at the same time, in reality, this wall is off limits for the other knights. And no one would have thought that she would be allowed here.

"I'm just glad you have allowed us to enter this place back then, even though this should have been off limits to us since we were outsiders."

"I don't know, but when I first saw you here even though I was shocked that you were actually here, it felt like this place suits you pretty well. Adding to that, we only made this off limit because some knights use this place to escape from their training and doze off. It is high enough after all, you really can't see who is in here," Shigure shrugged.

"Very well. I won't tell them, Haruka and the others that you are here. And just take your time and enjoy this place while you're here," he finally said before leaving her alone.

'So do you have an idea of where you will be going next?' a voice asked Eureka.

'You guys have been talking to me more than before' she replied in her mind.

'You are strengthening yourself, and that means we could enjoy this time longer. So you have any idea?'

'Of course. I just need to complete something here.'

'That's great, that's great. We shall be waiting then.'

Eureka could only shrug. They should be an enemy of some sort and yet here they are enjoying themselves.


"It's almost time, my lord," Silver knelt and said respectfully to the lord, sitting in a throne.

"That's good, that's good. A first launch is necessary after all. We can finally truly began the destruction of this world. That woman, I really need to see her, she is the reason why our plan have been pushed back.," he replied as he played with the four elements in his hand.


"It's been four months. We really shouldn't look for her?" Karen asked the others.

"Kaoru already said that she will return. So let's hold onto that," Feena answered.

"It seems that Kaoru knows that she will be leaving after all," Hideyoshi added.

"But she left while being angry with us," Karen said once again.

"I've seen it, after she left," Azusa answered, "We have been talking about her all this time. We are relying on her too much, she said it already she could die. We have to train and be strong but in reality we were too lax, even after that time when we were bitterly defeated. Somehow we aren't taking this training seriously."

"Shall we make it a taboo then?" Raven finally spoke.


"Yes, her name. Let's make it a taboo. If anyone would utter her name then we would add another 500 swings of their weapon on heir training."

Everyone was quiet. Of course 500 swings would be too hard especially with their weapon. But knowing Raven, he is obviously very serious about it.

"Fine, let's do it," Theo was the first who replied.

"Alright, since Theo already agreed then me too," Mamoru followed.

"I take your challenge," Hideyoshi replied enthusiastically.

The girls nodded their heads in unison.

"What kind of weapon do you guys have anyway?" Rino asked. They have seen the weapons but it doesn't seem that special to him and Nana.

"A weapon we got after a whole year of tedious training, your highness," Karen answered.

"Geez, we told you to stop being formal with us when we are alone," Nana said. They want to be in the same level as the other seven while they are on their own.

Karen smiled sheepishly and apologetically looked at Nana. And Nana could only chuckle with how Karen looks right now.

"After a year of tedious training?" Rino returned to the topic.

The other seven looked at each other before Mamoru and Feena, who took it to heart what Eureka have explained to them and knowing that Raven hates explaining things, explained how it all happened.

"Will we ever have that?" Rino asked.

"We have no idea. We didn't get the chance to ask Eureka. You were the current holders after all. Then you should have the strongest magma and ice abilities," Raven replied.

"We'll try and ask father then."


"She said no," Akihiro replied upon hearing his their question.


"Your current energy, is not entirely yours. That is what she had said."

Knowing that they had energy deficiency, Rino nodded accepting the explanation.

"Don't try and look at things we couldn't achieve. Baby steps, take it one step at a time. You'll get stronger on a different way," Akihiro advised.

"Yes, father. We will do our best to protect this kingdom. No matter who our enemy might be," Nana answered. After what had happened with Eureka she had realized how stupid her wish could be, at the moment, so she has diligently trained with the bow and arrow. After a while of using sword, they could tell that she is not a pair with it. Theo suggested that she should try the bow and arrow, and it actually worked.

"I'm really happy that I have this chance to actually spend time with you. And I don't want it to be short lived, so we should all get strong and defeat 'him' no matter what," Akihiro said, not wanting to mention Leo's name.

"Yes father. We will surely have the peace that we deserve," Nana said while smiling brightly.

"I really am lucky to have this family," Haruka spoke up from the door.

She then walked in and went ahead and hugged both Rino and Nana. Despite his awkward expression, Rino still hugged her back, Nana of course willingly did so. Akihiro stood up and hugged the three of them.

he thought as he closes his eyes and sighed in contentment.

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