She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 120

Volume 5 Chapter 120 Calm Before The Storm

"So you really are leaving already," Shigure said as he stood by the main gate of the Archic Kingdom.

"If ever I would have the time, then maybe I will come and visit you again," Eureka replied.

"I'm going to miss you so much. I had so much fun speaking with you and gained a lot of wisdom from all your advises," Sana said as she embrace Eureka tightly.

"There will come a time where we can talk once again, your highness."

"I wish by then I would already be able to meet my nephew and niece," Shigure answered instead.

Of course Haruka have already written to him about the twins, and he was so delighted, he wanted to go and visit them but since they just became incapacitated with their officials he had no other choice but to postpone it.

"I will make sure that that time will come, your highness," Eureka replied.

She breathed in and out a few more times, "Then I should get going now. I really couldn't be away for so long. Even though I wanted to do so."

"Go on now," Shigure said warmly. Her six month stay here allowed him to understand what Akihiro meant when he said that there were times where he just wanted to lock this girl up in a room and make her stay put. She really never wanted to not do anything and that is truly worrisome especially since she is still a girl and a young one at that.

"Be careful, dear," Sana added.

"I will. Thank you for everything," Eureka smiled, the first smile she had shown on her two visit here, which stunned all those who were bidding her goodbye.

They just returned to their senses when she was no longer on sight.

"That girl will really make a lot of guys fall for her, her smile was too stunning," Sana was the one who commented.

"I remember, Akihiro said that there was a time when she actually smiled at them and all of them were speechless. He said that her smile brought all the flowers to bloom and the sun to shine much brighter, anyone who would see it would feel their spirits to lift up. Now I know what he meant," Akihiro said.

"I hope that one day she would be able to smile from her heart more often. And she would be able to enjoy herself more," Ryuji, who was the general of the first squad and became the current head knight of Archic Kingdom, commented.

He never interacted with Eureka back when she first came but his interactions with her during their sparring made him realize so many things.

"So what do you say about her strength?" Akihiro asked him.

"We've all witnessed her strength back in the war, your highness," Ryuji replied.

"I'm asking you now, cause it is the only time you were able to exchange blows with her."

"Then I must say, she is really strong. Even I as a head knight who is deemed at least one of the strongest in the kingdom have to use most of my strength just to parry with her. If ever she has an ability then she would be a monster."


'We're here,' Eureka said on her mind.

'Here? There's nothing here.'

'There is, down below. It just so happens that it never came out. But this was used back then, no, it was used there in the future.'

'Hmmmm, then shall we begin? I'm itching to be in action now. He had been doing all the actions back in that place and I don't have anything to do.'

'Seriously I don't know what is wrong with the both of you but I am glad that you two are cooperating with me.'

'We already told you, if we never met like this then you would end up the same as those from the other worlds who only knows how to kill.'

'Be happy that we are enjoying ourselves.'

Eureka smirked before she entered the cave in front of her and started another journey.


Their training continued. If it was a normal world then the ticking time would have taken a lot on their life already, but this is a world where abilities reside, they'd grow and become taller, become mature. But the time would still be slow for them.

Nana and Rino's control on their abilities have become more stable as they started defeating more and more knights. At the same time, their energies are also becoming stable. Allowing them to use their abilities more and more.

Raven and the others can sustain their weapons far longer as if it were already a normal one. A few of them would utter her name and would have to swing 500 more despite their tiredness and it's too much. So after a few more times they were finally able to live like in the past where she was not there.

It's not that they wanted to forget her but instead it's because they wanted to not rely on her. And they are wonderfully doing just that.

Their life could be associated with peacefulness as the time passed by, not one of them realized that it was actually the calm before the storm as troops were slowly approaching from one side.

On the other side, the prince of confederate kingdom, Natsuki, were able to arrive safely 5 months after Eureka's departure. And the talk is all about the alliance that they had offered. He came instead of the current king because he was too busy with the same reason as Shigure.

Their talk was not long as per Ichiro's instruction. They would already approve of the alliance because of the help that Aurora kingdom have given them, allowing their kingdom to escape the never ending deception their former king have done. Natsuki was truly hurt by it because in the first place Junzo never showed him love, it was his mother, the queen, and Ichiro who showed me what a real family is. His mother whom he loves so much was actually killed by that man who only wants power.


"So that was what had happened," Kaoru, as he stood in the middle of his room, just as a light have dissipated, said as tears flow from his eyes.


"Why do you always neglect training the twins?" Kaoru asked Eureka when he chanced upon her in the lake alone.

"Because I'm leaving," Eureka replied.

"Wait I don't get it, you're not training them because you're leaving? And wait, what?!? You're leaving?"

"I am doing some preparations in order for me to be able to leave."

"Where will you be going? How long will it be?"

"I don't know. But I have to leave to be stronger."

"But what if-"

"I'm also leaving because of that," she interrupted as she face him.

"I can't have all of you rely on me too much. Each of us have to be strong, to stand on our own, and not to entirely rely on one person alone. What if I suddenly become your enemy then that would be disastrous. How will you fight me if you weren't strong enough. I need all of you to be strong not just physically but most of all emotionally. It was stupid of me to consider whether I should tell you about Leo, when I should have told you sooner. I should have prepared you much sooner."

"Then what preparations are you doing?"

"When the time comes that this kingdom would be infiltrated or ambushed and there is no longer any hope left, then you will be able to use what I was preparing. Later on I'll give you the procedure in order to activate it."

"Will it really be long?" he once again asked.

"I have no idea, but I will surely return. And so before that I need to ask you of something," Eureka said.

"What would it be?"

"I need you to erase all of Raven's presumptions and thoughts of my identity."

"Huh? How will I do that? Doing that means I'll have to choose specific ones."

"You know for me, the strongest aren't the Magma or Ice ability. But the Seal ability, you were here in order to maintain the balance in those two abilities. It just so happens that those abilities fell in love with each other that you have the most easiest life among all your predecessors. But once improve, you will be formidable and that includes you being able to seal specific things such as memories. That's also the reason why Leo had chosen the other you for his plan of destroying everything. You are that strong Kaoru."

"Okay, but why do you want to- he knows who you are?"

"He never tried to ask, but I know he is somehow sure already of who I truly am."

"I understand, teach me then."

He paused before realizing something, "You have told me that you don't have unsealing method for memories, but is that really true?"

"I know you'll check unto it. You have noticed right? The difference between the sealing and unsealing of abilities?"

"Yes I have, the whole chant indeed sounds very different, but when you take it word by word, you'll notice that it was just rearranged when using the unsealing method. SO now that you're telling me that I can seal a few memories on Raven then that means I can also unseal my memory from more than 20 years ago."

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